New Year

And so, one more year is coming to a close. Will next year be any different? I certainly hope so. I have been draggy and exhausted all year, so I hope I can figure out what's up and get my energy back next year.

I don't make resolutions, haven't for many a year, but maybe this year I will set some goals. The problem with that is every time I do, life slaps me up the side of the head. I'll keep it vague this time and just hope that I can improve my eating habits and get more exercise - I am afraid anything more than that and karma will kick my sorry butt.

So, here's to a New Year, may you all find health and happiness in the coming months.


WWC: 7 & Photojournalism

Yeah...I should leave the Photojournalism to the pros!

Spicy almonds cooling


Cold moist air results in hoar frost 


My phone has a 7

so does this old measuring tape

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Have a good day all.


Warning: Not to be read to young uns!

Author Unknown
To be read with Scandinavian Accent

Little Fur Cap

De next night vas Xmas, te night it vas still
De stockings ver hung by de chimney to fill
Noting vas stirring at all in de house
for fear dat St. Nicholas vas next com ar haus 

De childern ver dried & gone to de bed
Vit Mudder in nightgown & I on ahead
Vas searching around in de trunk for de toys
Ve crept around quiet to make not a noise

Now Mudder vas carrying de toys in her gown
Showing her person from up de vaist down
Ven as we come near the crib of our boy
Our youngest and sweetest, our pride and our joy
His eyes open wide as he peeks from his cot
and sees almost everyting Mudder has got

He didn't take notice, de toys in her lap
He just asked 'For whom is the little fur cap'
Mama said 'Hush' & laughed with delight
'I think I give that to Papa to-night' 

Merry Christmas to all.


WWC - two weeks worth (again)

Yes, I keep falling behind. I feel I have a pretty good excuse for last week though... there was no way I was going out in sub -30 C weather to get a photo, but I really wanted this photo.

Last weeks words were Sports & Americana (or in my case Canadiana):

This is the one I have been trying to get since summer.
It is a replica of course. It would also work for Canadiana.


This weeks words are Bear and 'Out of Place'

Yes, we do puzzles every year and this guy was so cute.

 This 'Penny-Farthing' is out of place, but makes an interesting weather-vane.

I hope you all enjoyed - I know, I usually have many more photos, but, it is hard to stop for a photo in a snowstorm (another one).

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!



Quit it!

You're disturbing my sleep!

Have a restful weekend all!


Thister, Thister, it's your birthday!

I've been looking over pictures from our youth today and realised just how many changes have been made in photography in our lifetimes alone. We have gone from black and white to colour film, through the first Polaroids and mom's little mini 110 camera with the changeable lenses. We are now into the digital age and some of the photos from our youth almost make you want to go back with a digital camera so that you can clear up the images. Others, just make you glad you were around at the time.

Sis, I love this photo, it is so "New Avengers" or "Mod Squad"!

Happy Birthday Sister!

You're still pretty damned cool!

Have a great day all.

P.S. for those not familiar with Sis, she is The Bag Lady and blogs about life on a ranch in Northern Alberta. 


WWC: Winter & Stone

The words for this week's challenge are Winter and Stone. Just in time for the 3 days of snow we had to finish up and the temperatures to plummet. I think it was this morning we broke a record cold temperature - we hit -37 C. I can't remember what the old record was. We had about 5 inches and to my mind that is enough for this winter.

 Winter has arrived.

Sorry for the blur, winter piles up!

People won't pay attention to the signs that say the lot is being cleared, so they have to put up with the drifts - hehe, probably for the rest of the winter.

Stoned kitty?

Splitting Stones

Stopped-rolling Stones.

There we have it for one more week. Check out my sidebar, the WWC can be found on Flickr, Facebook and on several blogs.

Have a good day all.


Random photos

This is from our day trip in September when we were looking for the Victoria Trail. We discovered that the same area had a self guided tour of churches ... many, many churches.

These two are literally on adjoining acres just a line of trees separating them.

I'm sorry, but I have to get the info packet from my friends in order to identify them for you beyond, this is a Catholic church and the other is a Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

This little guy was either looking for a handout, or for someone to open the door for him to scamper inside.

Didn't see Quasimodo anywhere.

Yes, the sky was that blue.

That's all, I just wanted to post something this week, I will do my best to get names and more of the photos up of that day trip soon ;) In the meantime have a look at the links if you like.

Have a good day all.


I am so far behind!

Weekly Words Challenge! Well, in looking at the words I have collected here I seem to have about a month's worth so, I'll keep it brief. Some are from the archives, click to enlarge if you wish.

Some kids started a fire on the city side of the fence over the summer and unfairly the city will make the property owners replace the city trees that were damaged.

 Night life in the big city :) This was facing into about a 30 Km/h headwind with no tripod, about 20.00hrs (8.00pm) and that wind was cold.

 I don't like to photograph people, but I thought this shot from last year at the ice festival was kind of cool.

 Laundry needing to be folded.

Windows of our round cylindrical hotel down town. The restaurant at the top rotates.

 Wonky fence.

This is the sign on the fence, as you can see we welcome Visitors :)

Very stylish  big V on the Village.

Virgo is my Astrological sign (this is from my charm bracelet - very tiny)

Sapphire is the astrological birth stone for September.

The Tarot trilogy by Piers Anthony - time to read it again.

