What a weekend!

The boss is re-doing the front flower bed and while I was working in the office on Saturday, she decided that she didn't want to use all of the rocks she had collected.

Silly me - I told her that I could use them, as I was making another bed in the corner and then I wouldn't need edging. After work, I moved these (and two larger ones out of shot) in three wheelbarrow trips. 812 ft one way, (thank you google maps) over berms and grass, most in the sun. Right now, they are just roughly where they will end up, I will work on placing them later today.

After supper, my friends decided it was a good day to go for a java run and this tree was just aching to have it's photo taken. I do believe we might have some summer after all.

We went for a drive after, we were going to look for the newest lottery house, as it is supposed to be eco friendly etc, but missed the turn so just went on into the country.

We saw a couple of coyotes, but no place to stop and photograph them and a lovely hawk, then we saw these Canada Geese in the field and were able to stop and watch them for awhile.

They look so funny when they waddle.

These two finished their conference on the other side of the road and decided to join the rest of the flock. It was an absolute fluke that I got this shot as I was not set up for it.

The city has expanded so much into the farmland that we didn't see any deer at all and it is very unusual to have only seen one hawk. Very sad.

Overnight this happened. A mere 1300 ft away. Across open fields. I was so tired, I didn't hear the sirens at all. I was cursing the police (or maybe our news) helicopter for circling around and around, but not curious enough (or awake enough) to get up and look. Yes, this is the view from my patio.

Apparently everyone got out, which is amazing as it is a seniors complex - 80 year olds walking down four flights of stairs using canes!

I was told about it at the office and when I went home for my break, I opened the patio doors to get some air in and didn't notice, I didn't notice when I got home from work and opened the curtain on the patio doors and looked at my patio and over at the neighbours. Came back inside and then remembered that I was told about it, so went and looked again.

It wasn't the only condo fire in the neighbourhood either, a few blocks away a pair of townhouses had their roofs destroyed too, about an hour earlier.

This little guy was watching me take the photos while he was sharpening his beak.

Then he realized I was taking photos of him and he gave me the evil eye! They were actually dive bombing me and Sibu the day before ;)

Then, I broke google last night while I was trying to post this! (New computer still in shop)

That was my weekend, how was yours?

Have a good day all.


Gramps said...

Oddly enough, I was on the third floor of a senior's complex yesterday. I was taking the stairs down to the first floor and wondering how difficult it would be to get the folks out of the building in a fire. Glad everyone got out!

David Cranmer said...

Striking photos of the wildlife and my wife (an expert no less) says the flower bed looks great. My weekend was spent polishing and re-polishing a western short story I hope to send out later this week.

Anonymous said...

You're right, that tree was aching to be photographed! You must have been one tired puppy to miss that fire... I can't imagine the horror those poor residents felt (but so glad they all made it out).

Leah J. Utas said...

Love the goose pics, and the ones in flight are wonderful.
Just reading about your rock placement tired me out.

Hilary said...

I'm so glad everyone made it out safely, but what a horror to experience when mobility isn't a strong point. Great shots all around.

Reb said...

Gramps, it is a big complex too. I look at the short end of it. Very lucky everyone got out.

David, thanks. I hope the flower bed will look better in a day or two ;) I am sure your short will do well.

Kcinnova, thanks! It was! I was... and I also had a fan running in the bedroom.

Thanks Leah. I was surprised I managed to catch them still in the air.

Hilary, I can't imagine the horror they felt. It is a wonder they all got out though. Thanks.

Jay said...

I used to work with a guy who would pull off the road and shoot at coyotes anytime he saw them. Don't laugh, it was legal there too.

I would take pictures instead of shoot them myself. ;-)

the Bag Lady said...

I saw that story on the news - what a tragedy for those people! I wondered how close it was to your place when I heard the location.

Great shots of the geese! Where are their babies? All the geese around here have goslings now.

And your flowerbed is looking far better than mine! Mine is full of dandelions and quack grass. Dammit.

Reb said...

Jay, I am glad to hear you would take photos and not shot them.

Thanks Sis, it is time to put new soil in my pots, so I just dumped it on the dead patch in the corner ;) Don't know where the babies were.

Barbara Martin said...

Ah, spring. I wish I had a garden. My brother, who lives out your way, said he was putting in his garden on Saturday. During our childhood we had to weed the garden in our backyard at a time when neighbours had lawns. When my brothers left home the garden disappeared to be replaced by grass.

Too bad about the senior's complex and it's nice to hear they were able to get out safely.

Reb said...

Barbara, I am just glad the apartment allows me to plant and make beds.