WWC - double duty

OOh! I think I did it this week! I managed to get four words in one photo! Last weeks words were "C" and Wood - this weeks words are "6" and Look Up.

So, you are Looking up at my new 6000 btu air Conditioner and the Wood filling the rest of the window.

We just put it in last night and I think it will keep my bedroom cool, which is about all you can ask out of it. This is my very first air conditioner and the only reason for it is that the school across the yard is getting it's roof re-tarred this summer and I would like to be able to breathe.

Of course, since we put it in, it has been rainy and cool...not enough rain of course, but that is how my life works ;)

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You didn't think I would leave it at ONE photo did you?

This is my patient friend that drives me around to take photos. Of course if she actually looks at my blog (and today would be the day), she will kill me. I fuzzed out her face so that should be okay though. She fits into the six category and that is as close as I am going!

I liked the way the sun setting on this tree made the wood seem red.

Looking up.


That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed and have a good day.


A few photos from Maligne canyon

These are some of the stills I promised from the trip down Maligne Canyon in Jasper national Park. Click to enlarge.

More next week. Have a good weekend all.



I forgot the WWC, or that today would be Tuesday, or something. I have been a bit busy and not gotten around to taking the photos I wanted to take. I will have to make it up to you next week and do double duty.

Have a good day all.


Maligne Canyon

I might have mentioned, or at least alluded, to the fact that I am a bit rotund. Fine, severely overweight. Add to this the fact that I am a smoker (I know, I am trying to quit!) with asthma (I know, I should never have started) and you have a puffing, panting fat old lady. Now, take said woman and put her at the top (well, 2nd bridge) of a canyon with stunning, amazing views and just try to stop her from going down. Don't forget to remind her every few feet (when she stops to take a photo) that she has to climb back up! She won't listen. The slope is fairly gentle, there are stairs where it is steep, she can do this!

Looking up the canyon from the second bridge.

So far, just the arthritic knees are twinging.

Straight down from the bridge. This was the closest to being in focus, damned tourists walking on the bridge, making it shake ;) This is also at maximum zoom on my camera which is 18X.

This is the map at the second bridge, I am sorry I can't find a better map for you. Here are some measurements. Click to enlarge and you should be able to see near the top of the map, 2nd and 3rd bridges, not far for distance, but the drop was incredible. The temperature felt like it dropped about 15 degrees too.

Here is a little video so you can hear the roar!
(I apologise for the quality) BTW, I don't talk, so after you have had your fill of roaring water, you can turn the sound off.

Then we had to make the climb back up. Moist cold air is not a good thing for my lungs. Add to that the lymph fluid, when I exercise passes through my lungs and I was stopping every few feet. This time to catch my breath, not take photos. Good thing they have benches along the trail for the feeble minded fat old ladies who don't know their own limits.

I will post some more stills in a day or two.

Have a good day all.


Jasper in a day

I love Alberta's Rocky Mountains and though I don't get to visit them as often as I would like, it is nice knowing they are just a few hours drive away.

This time of year you can see the babies as they are learning to dodge traffic. (Mountain Goats for anyone not familiar)

They all made it safely to the other side of the road to get a drink and check out the browsing there.

We journeyed to Jasper National Park in my friends 15 year old Suburban, with no air conditioning and a mysterious new squeak. Fortunately as we drove along the clouds cover was enough to keep the temperatures bearable.

Once in the park the sun started to peek through every once in awhile and made for a really pleasant day.

This is the view from where we stopped to have our picnic lunch. It was a bit blurry, so I desaturated it and was quite happy.

Same spot, different direction. Have you noticed I am avoiding naming any of the mountains? No? Good. However this is a really cool site to check out the names.

We headed up to Maligne Canyon and hiked a bit, but I will save that for another day, as this is going to be quite long as it is.

As we were gazing in wonder at the beautiful vistas, I wondered aloud where the elk were. My friend told me they have been having a lot of trouble with the tourists and the elk and so had moved them away from the town.

This is the only bear we ever caught sight of, his name is Jasper, like the town.