So for those that don't play...the order and groupings were thus:

Fair & Night Life; Fold & People; Windows & Fence; "V" & Tarot/Astrology.

Whew! I'm tired after all that.  Check out my sidebar for links, we can be found on Facebook, Flickr, or see the list of bloggers who participate.

Have a good day.



I am tired and grumpy. But it might be the last day I have headaches for no apparent reason. The plumbers are here to change out the manifold (?) on the boiler in our building and replace some pipes. We have been leaking carbon dioxide for awhile now, so that could be part of the headache problem.

In fact, I think they have to change out the entire boiler/heater, but I don't have to pay for it so don't really care. It does mean there is no water in the building today. Or maybe I'm confused and they changed the boiler on Wednesday and are just doing the pipes today.

Either way, the inspector that came through last year should have noticed that it was about to go. On the other hand at least it is now and not January or February when it is certain to be much colder. It is a balmy -3c (26f) with very little wind so it should remain fairly warm in the suites.

Of course, the buildings are old enough that to shut off the main from the city for one building, they have to shut off all four of the buildings. That means even though I am working, I can't slip into an empty suite in the other building and use the toilet. Good thing I know enough to fill the tub.

Well, this is disjointed and weird, so I think I will sign off and see if there is something work related to do.

Have a good weekend all.


Lest We Forget

How will you be spending today?

Photo courtesy of Jim Frazier

Photo courtesy of Jasmic

I am sorely disappointed that people call Remembrance Day a "Holiday". Every year it seems more and more people forget there is a reason we take the day off and it has nothing to do with having a "holiday" in the month of November, or having pre-Christmas sales. I was told no less than three times this week that the 11th is a holiday. You might have guessed, I am still a bit put out by that.

Enjoy your day all, but take a moment to remember why you can enjoy the freedoms you have.


I'm still alive :)

I hate shopping, especially for clothes. Still, it is something that needs to be done and I went the other evening with my friends in search of a new pair of jeans or two. The few decent pairs I have now, either are too tight, or are fine for the first 5 minutes, then I spend the rest of the time pulling them and my underwear back up.

I picked up one pair that are flannel lined for when I am waiting for the bus this coming winter.  Of the slippery pairs I own, I managed to find a pair very similar to the pair I like best in the store & tried them on. Too big in the size I picked and from the evidence of the other pair, they will stretch and fall down too. Try the next size down.

The next size down, was the most unattractive fit I have ever encountered. Yet, they were the same style, should have been exactly the same cut, just a bit smaller. Well, they were a lot smaller in the seam that goes under the crotch, you know - the one that gives camel toe.

I had always assumed that women with that problem were wearing pants they had out grown, or that had shrunk, I was unaware that you could purchase it directly off the shelf!  I went out to show my friends and they got these looks on their faces...when I turned and looked in the mirror - all I could think of was something I had read a few days earlier "excuse me, I think your camel toe just spit on my shoes".  Sadly I can't remember where I read that to give credit where it is due, but it started me laughing and I couldn't even explain why.

I did find another pair that fits and hopefully will still fit after washing. I do hate shopping so much.

Have a good weekend all.


Restricted Views

Last week the lovely and very busy Kcinnova asked if anyone would be willing to join her in a meme about what the views from your windows are like. I decided to play along, but I warn you, it is boring, I live in an apartment and the view is all the same. I do however face East, which in the summer is cooler than west.

From my patio window, you can see the big fir trees and open expanse of the school yard that made me chose this apartment over others in the complex. This building and this side are the most desirable for just that reason.

My little kitchen window looks more directly on the soccer pitch, and yes, I have had the occasional ball hit my wall and plants.

As you can see my bedroom is right beside the stairs/entrance to the building. This is why I have a fan running all year round at night. I am also in direct line with the Narnia light pole, so have dark drapes over my blinds and still don't need to turn on a light at night if I get up.

This is the second snow we have had this year and I don't think it will last anymore than the first one did. Maybe that is wishful thinking though.

Have a good day all.


WWC: "F" & Altered Images

Finally found the time to upload my photos for this weeks challenge. The words are: "F" & Altered Images, please click to enlarge.

Fierce Face, Finally Fixing the F-light

Flying away - don't blame them :)

Altered Image

No, I didn't Alter this Image...they actually painted this colour, wtF?

Sorry for being so late, but it's been one of those lives.

Hope you all had a good day.


WWC: Sit & Fall

Wow! Two weeks in a row!

This week's words are Sit & Fall (double meaning).

John here wasn't interested in sitting.

See the little scarecrow sitting in the wreath?
I hope he doesn't fall.

This is a good spot for the students to sit in the fall for lunch.

Foggy Fall morning.

This is a good place to fall if you aren't careful.

Fall comfort food (Swiss Bison Steak - should have used it last week)

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Have a good day all.


WWC: S & Water

WooHoo! I am on time! Well, it is still Tuesday!

This week's challenges are for the letter 'S' and the word Water. Click on any to enlarge, these are from a walk along the creek in town.

Late Summer Sunset

Still Waters

Shallow Waters & Shaky bridge (yeah, bridge)

there Otter be a law about disturbing the Still Waters
I had to dig in the archives, because although it is too early for snow, we have some and I figure I will give you enough snow photos in the coming months to make you all as tired of it as I will be :) Besides, I hadn't used these yet.

Have a good day all.