I am so far behind!

Weekly Words Challenge! Well, in looking at the words I have collected here I seem to have about a month's worth so, I'll keep it brief. Some are from the archives, click to enlarge if you wish.

Some kids started a fire on the city side of the fence over the summer and unfairly the city will make the property owners replace the city trees that were damaged.

 Night life in the big city :) This was facing into about a 30 Km/h headwind with no tripod, about 20.00hrs (8.00pm) and that wind was cold.

 I don't like to photograph people, but I thought this shot from last year at the ice festival was kind of cool.

 Laundry needing to be folded.

Windows of our round cylindrical hotel down town. The restaurant at the top rotates.

 Wonky fence.

This is the sign on the fence, as you can see we welcome Visitors :)

Very stylish  big V on the Village.

Virgo is my Astrological sign (this is from my charm bracelet - very tiny)

Sapphire is the astrological birth stone for September.

The Tarot trilogy by Piers Anthony - time to read it again.

So for those that don't play...the order and groupings were thus:

Fair & Night Life; Fold & People; Windows & Fence; "V" & Tarot/Astrology.

Whew! I'm tired after all that.  Check out my sidebar for links, we can be found on Facebook, Flickr, or see the list of bloggers who participate.

Have a good day.


Scott Oglesby said...

I really have to start playing that game, it looks like fun. You are a very talented photographer! Some of your shots remind me of FJ, who is on my blogroll and was a professional photographer until he became a scientist. Check out some of his work, I think that you’d like it. I’ll send him over here as well.

Great shots!

David Cranmer said...

The night life shot is impressive.

Hilary said...

And now you're all caught up. I love your nightlife image but hate that the city is treating it's residents unfarily like that.

I love sapphires and always wished it was my birthstone instead of a pearl which I don't particularly care for.

Leah J. Utas said...

Reb, I love the night traffic pic. Well done. When I enlarged the ice festival pic it looked like two people were fading out in the right hand side. Really liked it.
Good as usual. Didn't know Sapphire was the September birthstone. Totally fits you.

the Bag Lady said...

Great photos, sis! I, too, love the night life shot.

And I've always been jealous that sapphire is your birthstone - it's such a pretty stone.

Dianne said...

I love the night life shot most of all!!

Reb said...

Scott, I would love to see your interpretation of the words. Thank you for your kind words & I will certainly check out FJ

David, thanks. I was disappointed there wasn't more traffic.

Hilary, yes I am ;) Hopefully I heard wrong and maybe the insurance is what will pay for the trees. Or maybe they have to replace them IF they want them there. Pearls are lovely and amazing, but yes, as a birthstone, kind of boring :)

Leah, thanks, I was hoping for more traffic - maybe I will try again at rush hour some day. That is the only thing about the people photo that makes it worth while. Thanks.

Thanks Sis. I like Decembers stone too - hell, I like all coloured stones.

Thanks Dianne, that seems to be the popular one this time ;)

kcinnova said...

Reb, I'm impressed with that nightlife shot! I shake without any of those contributing factors, which makes me doubly impressed with your clear photograph.
I have a few of the WWC challenges on my to-do list... which means they may never get done. On the other hand, I was struggling with tarot/astrology and now you've given me an excellent idea, so it might get done after all (on a day when my tremor is behaving itself).

messymimi said...

I like your photography.

Remember, you are not behind, just jump in where you are. The fact that you have more work to do is just job security.

Reb said...

Kcinnova, truth is I was bracing myself on the bridge, but this was the one good shot from about 20. Glad I gave you inspiration.

Thanks Messymimi. Oh how I wish it was work and not just laziness that keeps me occupied!

Barbara Martin said...

I like the night life shot and the one of the trees at the beginning.

Reb said...

Thanks Barbara.

Crabby McSlacker said...

For some reason, the laundry in need of folding is my favorite!

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

cool photos. nice post!

Reb said...

LOL, thanks Crabby.

Ben, thanks.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Excellent as always.


Reb said...

Thanks Terrie.

Janet said...

Well done! I'm a bit behind, but I'll catch up soon LOL!

Aunt Jackie said...

really cool photos... Your pics always have a really strange and intriguing quality about them to me.

Anyways, Rock on!

Reb said...

Janet, that is understandable. You just take your time.

AJ, thanks. I aim for unusual.