I was disappointed that they had moved all of the elk, until that is, we came upon this lovely young lady on the way up to Pyramid Lake. Sadly we didn't get to the lake, the truck started to make funny noises and we figured the lake will be there next time we come through.

Her brother was on the other side of the road, but I didn't get an opportunity at him, very narrow road.

As we were heading back out of the park we saw a few more goats. This one against the coal seam is oblivious to the multitude of semis roaring by him.

Then we were blessed with this glorious sunset to finish off a wonderful day.

In the next few days, I will post about the hike that almost killed me.

Have a good day all.

WWC : A & Favourite Song

Well, you can't give me the letter "A" and the phrase "Favourite Song" and not expect a bunch of pictures and songs relating to my province - Alberta!

"Alberta Bound" By Gordon Lightfoot - to listen to the song, click here.

Or for a different "Alberta Bound" by Paul Brandt click here.

And of course as "it's coming round the bend", I have to include "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash.

"Bye Bye Black Bird" - Miles Davis version ; Liza Minnelli version and about a million others.

"Blackbird" - Beatles

A-line roofs are necessary in the Rockies.
"When It's Springtime in the Rockies" sorry I couldn't find a good recording, but here are the lyrics (sis).

Andy's serves up "Java Jive" by the Manhattan Transfer here.

Alberta roses, our provincial flower.

and here is a song to go with - kind of bad though ;)

So, I hope all the links work and you all had fun. I don't have a favourite song, I have favourites as I'm listening to them, so I fudged and used songs that work.

If you would like to join the WWC, drop in and see our fabulous hostess Tink over at Pickled Beef. She will set you on the path.

Have a good day all.


Monday teaser!

I just got back from a 15.5 hour tour (doesn't quite flow like three-hour tour, but work with me.)!

My friends and I drove up to Jasper in the Canadian Rockies and had a wonderful day in spite of no air conditioning in the truck and temps in the mid to high 20's (btwn 75- 80 F). We stopped and took several photos and they tried to give me a heart attack, by forcing me (yes, they twisted my rubber arm) to climb down then back up a gorge. I hope the photos will be worth it.

See, that's the teaser part....I have several photos and some video, but they are all still on the camera and I am beat. I will not even download them tonight, let alone check the quality and string together the video. That should be done by Wednesday though, so check back then. In the meantime, I will be posting Tuesday for the WWC the words are "A" and "your favourite song" - yeah, like I have one!

The only disappointing thing about the trip is that the wardens seem to have taken all of the Elk that live in Jasper and moved them elsewhere - not a one to be seen in town and that is unusual. More on that later though.

Have a good day all.


WWC: 3 & Lean

Once again Ladies and Gentlemen, the "Pickled Beef Showcase" Presents: The Weekly Word Challenge! This week's words are the number "3" and Lean (multiple meanings). Please click on any to get a larger view.

To start today's events we have 3 painted on a sandwich board.

Then we have 3 concrete curbs, blocking a driveway.

Followed in quick succession by a 3 sided bolt.

Now, what we have here Ladies & Gentlemen, is a bench, made of 3 boards, with 3 brackets. In addition to that we have the original bench reflected twice to make it appear that there are 3 benches!

Finally, we have 3 basketball nets.

Without pausing, we will go straight into Lean.

This poor old spruce certainly seems to have had a tough childhood and now has a permanent lean.

This youngster seems to be leaning in the opposite direction of the spruce though.

This fence at first glance seems to an upstanding fence, but on closer inspection it seems to first lean one way then the other. I guess that is just the nature of fences though.

Well, this fellow seems to be leaning a bit. Sitting up there enjoying the last of the days sun. He would make a lean pie though, all by himself, I think the recipe calls for about 23 more. Ah, but would he in fact be lean?

Thus ends my sad attempt at humor. And yes, for those that recognize that the bird is not a "blackbird", so do I - I just don't know a recipe for raven pie ;) For those that don't know what I am talking about, click here.

For those that would like to join in the WWC wackiness, drop by and see our fabulous hostess Tink over at Pickled Beef.

