Hormones revisited

Not a long post today, but, I just had a reply to my "Pregnancy Hormones" post, opinion from the other side! That is the one about the diet where you get yourself injected with other hormones from a pregnant woman.

This is it: (I do agree with the first line)

Anonymous said...

All the processed food we've eaten since the fifties, and the chemicals therein have destroyed our hypothalamus. This procedure allows the hypothalamus o be reset. Everyone I have met who has done this is stronger, healthier and happier. They eat whatever they want, no more binging, dieting or weight fluctuations.

Maybe if you weren't so hung up on the (potential) boob factor you would take the time to really investigate the subject. Good thing you're not running a country! J

This person obviously has done the "diet" and was successful. It is also obvious that they have not read any of my other posts. Really, hung up on my boobs? If I were, I would be having reconstructive surgery or alternatively would never go anywhere without a bra that has a shaper in one side. (I can't be bothered to btw)

So, to brave "Anonymous J" (if she/he ever pops back in): I have had hormone positive breast cancer and lots of women get breast cancer while pregnant - Hello?

Oh and I am a woman, therefore too busy to run a country. ;)


So, I am off to see my physiotherapist today to see about a new sleeve for my arm. I will post later and let you know if I am wrapped up like a mummy again.

Have a good day!

PS. according to my sitemeter, anon J was on for 0 seconds! Yeah, even a speed reader takes at least a couple to read the entire post!

Update: My arm is good - smaller than it was, so I don't need to be wrapped yippee! Now I just have to order a new sleeve. Of course, I had to wait so long for the therapist, I forgot to get my prescription, so I will have to go back tomorrow - might ride my bike if it is nice now that I have refreshed my memory of the route and actually looked at where the bike trail is in relation to all the construction.


Leah J. Utas said...

Ooohh the trolls found you.
You just might be in for some fun.
Or not.

Best thoughts your way on the new sleeve.

Reb said...

It was just someone expressing their opinion, which is fine, but if your going to slam me, at least read the post.

Thanks Leah.

Jo said...

I never trust the sense of someone who delivers their opinion with such unwarranted snark. J reminds me of myself on my bad hormone days when I was preggers.

You're the opposite of "hung up" on your boobs...and frankly, so what if you were.

Good luck at the doc's :)

the Bag Lady said...

Oh, yeah, hung up on your boobs. Sure.

Brave soul to post a comment anonymously, whilst slamming you.

Good going on the slimmer arm - keep up with whatever you've been doing! It must be working.

the Bag Lady said...

Oh, and if that kind of snark is the result of going on the pregnancy hormone diet, count me out!

Reb said...

Jo, that's why I thought I would post it.

Sis, thanks. Yeah, some people just don't think before typing.