Well, I must say after the last few photo heavy posts, this will be a change. I got my friend to take me to the garden centre last night and will be spending the day planting. I have a couple of other things to do as well so may not get it all done tomorrow, but I certainly hope to.

I got a couple of perennials to put in the bed that I made last year. The management doesn't mind you doing that and I figure if I leave anytime soon, I will just take them to my friends place. Of course, I got the usual annuals as well. I forgot to get lobelia though, so I may have to look for some later, we will see how the pots look.

I didn't get a shade sail to put up, it requires attachment to structurally sound posts, which would entail digging a hole and setting the posts in concrete. THAT the management would frown at. My friend happened to have some old tent posts though from a screen room that bit the dust and I have a cloth that will do the trick, I just need to put some grommets in the corners and drape it over the swing I have.

I will put up before and after pictures once I am done and you can all ooh and ahh at how clever I am :p

Speaking of the need for the cover.....he has found a friend that wants to share an apartment with him and it has to be on the ground floor. I am just hoping that one comes available in the building farthest away...oh, wait, no that would be the office bldg, that won't do. I guess we would have to put him in the bad tenant bldg. We have one bldg out of the four that seems to attract bad tenants, don't know why, but, that is just the way it goes. Just as long as it is soon, and not this bldg, I don't care where he goes.

I hopefully will have a productive day today, I have so much that needs to be done, it is ridiculous!

Have a good day all.


Crabby McSlacker said...

That's so funny that there's a "bad tenant" building. Wonder if the bad tenants find it particularly attractive, or if there's something about the place that turns people evil? Maybe it's haunted!

Leah J. Utas said...

Have fun with the planting. Good day for it as the new moon was yesterday. Today's my gardening day, too.

gr said...

maybe you should just put up a big fence around the last bidg and post guards?

the Bag Lady said...

So is he still bothering you? And is the friend a male? That could be bad news.
Good for you for buying some plants. I need to go get some more annuals - I remembered lobelia, but haven't gotten any wave petunias yet. Wow, even the annuals are expensive around here this year! Won't be getting too many. Must also get my pepper plants.

Hilary said...

"Why must it be on the ground floor?" she asked suspiciously.

Jay said...

I like the idea of a "bad tenant building." I wouldn't want to live in that building, but it could be a fun place to visit. ;-)

Reb said...

Crabby, there must be something about the bldg, they seem reasonable people when we do all the checks required on them! It is perpendicular to all of the rest, maybe that's all that is needed?

Leah, thanks, I've just got back from my running around and have to work in two hours. Nothing in the ground yet.

Gary, yes and have the guards pat them down for rent every time they want to leave?

Sis, yes, but only from his balcony. The friend is female. I didn't go with petunias this year.
Yeah, you don't want to know how much I spent!

Hilary, the friend has mobility issues and uses a walker and motor-cart to get around.

Jay, some of them are fun people, but others are just complainers. Then of course there are those that skip out and those that have to be evicted for not paying rent.

Jo said...

That's good news he's moving, even it is just a skip away, at least you'll have your privacy back.

I hope you enjoyed the gardening! Now you'll have a bunch of new subjects for your photos :)

Reb said...

Jo, yes, it will be nice to have privacy again! I'm still planting, but, yes there will be lots of things to photograph.

Fortune Cookies said...

I love gardening. its good for the soul. we have a bad tenant house in our cul de sac. every renter in that house, and now the new owners have all been bad news. it's the never cuts grass, police showing up at 2am for domestic calls, way too many cars parked in the front yard kind of house. I think certain spaces do attract certain energy.

Reb said...

FC, it is good for the soul. Too bad about the bad tenant neighbours.

Terrie Farley Moran said...


You know we will ooh and ahh--can't wait fro the pictures.


Reb said...

Thanks Terrie! It's raining, so it might be a day or more yet.