Photo Finish Friday

These are but a few of the dogs we saw while walking in the dog park a few weeks ago.

Because I used B&W film, it is going to take 2-3 weeks to get them developed, so there is going to be a bit of a wait to see how badly I did trying to get moon shots and so on :( I still have 1/2 of another B&W to finish and then I will do a colour film.

Have a good weekend all.

PFF is the brainchild of my cousin Leah over at The Goat's Lunch Pail.


Photo Finish Friday

It is Friday, right? The last couple of weeks have been so busy trying to get the painting done, working extra hours at work, recovering from trying to paint so that I can paint some more. I have also been playing...I borrowed my friends Nikon SLR film camera, to remind myself how to use f-stops and apertures etc. because I want to start saving for a DSLR.  I know there is nothing wrong with the camera I have, but, I also know I can make better photos. Of course, once I get the film developed, I may just tuck my tail between my legs and give the whole idea up ;)

So, until I see how those came out, here is a shot from the dog park we went to a couple weeks ago. (no, none of us has a dog)

Ha! You thought is was going to be a dog! No, it is a tree penis! By the time we found that in the middle of the path, I was tired and getting a bit punchy. According to the map that was on the trail, it went around in a big circle. The only problem is it goes around in several circles, some of which are only open for cross country skiing and we had to back track a few times before finding our way back to the open field. The trail in the wooded section is covered in roots and you have to walk with one eye pointing down to avoid tripping and one up to avoid getting whacked in the face with a branch. I will do a proper post on the dog park at a later date...once I have caught up with a few things around here.

So, hope you all have a wonderful fun filled weekend!

The PFF is the brainchild of my cousin Leah at The Goat's Lunch Pail.


October, A Pink Photo Finish Friday

October means Breast Cancer awareness month. I have turned my blog as pink as it's going to get and put up another badge as a reminder of this important cause. Men need to check their ta-tas too, so everyone help out your significant other with a simple check.

If found early breast cancer can be beaten. I can't site statistics, because I'm lazy not that kind of girl.  If you find yourself with a diagnosis of cancer there are plenty of sites out there to help you understand what is going on, Breast Cancer.org is one that is helpful. There are also plenty of emotional support sites such as CommuniCancer, which provides support for any type of cancer.

You can also visit the Booby Wall for some very moving photos and dedications. I think I might just put this up this year.

Fortunately with a bra, it is not that obvious! (That is one of two things I own in pink, not my favourite colour.)

On that note I leave you with a partial new verse for this:

...one pointed North and the other pointed South.....

(We learned slightly different words than the link above)

Have a good long weekend all ;) Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks! Now, try and get that out of your head!

PFF is the brainchild of my cousin Leah over at The Goat's Lunch Pail

Hilary of The Smitten Image has honoured this post as The Post of the Week, which makes me proud/embarrassed ;) and lets me display this:

Thank you so much Hilary.


Photo Finish Friday

I got paint on the wall!

And the floor and the cupboards, but I washed that off ;)

Sadly it will need two coats and just doing that section, contorting myself to get behind the fridge and stove (galley kitchen) and on top of the cupboards, was enough to hurt me (hip especially) for two days. Good thing summer has arrived ;)

Have a good weekend all.

PFF is the brain child of my cousin Leah at The Goat's Lunch Pail