Monday Garden Shots

It is 01.52 hrs. Outside it is 21c (69F). Inside it is about 500 Kelvin! Oh, alright, my thermometer is reading 29C still (around 80F). I have four fans running, oh and a ceiling fan & all of my windows open. I have to close them all before bed as I live on the ground floor and don't want to have just anyone walk in. With the humidex today, the temperature was about 32c which is about "too fucking hot" F, or 90ish.

This first photo is from my phone. You can just see the spiderweb I was aiming for, but I quite like the flare I got instead.

This is the first blossom on my Calendula (bell flower).

Violas with some carnations.

Just the carnations.

If you look really closely, you can see he has a worm for the babies. I missed the shot of his trying to get in the hole.

They have to scramble to get inside and it is so funny to see, I will get a movie of it one day I hope.

Have a good day all.


gary rith said...

and a good day to you too!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Love the artsy cell-phone shot, even if the effects may not have been intentional. And gorgeous flowers!

Leah J. Utas said...

Agree with Crabby on the cell phone pic.
Nice to have the flowers smile at us and good for you for getting the sparrow pic with the worm.
We hit the TFH temp here yesterday, too. I was so sure I was going to melt.

Reb said...

Thanks Gary.

Crabby, thanks. Some of my best shots are a mystery as to how I got them.

Leah, thanks. It is nice isn't it? I think we are in for another melting day again.

Barbara Martin said...

Very nice photos, especially the one with the bird. Good location for the entrance to the bird house to keep hawks at a proper distance.

Jay said...

90 degree days and high humidity are the norms down here every day now. It stays that way for a few months. But, I have central air conditioning so it's all good. ;-)

Lovely pics! Cool spider web.

Hilary said...

Wonderful colours in those shots, Reb. Neat effect on that web/flare photo and a mothering bird is always a touching image. I love your temperature scale. TFH works for me!

Missicat said...

Great pics! I am impressed you got the pic with the little sparrow. Seen the babies yet?
It's about 100000 percent humidity here. Or it at least feels like it.

Reb said...

Thanks Barbara, those birds are so cute.

Thanks Jay. I am not sure I could live down there, well, maybe in winter. Our humidity normally is quite low, but the last few years it has been bad. No where near what you get in the east though.

Hilary, thanks. I have to walk in the TFH later today!

Missicat thanks. No, I have heard them in there though. I couldn't stand your levels of humidity. You are supposed to breath air, not drink it.

Knight said...

I'm on the fourth floor so luckily I can keep my window open with the fan on all night. Since I don't have air conditioning I would probably melt overnight without my window open.

Love the spider web shot. Very cool effect.

Reb said...

Knight thanks. Lucky you, I can leave the little windows cross opened, but the sun comes up so early and I face East, it is just easier to close them then I don't let as much heat in.