Restricted Views

Last week the lovely and very busy Kcinnova asked if anyone would be willing to join her in a meme about what the views from your windows are like. I decided to play along, but I warn you, it is boring, I live in an apartment and the view is all the same. I do however face East, which in the summer is cooler than west.

From my patio window, you can see the big fir trees and open expanse of the school yard that made me chose this apartment over others in the complex. This building and this side are the most desirable for just that reason.

My little kitchen window looks more directly on the soccer pitch, and yes, I have had the occasional ball hit my wall and plants.

As you can see my bedroom is right beside the stairs/entrance to the building. This is why I have a fan running all year round at night. I am also in direct line with the Narnia light pole, so have dark drapes over my blinds and still don't need to turn on a light at night if I get up.

This is the second snow we have had this year and I don't think it will last anymore than the first one did. Maybe that is wishful thinking though.

Have a good day all.


WWC: "F" & Altered Images

Finally found the time to upload my photos for this weeks challenge. The words are: "F" & Altered Images, please click to enlarge.

Fierce Face, Finally Fixing the F-light

Flying away - don't blame them :)

Altered Image

No, I didn't Alter this Image...they actually painted this colour, wtF?

Sorry for being so late, but it's been one of those lives.

Hope you all had a good day.


WWC: Sit & Fall

Wow! Two weeks in a row!

This week's words are Sit & Fall (double meaning).

John here wasn't interested in sitting.

See the little scarecrow sitting in the wreath?
I hope he doesn't fall.

This is a good spot for the students to sit in the fall for lunch.

Foggy Fall morning.

This is a good place to fall if you aren't careful.

Fall comfort food (Swiss Bison Steak - should have used it last week)

The Weekly Word Challenge can be found on several blogs, on Flickr and Facebook, check out my side bar for links.

Have a good day all.


WWC: S & Water

WooHoo! I am on time! Well, it is still Tuesday!

This week's challenges are for the letter 'S' and the word Water. Click on any to enlarge, these are from a walk along the creek in town.

Late Summer Sunset

Still Waters

Shallow Waters & Shaky bridge (yeah, bridge)

there Otter be a law about disturbing the Still Waters
I had to dig in the archives, because although it is too early for snow, we have some and I figure I will give you enough snow photos in the coming months to make you all as tired of it as I will be :) Besides, I hadn't used these yet.

Have a good day all.


Two for one - WWC (finally)

I kept promising last week to put up my photos for the Letter "L" and my Favourite Quote, the challenge for last week's WWC. Life and more important messages kept interfering. Here we go:

"Missed it, by that much!"

someone's Lexus needs a wash

This weeks challenge is Warmth and Depth.


Why are fall colours warm? It is usually so cold!

Yep, that's it. Lame, eh? You can check out much better photos and interpretations by clicking on one of the links on the side bar. WWC can be found on blogs, flickr and now facebook.

Have a good day.


LiveStrong Day

Today is LIVESTRONG day in the United States, the 10th anniversary of Lance Armstrong's cancer diagnosis. I know this because a blogger friend of my sister is asking people to tell their stories of how cancer has affected their lives. This is an on-line event and POD will be doing a give away, so check out her blog at:


Cancer has touched almost everyone I know. My mom, several of her sisters a couple of dad's brothers. Two very good friends have had to say good bye to their children because of cancer. And that is wrong on so many levels, parents are not supposed to outlive their kids.

Oh and it has touched me too. I was diagnosed in 2006 with breast cancer. Just the month before my best friend had told me that her husband had colon cancer - so advanced that he had about three months to live. How do you tell your best friend you have cancer and it scares the crap out of you and you need a shoulder to lean on, when that shoulder is already overloaded with a much worse case?

You don't...you call your sister long distance and bawl over the phone. Get all that out of your system, then the next day you go over and tell your friend when you are calm and under control.

If it weren't for my sister, I think I would have had a much worse time than I did. And I would still be wearing the bandage they stuck under my arm when they took out the lymph nodes :)

I love ya Bag Lady!

Cancer has also touched many of the bloggers I have met over the years and to them I say: Hold onto your humour, chemo brain can be blamed for all sorts of things. This is just one more step in life and you will win.

Have a good day all - and LIVESTRONG

P.S. WWC tomorrow for sure :)


Breast Cancer Awarness Month

October, 2009. A mere three years ago, I was still getting chemo for breast cancer. That doesn't seem like a long time, in fact it is still quite fresh in my memory.

I seldom get too serious on this blog - in fact lately I seldom blog. However this is an important thing to do. Remind every woman & man out there that you have to check your tatas, regularly.

Men, don't be embarrassed to say to your doctor: "I think I found a lump" it could save your life.

Women, go for a mammogram yearly. Yes, it is nerve racking and a bit uncomfortable, but it may save your life. The beginnings of a cancerous growth can be as small as a grain of rice, you can't feel that, mammograms can see it though.

I am not going to try to flood you with statistics and so on, you all have heard or read them at least once. If you want more information on breast cancer, here are some websites:

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

National Cancer Institute

Breast Cancer Organization

Alberta Cancer Foundation

The Booby Wall

Have a good day all.....and go PINK for October!