All cleaned out

Got rid of the dust and the cobwebs. Did a bit of rearranging and decorating. Now lets see if I can blog somewhat regularly shall we?

I have a little video I cobbed together from the other day, I hope you all enjoy it ;)

Well, I guess I can't load videos now...so, here are the stills I took.

 Sibu walking away just as I came back out with the camera.

Baby snuggled up between the foundation and a rock.

Sibu came back, then sneezed and spooked the bunny. That was, sadly, before I had the camera set to video.

Sibu kept pacing back and forth, trying to get a good view of the bunny from both sides of the tree trunk. I am sure he was a bit frustrated about being on the leash too.

Sadly, I didn't see this little guy hiding behind my plants until I had already gotten him wet - good thing I use a shower setting on my watering wand. I am sure it was cold, but it didn't hurt at least.


So, is it me, or has the load video icon disappeared from blogger? and is anyone else having trouble, trying to get a new line using the enter key...mine pops back to the beginning of the line I just typed, or doesn't move at all!

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed.

Have a good day.


solarity said...

Yes, the video link has disappeared, and the spell check icon, while there, does nothing.
I haven't had any problem with lines, though. (Too busy having internet connection problems, perhaps.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Leah J. Utas said...

Good to have you back blogging.
I still have the video icon. Guess I'm behind the times.
I like what you've done with the place and I love the baby bunny post. You've got some excellent pics and bunny is very cute.

Reb said...

Mary Anne in Kentucky, I wonder if they now have a finger in the YouTube pie?

Leah, thanks. I have seen more baby bunnies this year than in the 6 years I've lived here.

the Bag Lady said...

It's a baby kind of year! I've never seen baby hummingbirds before, either.

The bunny baby is adorable. Are you going to tame him and make a pet out of him? Hubby did that as a kid.

Reb said...

Sis, it sure is. Um, no...I think I will leave them all to their mommas and whatever else nature has in store for them.

Barbara Martin said...

To think only this morning before I awoke one of my dreams contained a young rabbit, and here you are posting about one.

When I saw the photo of the wee thing pressed against the wall I thought, "Just wait until Mr. McGregor sees you!"

bunnygirl said...

Poor little bunny. But yes, leave it to nature. Mother Nature knows best.

Reb said...

Barbara, that is a coincidence.

Bunnygirl, yes, that is always the best course.

Scott Oglesby said...

Yay, I’m so glad to see that you’re back!

Your cat has a leash? Cool!

messymimi said...

Being first cousin to a Luddite, I wouldn't know a video icon if it walked up to me in a grass skirt and danced the hula.

Yes, it is a cute bunny, and I don't blame you for leaving it to its own mama. I have raised many an orphaned kitten, and I can tell you that no matter how hard we try, we can't raise the animals as well as their own moms do.

Reb said...

Thanks Scott...yes, too many crazies around and when in the mountain parks, you want to be able to keep him close.

Messymimi, I think a grass skirt would make all the difference for the icons ;) I haven't seen them in a couple of days now, so they may be avoiding the sneezing cat and the extra showers.

Anonymous said...

How does Sibu do with the leash? Cleopatra is not friends with hers (she nearly became coyote bait at a rest stop once) so now we keep her kenneled on trips. She roams free in the neighborhood here, but is usually smart enough to come home before dark.

Reb said...

Karen, I started him on one as a kitten...he will stay in it all day, but, as soon as he thinks we are in for longer than 5 minutes, he wants it off.

Janet said...

BUNNY AND KITTY pictures? Woohoo!

Reb said...

Janet...I KNOW! Double hitter!

Clare2e said...

My favorite new feature is when you load images, rather than the Big Blue done button and a thumbnail, you get a blank nothing window you have to close from the corner before you get back to the Compose window. Not a huge deal, but another glitch. So glad you're back blogging, though, even over the obstacles.

The baby bunny is adorable, but the prestigious namesake of the blog is a joy to behold!

Reb said...

Clare2e, thanks! He is so photogenic. I haven't run into the blank window yet, I think they pick different glitches for different blogs.