Garden is in!

This is what it looked like on May 26th. As you can see, I have pointed out where creepy stalker guy lives. He has been behaving himself somewhat, but I still need to put up an overhead screen for my own comfort.

I dug a bed last year and amazingly enough, this plant seems to be coming back. I have no idea what it is.

I took these last night. I am one of the lucky ones that gets a hose, so I can water without too much trouble. Last years bed is by the brick stuff, which is my bedroom.

When the weather clears and I can fix it, the black thing with the artificial vines on it, gives me privacy from the next patio. I'll take a better photo of it when I am done.

I will probably make a bed here in this corner next year, but for now, the pots will do. As you can see, my swing won't fit on a regular balcony. (they would end where the white wall ends.)

I now have Bleeding Heart, campanula, my mystery plants and day lilies that should all come back next year. I put in yellow marigolds and amaranthus (love lies bleeding) and silver lace as well. And some donated bark chips.

Close up of the carnations (dianthus) in the blue stone planter.

Close up of the carnation that is open.

This is a close up of the hanging petunia.

Now as long as everything continues to grow, I should have a grand array of flowers. There are two vines, one is Canary Bird Vine the other is Creeping Charlie. The left hand blue stone pot has a citronella geranium in it. Violas are in the shallow clay pot and in the pot under the kitchen window, with more dianthus.

I should fill the pots with some lobellia but, I have blown the planting budget this year. Oh well! My suite faces East for those that are wondering.

Have a great day everyone!


Hilary said...

That's looking great, Reb. Good job. I can't wait to see more photos as it grows and flourishes.

Your windows are awfully close to ground level. I hope Creeping Charlie (the stalker guy.. not the plant) moves away soon. I don't like his close proximity to you.

Leah J. Utas said...

Love the flower closeups, especially the hanging petunia.
Thanks for showing us where icky guy lives in relation to you.
I hope this fellow can take a hint.

Leah J. Utas said...

P.S. The plant appears to be a rock-garden type plant and may be saxifrage a.k.a. stonecrop, or something in that family. I asked Mike.

the Bag Lady said...

Looking good, sis! I agree with Hilary about the creeping Charlie...err stalker guy - hope he gets into a different suite, hopefully in a different building (would it be too much to ask - in a different city?) soon!

Missicat said...

Looks great! I soooo want a porch swing. But I guess an actual porch is required, right?
Used to grow lots of mystery plants myself...

Reb said...

Hilary, thanks. I won't be able to resist taking more photos as the season progresses either. Oh, I am keeping an eye out for ppl moving. I even suggested a couple to the boss that could move into the one bed we have available.

Leah, thanks I knew I could count on you & Mike to come up with the name. As soon as I read that I knew it was right. I hope the petunia does well, it was looking a bit rough there for a bit.

Reb said...

Sis, thanks. He will definitely be in a different bldg! Unfortunately I don't think I can arrange a different city.

Missicat, I am so glad that mine is free standing. This is the fourth place I've had it up. Most of my mystery plants tend to be weeds ;) I was actually pulling little pine tree growths out of my pots this year.

gr said...

It is looking great, but don't tell that guy where your bedroom is!

Reb said...

Thanks Gary. Unfortunately it is not hard to figure out, all the suites are laid out the same.

Jay said...

Oh .. so the stalker dude lives upstairs? Well he does have the advantage of position. He can keep an eye on you, but you can't keep turning around and looking up to see if he's there. That would suck!

Love all the flowers and stuff. We can't put stuff like that out here at my apartments. All the cats and kids would tear it all up anyway.

Terrie Farley Moran said...


Fabulous flowers.

I left a comment for you on dfLeah's polite firmness post.


Reb said...

Jay, yes, but he'll be gone soon. That's too bad they won't let you plant, but I can understand it.

Terrie, thanks. I'll pop right over and look.

Frank Baron said...

Thanks for the stroll around the grounds Reb. Very enjoyable. Lovely flowers.

About that stalker guy: I'd recommend no nekkid lolling on your swing. It'll only encourage him.

Trust me. I'm a guy. I know these things.

You're welcome. :)

Reb said...

Frank, thanks, I would never have thought about that! Glad you enjoyed the flowers.