Observations & Ruminations

I was thinking last night about cats. Mine in particular and some others I have known in general. I came to the conclusion, that the 9 lives cats have are separate reincarnated lives.

I think Sibu is going through his first life. He is adjusting to better hearing, sight and smell than his previous incarnation and that is what makes him such a scaredy cat. He would also be adjusting to seeing things from a different perspective, especially if he was human previously.

He tried to give me CPR the other morning when I wouldn't move. He came and blew into my nose a couple of times, then jumped onto my chest then came and blew into my nose again, at which time I started to laugh, so he sneezed in my face as a reward. I have no idea how he figured out how to blow so hard out his nose, but, it seemed so much like CPR, I figured I had to get up even if I didn't want to.

I suppose this is where the idea about the 9 lives started percolating, it has just taken this long to formulate.

Of other cats I've known:

Shadow will fall into the 4th or 5th life I think. He was not skittery at all, but rather quite sly sometimes. He would put up with Sibu dominating him even though he was the larger cat. (Brother's cat)

Xerxes, used to come and sing with me in the mornings and was still cuddler so I would put him at his 2nd or 3rd life. (Friend's cat)

Kalon must be getting on to 7th or 8th, he is one of those seen it all, done it all cats. He will curl up next to you or on your lap, but only on his terms. If you pet him for more than a couple of strokes, he will either bite you, or leave. (Friend's cat)

Patches was our childhood cat, so I can't really say. I would think he was 2nd or 3rd life, very calm, very cuddly. He used to come and suck on the sleeves of our pj's and knead the bedding on either side of our arms in the mornings. Of course this entailed lying on our forearms, so you would wake up to purring and a wet elbow with your hand and forearm asleep. He'd start with sis and when she got up, move on to me.

Now, I have never really believed in the reincarnation theory. People tell me I am an old soul, if that is the case, maybe my next life I will be a cat. Will that be a cat for the first time? Or because I am already an old soul, will I fall into the 9th life of a cat? Are the 9 lives of a cat consecutive?

For the answers to these and other pressing questions tune in - in your next life ;)

Have a good weekend all!