One thing leads to another

and the next thing you know you have wasted an inordinate amount of time on the internet! Lets just say, it started by me not having it in this months budget (like I thought I would) to get a hair cut. Yes, I live that close to the bone - whatever. I started off trying to figure out how to french braid, because I think it is long enough to do that and will make the rest of the month easier. My sister used to do it with her hair without even thinking about it and it looks good.

Here is where I wound up: dailymakeover.com, you can upload one photo for free and try on hair and make up. If you want to fork over money, you can use more than one photo, you can also access more styles and stuff. Being perpetually broke, I did it the cheap way and downloaded to my own computer the ones I thought weren't too bad.

Here they are, you can click to get them bigger.

Should I go short?

Or let it grow long?
And which colour should I pick?

This is what the actual photos look like on the site. I didn't use this photo in the collection because my head was tipped back too far - More than one email addy ;)

So, should I go blonde which would be easier as I am getting really quite grey, should I stay reddish and run the risk of having pink streaks, or should I go with my natural dark brown?

I numbered the photos, so you can just say # length, # colour. You can try to guess the celebrity hairstyle too if you want ;) Then I'll see if I can remember - haha, frankly some of them I'd never heard of.

Have a good day all.


gr said...

pink streaks, yeow!

Leah J. Utas said...

I vote for #2, 7, or 13 with 2 taking the lead.
Why not blonde? It's something new and you can blend the grey in without too much effort.
And just to show my age I say #2 was Joey Heatherton.

the Bag Lady said...

My vote goes with #2 or 3. Except with #3, I want to brush it out of your eyes!
I don't think long is a good idea, although it doesn't cost as much for haircuts :)
(coincidentally - I don't think, judging from your photo - that yours is long enough to french braid yet.)

Tink said...

Ooo, I like you as a blonde!

Dianne said...

first - I think your current look is great but I understand the need for change. and if you're going to trim why not get a new do

I like #3

I went blonde for a while and then decided it did nothing for my ruddy complexion but make me look even more tired so I deepened my natural red but the gray does grow in funky - mine grew in looking like mold LOL

Now I do a chestnut brown. warms my complexion and the gray is less noticeable for longer.

I can't afford much maintenance either :)

Reb said...

Gary, helpful, thanks!

Leah, I am leaning towards blonde myself. It is Helen Mirren btw.

Sis, I figure with the curls I have, the straight styles are just gonna be too much work and you know I can't stand my hair in my face either. If I hadn't trimmed my bangs, the rest will just make it.

Tink, thanks, I am leaning that way for simplicity.

Dianne, I know what you're saying. I have enough grey though that it is very noticeable and my hair is now back to growing at it's usual fast rate.

Missicat said...

Hmmm....I do like the blonde look, am actually thinking of doing that myself for the summer. It definitely blends the gray well! If I was brave enough I would just let my hair go gray.

Hilary said...

Truthfully I like your current look best. But if I had to choose, I also think you'd look good as a blonde. :)

Fun stuff. I will NOT click the link!

Reb said...

Missicat, I had a look at my grey while it was growing back in - I'm too young to be so grey! Mind you, I'll probably be saying that at 90 too. Unless I wind up with the same lovely white that mom had, then I might just let it go natural.

Hilary, thanks. what the photo doesn't show is the really bad colour job...and this is faded from what I coloured it, so rather hard to maintain.

Oh, go ahead, click the link, it is lots of fun!

Crabby McSlacker said...

How fun!

I kinda like 1, 2, and 3. I'm partial to a short no-fuss look.

And it's so true about the internet... you get on to do one quick thing and 3 hours later...

Reb said...

Crabby, most of my life my hair has been short. I am not sure I can stand to let it grow long but I thought I would see what it would look like.

Jay said...

I'm definitely thinking 2 and 7. With some pink in there too. ;-)

Reb said...

Jay, thanks! The nice thing about blonde is that I can put in pink or purple or blue as the mood strikes me! ;) Of course, October has to be pink.

Knight said...

I think you should stick with short hair but 1,2,and 3 are too much up keep. Get something that lets you have some body without having to straight iron every day. Also, you look good with the blonde but I wouldn't go platinum. Just highlight your way in and you can keep adding if you like it.

Reb said...

Thanks Knight. I like my hair wash and wear too much to bother with a blow dryer let alone an iron. I am not sure that the curls will stay once it is cut though, we'll see what happens.