Photo Finish Friday

I thought I would join my cousin Leah in doing a Photo Finish Friday this week. A few other people have joined her in this, so check out her website, The Goat's Lunch Pail.

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Evidence that the anti-smokers have expanded their nefarious plans to include other minorities!  Take away one groups rights and the rest fall like dominoes. (Sign on the back door of a bar.)

Have a good weekend all ;)


All cleaned out

Got rid of the dust and the cobwebs. Did a bit of rearranging and decorating. Now lets see if I can blog somewhat regularly shall we?

I have a little video I cobbed together from the other day, I hope you all enjoy it ;)

Well, I guess I can't load videos now...so, here are the stills I took.

 Sibu walking away just as I came back out with the camera.

Baby snuggled up between the foundation and a rock.

Sibu came back, then sneezed and spooked the bunny. That was, sadly, before I had the camera set to video.

Sibu kept pacing back and forth, trying to get a good view of the bunny from both sides of the tree trunk. I am sure he was a bit frustrated about being on the leash too.

Sadly, I didn't see this little guy hiding behind my plants until I had already gotten him wet - good thing I use a shower setting on my watering wand. I am sure it was cold, but it didn't hurt at least.


So, is it me, or has the load video icon disappeared from blogger? and is anyone else having trouble, trying to get a new line using the enter key...mine pops back to the beginning of the line I just typed, or doesn't move at all!

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed.

Have a good day.



Whew, it's dusty in here!  Hello? Anyone still reading?

My cousin Leah gave me this wonderful AWARD:

The four rules governing the award are simple.
1. Give it to five others.
2. Invent something about each of the five.
3. Link to them.
4. Link to the poster that gave it to you.

Now then, who to give it to...I am so out of touch. How about:

Janet @ Fond of Snape, she is going to marry Capitan Jack!

Dianne @ Forks off the Moment, because she is going to be the next President of the United States and clean it up!

Karen @ Kcinnova, she is going to be singing the lead in "Carmen" at the local opera house.

Jay @ Cynical Bastard,  he is going to be Dianne's running mate and help strippers get the recognition they deserve.

Scott @ Zodi's blog will be taking over Spain and allowing us all to visit without the need of passports or visas etc.

Well, there we have it. I will be back in a few days with a post, really, I will!

Have a good day all ;)