Hope I didn't ruin anyone's plans for dinner?

Have a good day all!


Double WWC - Double the fun!

As you may remember, I failed last weeks challenge, so I have decided to include it this week. I had a perfect item in mind for the phrase "Not What It Seems" but alas, I didn't get out to get a shot of it again this week. I am sure Tink will come up with another category that it will fit into quite nicely. Last week also included the letter "T".

This weeks challenge is Yellow & "What is in your purse/wallet?"

"T" a bank in Canada that has merged with Waterhouse in the States to become TD Waterhouse.

"Not What it Seems"

No, I didn't cut off the man dangling at the end of the cords, it is just a kite.

(But speaking of dangling - my friend wouldn't let me hang him in the name of art!)

"Not What it Seems"

This refrigerated truck delivers bouquets of FRUIT, not flowers.

Yellow, this is the new style of button to push to cross.

Yellow love flowers. For an explanation of the name (for those that don't read her), drop by my sister's blog.

The best shade of Yellow, real butter.

What is in my purse? Well, when I carry one, these are a few of the things I carry: bus tickets, tissue, cell phone, keys, wallet, MP3, life savers.

On the MP3: Leon Redbone, Queen, Chicago, Eagles, Nylons, Erasure, Chet Atkins, Eurythmics, Barbara Streisand, Elton John. Full albums, set on random, makes things very interesting. Oh, I might have some Bach and Bette Midler on there too. Platters and some 60's hits too. Can you tell I am listening to it now?

Bonus shots:

As I came home from my walk this evening, I saw this glittering in the tree.

Then I saw this thing on the picnic table, once I got close enough, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this poor guy stuck in the crack.

Well, that was fun. If you would like to play along, drop by and visit our hostess with the mostess, Tink at Pickled Beef. The link on my side bar takes you to the master participators list so you can see more interpretations.

Have a good day all.


What a weekend!

The boss is re-doing the front flower bed and while I was working in the office on Saturday, she decided that she didn't want to use all of the rocks she had collected.

Silly me - I told her that I could use them, as I was making another bed in the corner and then I wouldn't need edging. After work, I moved these (and two larger ones out of shot) in three wheelbarrow trips. 812 ft one way, (thank you google maps) over berms and grass, most in the sun. Right now, they are just roughly where they will end up, I will work on placing them later today.

After supper, my friends decided it was a good day to go for a java run and this tree was just aching to have it's photo taken. I do believe we might have some summer after all.

We went for a drive after, we were going to look for the newest lottery house, as it is supposed to be eco friendly etc, but missed the turn so just went on into the country.

We saw a couple of coyotes, but no place to stop and photograph them and a lovely hawk, then we saw these Canada Geese in the field and were able to stop and watch them for awhile.

They look so funny when they waddle.

These two finished their conference on the other side of the road and decided to join the rest of the flock. It was an absolute fluke that I got this shot as I was not set up for it.

The city has expanded so much into the farmland that we didn't see any deer at all and it is very unusual to have only seen one hawk. Very sad.

Overnight this happened. A mere 1300 ft away. Across open fields. I was so tired, I didn't hear the sirens at all. I was cursing the police (or maybe our news) helicopter for circling around and around, but not curious enough (or awake enough) to get up and look. Yes, this is the view from my patio.

Apparently everyone got out, which is amazing as it is a seniors complex - 80 year olds walking down four flights of stairs using canes!

I was told about it at the office and when I went home for my break, I opened the patio doors to get some air in and didn't notice, I didn't notice when I got home from work and opened the curtain on the patio doors and looked at my patio and over at the neighbours. Came back inside and then remembered that I was told about it, so went and looked again.

It wasn't the only condo fire in the neighbourhood either, a few blocks away a pair of townhouses had their roofs destroyed too, about an hour earlier.

This little guy was watching me take the photos while he was sharpening his beak.

Then he realized I was taking photos of him and he gave me the evil eye! They were actually dive bombing me and Sibu the day before ;)

Then, I broke google last night while I was trying to post this! (New computer still in shop)

That was my weekend, how was yours?

Have a good day all.