WWC - Heavy & Light

Tuesday again! The slightly overdone Tink of Pickled Beef is our hostess for the Weekly Word Challenge and has given us the words HEAVY & LIGHT to work with this week.

Some of these photos are from the tour I did of the Legislature grounds and I kept them back from the post on the grounds in order to use them here instead.


This arrangement of mirrors and skylights gives sunlight to the pedway down below the Legislature grounds.

This is a closer look at the lights at the front of the Legislature.

This is a 10 - 20million year old petrified stump - lighter than wood.

Some light fare, or in my case, toxic fungus.

Last summers sunflower is now pretty light.

This covers both light and heavy. The closer bridge called the High Level bridge, is for cars and originally also had CNR trains (the heavy ones) running across the top of it. The further bridge, in blue and concrete is for the light rail transit (I assume it has a name, but I don't know what it is).


Having heavy thoughts?

The grass hasn't been cut in so long, it is becoming quite the heavy cover.

Heavy clouds.

Eventually the heavy clouds gave us lightening. (I really must invest in a tripod)

This rock looks pretty heavy.

Well, other than the clouds and the cats, all the photos came from around the Legislature grounds. If you would like to join in go see Tink, if you would like to look at other contributors work all together, check out our Flickr Group.

Hope you enjoy.


Leah J. Utas said...

Love the stump and of course Sibu would be a deep, heavy thinker.
Good rendering of light and heavy.
I really like your interpretation of the words you're given.

Fortune Cookies said...

Sibu looks like maybe trying to move the heavy rock telepathically. and by the looks of it, it may work!
I love that photo of the heavy clouds. its beautiful, even without a tripod! mine are up, come on over!

Tink said...

I love the idea behind the skylight art! And the picture of the grumpy kitty is ADORABLE. Well done.

Hilary said...

Great representation of the words, Reb. I absolutely love Sibu's heavy thoughts.

gr said...

your cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cute

Reb said...

Leah, thanks. I figured he was either having heavy thoughts or the grass was tickling a good spot!

FC, never thought of that, could be! Thanks.

Tink, isn't that cool! Thanks.

Hilary, thanks. I couldn't resist when I saw how that turned out.

Gary, thanks! I think so too.

the Bag Lady said...

Great shots, Reb. And wonderful interpretations. Your cat is heavy - I know this from experience!!!!!!

Alice said...

i'm so with you on needing a tripod! AND i had a second set of light/heavy pics involving a storm, but i didn't upload them and i posted from work. so sad.

that skylight/mirror contraption is COOL.

moo said...

love the stump and the clouds the best!

We used to have a cat leash for our cat ... he hated it. And it never really worked the way we wanted it to (i.e., to walk the cat). Neat to see someone else with one, though!

Anonymous said...

What a great expression on your cat's face! I love seeing what you do with the words each week.

g-man said...

Most excellent showing! I enjoyed them all, but the mirrors one was really cool.

Reb said...

Thanks Sis! He is not that heavy!

Alice, it is very cool, you can also look down into the pedway.

Moo, I like the stump too. I started him on leash right from a kitten. he loves to go for walks.

Kcinnova, thanks! He has a most expressive face.

G-man, thanks. Yes, that installation is cool.

Jay said...

Well aren't we both pretty clever with the heavy cloud cover??? ;-)

I love the mirror set up to get light to the pedway. That's really clever.

Great job on the WWC!!

Reb said...

Thanks Jay. Yes, clever indeed! I thought I would get at least one person saying that their city had done something similar on their pedways.

Jo said...

The mirrors/skylights is so interesting! I love both kitties in the grass :) The heavy clouds is a great shot too.

Yeah, don't go eating those mushies!

Reb said...

Jo, thanks. I saw an opportunity to play in the grass like a kid and took it!

Now the cosmetics industry is trying to kill me - putting mushrooms &/or glucosomine in make up & moisturizer!

Chatty said...

Love the kitties and the clouds! And that pedway is pretty cool, I must say.

Reb said...

Chatty, thanks! I'll have to see if I can get a shot from inside one of these days.

Newt said...

The two bridges was genius. Heavy train and light rail. Cool! I loved them all though. Very nice WWC.!!!!!

Reb said...

Thanks Newt!

Barbara Martin said...

I appreciated the photo of the High Level Bridge, although the one further east is new for me. I left Alberta in 1983 to move east, and now am itching to come back.

I used to take the CP dayliner from Strathcona station in Edmonton to Red Deer in 1978 to see my then boy friend, and it would cross over the top of the High Level. My eyes were always squeezed shut so my stomach wouldn't do flips. You could see right down to the water.

With nostalgia creeping in, I wonder if the wooden bridge over the small ravine just south of Stony Plain Road between 142nd Street and 149th Street is still there.

Reb said...

Barbara, thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked the photo. Sorry not familiar enough with that area to say whether that bridge is still there or not.