I'm Late - really late!

Well, finally! Yes, I am getting caught up on the Weekly Words Challenge. THREE weeks worth - I am ashamed of myself!

I still don't know what is wrong with me....I have been trying now for four weeks to get in to see my Dr, to no avail, so I am giving him the old heave ho. I will try the walk-in clinic for awhile and go from there. Good thing I don't have to get approval from any health insurance company to change Dr's, they are all covered.

I went and had a pulmonary function test today. I don't seem to have asthma - ha...fooled them! I probably should have mentioned that I was a singer and played two wind instruments in my youth and probably have better lung control than someone that hasn't. Oh well...I will be contacted and sent for some more tests and to see a specialist and so on.

Thank you all for your well wishes and for bearing with my rambling today.

Here we go: H, Fade/Favourite Story, West/D, Green (click on any photo to enlarge)

Hub Mall and Residence at the U of A

The vines are Fading

Sadly the Butterdome (common name) never will Fade



Too many Favourite Stories - SciFi/Fan

More Favourite Stories - Mysteries






As you know, our hostess Tink has abdicated and run off to Facebook. Happily, she is still hosting the WWC - check the side bar for all the locations that you can find photos by other people.

Have a good day all - oh and good weekend too!

Edit: My cousin has a good eye and memory, she made me look up Butterdome - it is a nickname, so I changed it and put in a link.


I'm still kicking

Hi all! No I haven't quit blogging, just sick. Still. You may remember I went to the Dr. a couple of weeks ago and the guy covering for my regular Dr. said it wasn't pneumonia and gave me prednisone (steroids) because, "it was just bronchitis or maybe a virus"? (or maybe I didn't blog, but that is what happened.)

Well, he gave me an order for a chest x-ray and I took a week to get there (hate transit) and when I was there, for the first time in my life the tech asked when I was seeing my Dr? I said in the next couple of days and so she said "I"ll burn you a cd to take to him. He won't get the results for a week otherwise." The first thought through my mind was "OMG! I have cancer again!" Because they never volunteer this. The techs won't tell you anything, because they purport to not be able to read them, that it is up to the radiologist.

Well, feeling like crap and hating transit and the stupid work schedule I have and the stupid schedule the Dr's office runs, I didn't get there until Tuesday this week. (Yeah, I figured out that there is a new company in town doing x-rays and maybe the competition is being felt.... and it is probably just pneumonia anyway) So, I dash over to the Dr's office on Tuesday, only to be told, that none of the Dr's has any room on their walk-in sheet, I can come back for the 5.00 clinic, or I can come tomorrow as my Dr is running the 5.00 clinic then. No, he is all booked for the rest of the week - I can't even set an appt.

Not owning a car, by the time I wait for the bus to come back (1/2 hour) & get home, I would just have to get back on the bus and go back.... not gonna happen. Can't go Wed night... I work. So, I decided that if it is really serious, when the Dr gets the report, HE will make an appt for me. Or, I will try again on Monday.

Oh, the reason they are so booked they couldn't see me? They had more than one Dr. on holidays at the same time. The entire reason for having a multi Dr. clinic is so that you don't all go on holidays at the same frigging time! I am so sick of that office! I will be looking for a new Dr if I can't get in to see someone on Monday. So, in the meantime, I will just cough and choke and move vewry slowly. And try not to get too many others sick.

Have a good day all ;)


Are any of these good enough?

I am considering entering a photo competition. (Typing that just makes my stomach twist.) They will be judged on originality and overall photographic quality. Of course, if cousin Leah enters her photo from yesterday...I am lost ;) Oh, she could use the travel category!

The categories I would be able to enter are: Animals

1 - Animals

2 - Animals

3 - Animals

and: Fresh Air

1 - Fresh Air

2 - Fresh Air

3 - Fresh Air

4 - Fresh Air

5 - Fresh Air

I can't decide if any of these are worth entering, so I am asking for your input. Should I enter two categories even? ( the other categories are travel & adventure or children)
Let me know in comments please...yes even you lurkers, just click anonymous and type away ;)

Have a good day all.


Shove a spork through my heart!

I am too bummed to post wwc photos today. Our lovely hostess Tink has decided that she has run out of blog fodder, or wants to live a real life or something silly like that and is stopping blogging!

If you can imagine!

She gave us a wonderful goodbye though and reminded us that we are a great community of virtual friends. She also will be setting up a WWC on Facebook, so look for her there. I know I will.

Tink, I enjoyed every one of your posts and will miss your wit and charm. Best of luck in all you and Hoop venture forth to do.

Have a good day all.