The best laid plans?

My garden is still not planted! It is about 80% though, as long as the rain holds off, I should be able to get it finished today. I have been working at it in between downpours and showers and of course the lawn maintenance people were here on the only dry day!

I haven't been able to work on the overhead cover, I need to unroll it on the grass in order to cut it off of the roller. Did I mention it is an old outdoor roll up blind? I had originally thought to hang it from the edge of the balcony above me to cut back on the heat from the sun, but it won't work to do that, so will be perfect overhead.

Friday, I was able to take my cat to the vet for his shots and check up. $100.00 later, they will give me an estimate to take care of the abscess in his mouth. The vet thinks he has gingivitis and needs about 5 teeth pulled. They called Saturday afternoon....the minimum it will cost is $700.00, I didn't hear the top price, I was in shock. I will call them this afternoon and give them the fax # for the office here and tell them that it will be awhile before I can afford to have anything done.

Saturday after work, I cycled over to my friends to take a photo of her new bridge (I am helping her redesign her front yard) so I could play around with colours for it in Adobe. On the way home, trying to beat the rain, I was going to fast to make the 90 degree turn to stay on the paved bike trail, so went across the grass (like everyone else). No problem, until I tried to get back on the paved path! (the bike path makes another corner, so I was making the bottom of the triangle) My front wheel hit the pavement at the wrong angle and instead of bumping up onto the pavement, slid along beside it. Of course, my forward motion didn't change direction with the bike so I wound upon the pavement. This time, I was not face down like I am when I trip over speed bumps though. No, I landed on my side. On my arthritic knee and my lymphatic arm. Of course on the arm, I have an appointment to get a new sleeve on the 18th and my physiotherapist will be angry with me because it will be still swollen! She will make me wear the mummy wrap out of spite. Then the weather will get hot. Yes, I would love some cheese, thanks.

This is what my knee looked like Saturday night, after I put the chain back on my bike and got home. You can see it is swollen and a bit of the swelling of my arm.

This is it 24 hours later.

This is just a few minutes ago, the swelling is somewhat better.

Sunday, my friends & I went shopping and I got the edging for my little garden and a new lock for my bike (the other is just too short for most bike racks). Then I worked in the afternoon, got some gardening done and managed to not hurt myself.

Today is laundry and trying to get the last plants in.

How was your weekend?

Take care all.


Hilary said...

ouch.. Ouch.. OUCH, Reb! You poor thing. That looks too painful and what a bummer that it coincides so closely to your appointment. You can skip the cheese and just work on a full bottle of something red and wonderful.

And poor Sibu. Vet costs are outrageously high. I spent over $2,000 when Zephyr had his problems last autumn. It gouges the bank account, but no kitty would gouge my heart much more.. so.. no real choice. I feel for you. :/

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh no! I worry about taking a tumble off my bike one day, so sorry to hear that you took such a major spill.

Hope it feels better soon!

the Bag Lady said...

Geez, that looks painful! You need to be more careful, kiddo!
And sorry to hear about Sibu - did they put him on antibiotics?

Leah J. Utas said...

Oooooooohhhhh that looks nasty.
Sorry to hear about the nasty tumble.
As for Sibu, poor kitty. Poor expensive kitty.

bunnygirl said...

Wow, when it rains, it pours! My knees looked like that after my trip on the uneven sidewalk last fall. Ugh. Painful. And I'm so sorry about the kitty. Can you work out a deal with the vet? Sometimes they'll work out payment plans.

Reb said...

Hilary, thanks I actually prefer white though ;) I hear you, about the vet costs. They know you would rather beggar yourself than see them gone.

Crabby, thanks, I am sure you are much more coordinated than I am though.

Sis, it is. I can't walk & now I can't ride without falling down, maybe I'd better get a car before I kill myself? No, I will ask about it when I call with the fax number.

Leah, it is. Sibu's appetite hasn't really changed much, but, I don't know how long it will be before I can afford to fix his teeth.

BG, yes, they turn such pretty colours don't they. I will check that after I have got the written estimate, I can only hope they do.

Jay said...

OUCH! That knee looks rough. Hope it doesn't hurt all that much!

My sister and brother in law have looked into pet health insurance. Their last dog, may she rest in peace, cost sooooooo much at the vet. I don't know what they decided on doing though.

Reb said...

Jay, I think the pet health insurance is cheaper if you get it when they are young. In fact I am not sure he would qualify now anyway. I certainly will be getting it for any future pets I have. Only when I touch it.

Janet said...

Oh, OUCH! I hope it's feeling better by now :-)