Testing... again

I think I mentioned over the summer that I was taking part in a study for "breathlessness" through the University here. Well, today I had my second test, called a "Methacholine Challenge Test". I did very well.... the tech told me I broke all records - lol.

In order to do the test, you have to stop taking your asthma medications up to 24 hours before the test... depending on what you are on, you can take some 6 hours before the test. So, I get up at the crack of dawn - good thing it is later these days - and scurry on over to the hospital. University is in session, the first train this morning was packed, good thing the next was only a few minutes later. As it was, by the time I found where I was supposed to be and checked in, I was a few minutes late. I hate being late, almost as much as I hate waiting for people. Of course, not having taken my drugs, I couldn't rush, so had to content myself with walking at a pace that I could keep my breath at.

The test involves plugging your nose with a clip and making you breath into a tube through your mouth. I have an aversion to breathing through my mouth and to having my nose plugged. They get a baseline of how well you breath and then they make you breath in a saline solution for two minutes. Run the test, see if there is any change. I start coughing right after the first base test, it gets worse as this goes on. My tech is a very nice fellow, with a sense of humour and we get along. I fill him in on the singing and the fact that I played wind instruments. He told me that it wouldn't have a bearing really as lungs are lungs, so unless I was hyper-inflated the test would not be affected.

After the saline solution, they make you breath the methacholine for two minutes and then run the tests again. They start at .25 of methacholine and each test double it. This is where I broke the first record. The test is usually over in an hour, I didn't leave there until two hours after my scheduled start time and I wasn't that late! He had me up to I think 10 units (he didn't say if this was mcg's or mg's so, units) After 2 I was looking at the inhaler he had set up, wondering if I could grab it without him noticing, but I still wasn't making noticeable changes in the tests. He asked me at one point if I had back trouble..... well, yes, but I am just trying to open up my lungs and to remember to breath with my diaphragm. One of the things asthmatics tend to forget to do when they can't breath and probably why my test results are so good. I didn't say "Yes, you learn that through singing and playing wind instruments"

Finally he hands me the inhaler! Yay, I'll be able to breath in a minute...or five...maybe ten...give it another five. I feel another record being broken, he had to give me another inhaler...this one was attrovent (I think). Yes, I can breath... wait... yes, I can. One more test to see that I am back to baseline. All is good. Mood restored - people get cranky when they can't breath.

The headache didn't hit until a 1/2 hour or so later and it is still pounding away. On that note, I think I will go back to bed.

I do have photos for the WWC, and will put them up tomorrow.

Have a good evening all.


Disappearing Landmarks

Once seen in every farming community across the prairies, these landmarks are fast disappearing. I convinced my friend to stop to let me take some photos the other day when were were out and about.

Much better photos can be found here and an article on saving the few remaining elevators in Alberta is here.

This is where yesterday's photo came from too...so no, not a haunted house, probably no ghosts at all, although you never know.

Have a good day all.


Just a day late this time.

The Weekly Word Challenge this week was for go Green and Square. Here is my lame attempt - both in one shot, Square windows and vent in a wall, that went Green a long time ago.

I will post a photo or two of the whole building in a day or two :)

Have a good day all.


I've been outed!

By my own sister! At least she didn't say how old I am.

Yep, that's me. Almost a year old. So sweet, what the hell happened?

Have a good day all.


Road Trip!

We went for a Sunday drive on Monday, which is my Saturday. It was wonderful! We followed the Victoria Trail which is on the north side of the North Saskatchewan River and started out as a trail the Indians used thus making it the oldest road in Alberta that is still in use. I will expand on the trail as I process and upload photos, for now here are just a few scenic shots from yesterday.

Click any photo to enlarge.

I think we counted 23 (edit) Sandhill Cranes (Thanks Leah) in total, too many for one shot.

I liked the pattern that resulted here.

We stopped here for supper, as I was walking up to the bank, a raven with an eagle below it came up from the valley! Couldn't have been more than 30 feet away from me and right at my height! I didn't have the camera on alas and all I could do was point and sputter.

We stopped at Astotin Lake at Elk Island Park as the sun was setting.

Just a taste of what we saw, I will post more as the days go by.

Have a good day all.