WWC Sign & Graffiti

It is Tuesday once again which means time for the Weekly Word Challenge. Our beautiful host Tink at Pickled Beef will probably be absent this week due to a death in the family. I am sure everyone joins me in sending condolences her way.

The words she left us with for this week are Sign & Graffiti. Some of these are from my cell camera, some from my Olympus. I had a hard time finding graffiti, I thought I might have to make some!

I like the shadow play on this SIGN.

Some of the neon is burned out on this old SIGN.

If you look closely, the Buddha has a Martini glass in his hand on this SIGN.

These SIGNS are also GRAFFITI.

SIGN and GRAFFITI in one.

GRAFFITI was hard to find here, this is on a bus bench.

I have no idea what this used to have mounted on it, but it is now the home of GRAFFITI.

The back door of this store has a cute frog for GRAFFITI.

This is actual art work, but is still GRAFFITI.

Well, there we have it. If you would like to see more work, we have a Flickr group site here.

Have a good day all.


Leah J. Utas said...

Love the old signs. Interesting that you'd have a hard time finding graffiti.
Good, but interesting.
Most interesting choices.

the Bag Lady said...

Great photos, Reb. You must not hang out in the right (wrong?) neighbourhoods if you had so much trouble finding graffiti.

Reb said...

Ah, suburbia! I know there is lots downtown, toward the east end. The city is pretty good about cleaning it up though. Thanks Leah.

Thanks Sis, it is a matter of the right neighbourhood. Well and the construction at the transit centres has torn down a lot of good stuff.

gary rith said...

oh yes, I love the frog

Aunt Jackie said...

Yeah old signs rock... You found plenty graffiti!! What'cha talkin bout?!?!

Memphis has plenty wrong neighborhoods to hang out in and find graffiti.

Great ones!!!

Janet said...

Love the Buddha one, and the Monty Python marquee in the background!!!

Jay said...

I would hang out at The Funky Buddha. That looks like a fun place.

Great job saying the words. Lots of cool signs and some really awesome graffiti!

Hilary said...

Good stuff, Reb. I love that little funky Buddha. If you ever go there for a drink, you'll have to let us know.

TNC said...

I think the frog graffiti is my favorite!

Reb said...

Gary, I knew you would like the frog.

AJ, thanks. The graffiti here is pretty boring unless it is the sanctioned kind.

Janet, I was going to crop that, but then decided not to. That theater runs great movies.

Thanks Jay, it does look like fun. One day I may even go in there.

Hilary, thanks. You can stop on your way to Sis' and we will both go check it out!

Fortune Cookies said...

LOVE that Buddha and that frog! Great photos, reb, as always! I love your vision.

Reb said...

TNC, thanks, I really like that one too.

Thanks FC, the Buddha is just so cool!

Anonymous said...

That froggie is just CUTE!
A buddha with a martini? Is that kosher? *grin*

I, too, had trouble finding graffiti.

Reb said...

Kcinnova, I am glad to hear you had trouble too. That frog is so cute.

Tink said...

What an excellent selection! I really like the frog, the burned out neon, and the wall art. I haven't taken my pictures yet *Looks sheepish* No pressure or anything. ;)