Special cake!

I was not expecting much at all on my birthday yesterday, my friend is having me over for bbq on Sunday. However, when I got into work, one of our tenants came in and gave us a box with two Moon Cakes, to celebrate the full moon. So, I had part of a Moon Cake for my birthday! As it says in the link, the salted yolk in the centre is an acquired taste. The rest of the cake was quite gummy and very sweet.

It was also the first time in forever that my birthday was in summer and that there was a Super Harvest Moon on my birthday. Does that mean this will be an auspicious year?

Sadly I wasn't out in time to catch it close to the horizon.

A friend of mine believes that whatever you do on your birthday, you will do throughout the year (also New Years), so she makes sure to have a glass of wine and steaks etc. to be able to enjoy them throughout the year. Well, the last several years, I have managed to avoid doing things like laundry or cleaning on my birthday, but still have had to do the chores throughout the year. This year, I just went ahead and continued the cleaning (so I can paint). Does this mean I will not have to do any cleaning this coming year? Yeah, that's what I thought too. You can only win the lottery if you buy a ticket ;)  And yes, I had steak for supper ;)

Have a good Autumn all.


Busy, busy, busy

I have been working hard to get my apartment clean so that I can finally paint now that my hip is behaving itself. We were supposed to have an inspection today for bedbugs, so I timed it that I would have it clean(ish) for that, then I could paint after.

Turns out the fumigator thought she was only inspecting a few suits around a recently vacated suite that was a horror. So, now we have to re-book the inspections and follow much more stringent (no scent in the apartment for 24 hours, no smoking etc.) set of guidelines. Oh, did I mention they are bringing a dog around to sniff everything? No? Well, apparently, they have a dog trained to sniff out bedbugs. Bedbugs have only been a problem in our city in the last 2 or 3 years. Prior to that very few incidents.

I have decided to hell with that, I am going to continue on with washing and then painting the walls, if they happen to book the appointment for while I am painting, oh well. It has been cold enough that if I don't do it soon, it won't get done while I can still open windows.

I am 100% sure that I don't have them and 97% sure that none of the neighbours in the wing I live in have them. (I would even venture to say I am 90% sure of the whole building and 80% sure of the whole complex, but that would just be inviting trouble.)

So no photo this Friday, I have been trying to play with a few and hope to have them up soon though.

Have a good weekend all.


Photo Finish Friday

We went for a drive on Tuesday out in the country. We stopped at Legal, AB and had a look at their murals. They were all very interesting, but this is what caught my fancy ;)

For those too young to recognise the graffiti, check this link.

The PFF is the brainchild of my cousin Leah over at The Goat's Lunch Pail.

Have a good weekend all.


Photo Finish Friday

Helping me make the bed! Yeah, that's it!

PFF is the brainchild of my cousin Leah at The Goat's Lunch Pail.

Have a good long weekend all.