WWC - Raw & Finished.

Happy Canada Day!

Yes, today is the day we celebrate Canada and all things Canadian. For a fairly good idea what Canada Day's history is and how it came about click on this link.

Celebrations in Edmonton include turning on the waterfall over the High Level Bridge and of course there will be fireworks all over the city. The major display downtown, but several community leagues usually put on a small display of their own. In the 28 years the waterfall has been around, I have lived in the city for a combined total of 14 years and I have never seen it! They only turn it on for special events as they have to shut down the bridge to turn the water on. In fact they are shutting down the closest bridge down river too, but that is just crowd control. I am going to do my best to find a good spot from which to takes photos of it this year - even if it takes all summer. I will do a report later in the week on whether I am successful.


On to the Weekly Word Challenge! This week the ever evolving Tink at Pickled Beef gave us the words RAW and FINISHED to play with. If you think you would like to join in the fun, drop by and she will let you in on the scoop.

This is in my storage room, it is shelves made from RAW lumber. (well close anyway)

Another view of the RAW lumber shelves.

MMmmm Bison Burgers - Raw still! (phone camera)

Still RAW, but not for long! (phone camera)

All FINISHED! (phone camera)

These Lilacs have finished for the season :(

These Lily of the Valley are FINISHED too. (the truck door was slammed just as I clicked, I thought it looked really cool though!)

The day is almost FINISHED. We were looking for places to get photos of the bridge.

I have no idea if the ball game was FINISHED though.

For all you baseball fans, the team is called the Edmonton Cracker-Cats (yes, you read that right) and they are a minor league team. About all I know is they have a cute logo. I was standing on the top of the river valley across the river from the field, which is on the flats by the river.

So, if you want to view more photos the WWC has a group page on Flickr, and here is my own Flickr page.

Have a great (Canada) day everyone.


Leah J. Utas said...

Beautiful sunset and I quite like the Lily of the Valley pic.
Another WWC nailed.

the Bag Lady said...

Great shots, sis! Love the lily of the valley shot, too!

gary rith said...


Tink said...

Mmmm Bison burgers. I'm so hungry now, and all I have is this soup. Thanks. ;)

Jay said...

Happy Canada Day!

Mmmmm Bison Burgers is right! Very yummy!

Beautiful sunset pic! And the baseball game. Great job on all of them as usual.

Missicat said...

I think you won...cannot beat that! I love watching minor league ball - much more fun, not to mention cheaper. Cracker-Cats is a great name!
Bison burgers...yum...

Reb said...

Leah, thanks! That shot came out so interestingly, I had to share.

Sis, thanks. I was surprised by that shot.

Gary, yes, it has something to do with oil.

Tink, oh, I'm sorry!

Jay thanks. They were so good too.

Missicat thanks. I just took that shot to see how far away I could get a good shot with my zoom. Oh, they were good.

Fortune Cookies said...

Happy Canada Day!
Bison Burgers...mmmmm!
Cool shots, I like the slammed door shot, very artsy!

Reb said...

FC, thanks I like that shot too. The burgers were very good.

Chatty said...

I was going to do a "finished" plate too, but yours looks much nicer than mine would have ; )
Gorgeous sunset photo!

Reb said...

Thanks Chatty. The plate actually belongs to my friends, I'll let them know you like it.

Hilary said...

That Lily of the Valley shot was fun, and that's a beautiful sunset. Well done as always!

Karen said...

Well happy Canada day to you!
The Cracker Cats huh? Now that's original ain't it?
Bison Burgers, never had one, but now oddly craving one.
I love your sunset picture, beautiful!

Reb said...

Hilary, thanks. That sunset was taken from the top of the river bank.

Karen, thanks. With Bison, you have to make sure you have something to give it moisture, it is so lean, that it can be very tough if you aren't careful.

Jo said...

Great shots, Reb, I always enjoy your interpretations! And the bison burgers, yummmm, I love them more than beef burgers & I frankly didn't think anything would top my love for cow :)

Happy Canada Day!

Reb said...

Thanks Jo. Yes, they are really good. I wish I could afford it more often.

Janet said...

lol i like the all finished hamburgers the best ;-)

Reb said...

Thanks Janet.