WWC: "F" & Altered Images

Finally found the time to upload my photos for this weeks challenge. The words are: "F" & Altered Images, please click to enlarge.

Fierce Face, Finally Fixing the F-light

Flying away - don't blame them :)

Altered Image

No, I didn't Alter this Image...they actually painted this colour, wtF?

Sorry for being so late, but it's been one of those lives.

Hope you all had a good day.


Anonymous said...

Your first pic cracked me up!

Reb, I'm having one of those lives, LOL! I'm probably going to post my submission next week and just double-up on the WWC. Too much to do right now and I didn't have anything handy in the archives.

Will you be posting for my challenge tomorrow (Wed.)?

Hilary said...

Wow.. that's a lotta blue! I like your altered bird photo.. clever use of the word.

Jay said...

I guess one good thing about painting a house that loud of a color is it's easy to explain to the pizza guy which one it is.

Excellent WWC pics!

Reb said...

Kcinnova, thanks. I will be doing it, but probably late in the day.

Hilary, the front looks worse! Thanks.

Jay, I guess at least you can find it in the snow! Thanks.

Leah J. Utas said...

Good work on the magpie. Always like your interpretations and I've got to say that house is...well...it's like what one might find in a fairy tale. A proper fairy tale with scary stuff in it.

messymimi said...

"One of those lives..."

Guess that about sums it up, doesn't it?

Great pics.

Reb said...

Thanks Leah. I liked that way the light was glinting in his eye. The house is even scarier from the front.

Messymimi, some days, it just feels like that.

Barbara Martin said...

The blue house reminded me of the blue house and purple barn I used to see on highway 1 going into Calgary from the east. I believe it's called buying a supply of paint on sale by the barrel.

Reb said...

Barbara, you could be right ;)

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Cool! I love em.

So sad I did not participate in this one.

Aunt Jackie

Reb said...

Thanks AJ.