New Year

And so, one more year is coming to a close. Will next year be any different? I certainly hope so. I have been draggy and exhausted all year, so I hope I can figure out what's up and get my energy back next year.

I don't make resolutions, haven't for many a year, but maybe this year I will set some goals. The problem with that is every time I do, life slaps me up the side of the head. I'll keep it vague this time and just hope that I can improve my eating habits and get more exercise - I am afraid anything more than that and karma will kick my sorry butt.

So, here's to a New Year, may you all find health and happiness in the coming months.


WWC: 7 & Photojournalism

Yeah...I should leave the Photojournalism to the pros!

Spicy almonds cooling


Cold moist air results in hoar frost 


My phone has a 7

so does this old measuring tape

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Have a good day all.


Warning: Not to be read to young uns!

Author Unknown
To be read with Scandinavian Accent

Little Fur Cap

De next night vas Xmas, te night it vas still
De stockings ver hung by de chimney to fill
Noting vas stirring at all in de house
for fear dat St. Nicholas vas next com ar haus 

De childern ver dried & gone to de bed
Vit Mudder in nightgown & I on ahead
Vas searching around in de trunk for de toys
Ve crept around quiet to make not a noise

Now Mudder vas carrying de toys in her gown
Showing her person from up de vaist down
Ven as we come near the crib of our boy
Our youngest and sweetest, our pride and our joy
His eyes open wide as he peeks from his cot
and sees almost everyting Mudder has got

He didn't take notice, de toys in her lap
He just asked 'For whom is the little fur cap'
Mama said 'Hush' & laughed with delight
'I think I give that to Papa to-night' 

Merry Christmas to all.


WWC - two weeks worth (again)

Yes, I keep falling behind. I feel I have a pretty good excuse for last week though... there was no way I was going out in sub -30 C weather to get a photo, but I really wanted this photo.

Last weeks words were Sports & Americana (or in my case Canadiana):

This is the one I have been trying to get since summer.
It is a replica of course. It would also work for Canadiana.


This weeks words are Bear and 'Out of Place'

Yes, we do puzzles every year and this guy was so cute.

 This 'Penny-Farthing' is out of place, but makes an interesting weather-vane.

I hope you all enjoyed - I know, I usually have many more photos, but, it is hard to stop for a photo in a snowstorm (another one).

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!



Quit it!

You're disturbing my sleep!

Have a restful weekend all!


Thister, Thister, it's your birthday!

I've been looking over pictures from our youth today and realised just how many changes have been made in photography in our lifetimes alone. We have gone from black and white to colour film, through the first Polaroids and mom's little mini 110 camera with the changeable lenses. We are now into the digital age and some of the photos from our youth almost make you want to go back with a digital camera so that you can clear up the images. Others, just make you glad you were around at the time.

Sis, I love this photo, it is so "New Avengers" or "Mod Squad"!

Happy Birthday Sister!

You're still pretty damned cool!

Have a great day all.

P.S. for those not familiar with Sis, she is The Bag Lady and blogs about life on a ranch in Northern Alberta. 


WWC: Winter & Stone

The words for this week's challenge are Winter and Stone. Just in time for the 3 days of snow we had to finish up and the temperatures to plummet. I think it was this morning we broke a record cold temperature - we hit -37 C. I can't remember what the old record was. We had about 5 inches and to my mind that is enough for this winter.

 Winter has arrived.

Sorry for the blur, winter piles up!

People won't pay attention to the signs that say the lot is being cleared, so they have to put up with the drifts - hehe, probably for the rest of the winter.

Stoned kitty?

Splitting Stones

Stopped-rolling Stones.

There we have it for one more week. Check out my sidebar, the WWC can be found on Flickr, Facebook and on several blogs.

Have a good day all.


Random photos

This is from our day trip in September when we were looking for the Victoria Trail. We discovered that the same area had a self guided tour of churches ... many, many churches.

These two are literally on adjoining acres just a line of trees separating them.

I'm sorry, but I have to get the info packet from my friends in order to identify them for you beyond, this is a Catholic church and the other is a Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

This little guy was either looking for a handout, or for someone to open the door for him to scamper inside.

Didn't see Quasimodo anywhere.

Yes, the sky was that blue.

That's all, I just wanted to post something this week, I will do my best to get names and more of the photos up of that day trip soon ;) In the meantime have a look at the links if you like.

Have a good day all.