Just a day late this time.

The Weekly Word Challenge this week was for go Green and Square. Here is my lame attempt - both in one shot, Square windows and vent in a wall, that went Green a long time ago.

I will post a photo or two of the whole building in a day or two :)

Have a good day all.


Janet said...

that kind of reminds me of the amityville horror house!

messymimi said...

Not late! Using your own inner clock to do things when you are supposed to do them.

That's my story, you are welcome to improve upon it if you wish!

Dianne said...

less is more
and this is perfect for both words

Leah J. Utas said...

Excellent economy of photos.Good for you.

Anonymous said...

All the cool bloggers are putting their WWC up a day late this week. ;)

Jay said...

Is that building haunted? It looks haunted to me. ;-)

the Bag Lady said...


Reb said...

Janet, just wait 'til I show you what it really is!

Mesymimi, I like that, I will use it! Thanks.

Dianne, I had sort of hoped so :)

Leah, thank you.

Kcinnova, good to know - I'm finally with the cool kids!

Jay, not that I know of.

Thanks Sis.