Gull darn it, anyway!

Well, I had quite the day Monday! Lots of seagull encounters. The first was when I was out getting pictures for the WWC. I stopped to photograph this lovely sky...

And saw this woman chasing after a gull with a piece of burlap.

It seemed to have a couple of injuries and with the help finally of her spouse, they managed to capture the poor thing.

I think this might have been the mate of the injured bird - he was certainly keeping an eye on things. As they were leaving (on a Vespa type bike) to take the bird to get it some help, it seemed to be following them from the sky.

This little video shows my second encounter quite well. I had to do a bit of editing to make it watchable, then I had to re-do sound, so I gave you my best "Audubon Narrators Voice" ;)

I am tempted to re-edit & post it to youtube along with the stills I got of their faces (and a different dialogue). There is a reason it is called the fight or flight response! They just would not leave the poor birds alone! Of course, it would then start a trend for youngsters everywhere to chase seagulls and other birds, so there is no point.

I am also tempted to plaster their photos all over the neighbourhood, with "Shame on You" in red across the bottom. If they are our tenants (which I think they may be) I will slip a photo and explanation under the door for momma to take care of the matter!

Yes, I can be that kind of a bitch.

Am I over-reacting? I don't think so, walking through is one thing, deliberately chasing them over and over is cruel.

Have a good day all.


Hilary said...

Very cool video, Reb. Fun stuff. I don't see a great deal of harm in the kids chasing them. If the birds felt seriously threatened, they wouldn't have come back, probably in a hopeful search for junk food. Those kids just need to have something better to do, but it's pretty much a natural temptation for kids and flocks of birds. You did a wonderful job narrating and filming. :)

Nice also to know that someone is looking out for the injured birds.

Leah J. Utas said...

Nicely done, Reb.

Jay said...

Great video. Of course I've seen The Birds enough times to be a little concerned when I see all those birds gathering like that. ;-)

gary rith said...

"Kids these days!"
Nice job!

Aunt Jackie said...

Awww pretty birdy! :)

As I read through this, I am really sorry but that old "Davy Jones" song popped into my head, and now I'm singing, "GULL, Look What You've Done To Meeee....." hehehe

Reb said...

Hilary, yes, I think I channeled Mom, there for a few minutes.

Leah, thanks!

Thanks, Jay. I was going to go that way, but decided not to. If I ever see crows do that though...

Gary, thanks!

AJ, damn, why didn't I think of that! I could have used that as background music.

the Bag Lady said...

Good video, Reb. And your voice-over sounded great!
Good editing job.

Reb said...

Thanks Sis! I had a hell of a time getting a voice over on there!

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Great job!!


Reb said...

Terrie, thanks.

Jo said...

You're great with videos too! I think it's a built-in instinct for kids to chase birds...I see them doing it at the beach & park the moment more than 3 birds are gathered together. I often wonder if kids have a bit of labrador in them :P

Gulls freak me out but it's nice that couple took care of the injured bird.

Reb said...

Thanks Jo. Well, that explains it then... labrador kids ;)

Gulls freak you out? Well, I can see that, they are so numerous and noisy.

Dianne said...

on the boardwalk at AC a gull took a hot dog right out of my son's hand!! He was about 12 and was trying so hard not to freak out as there were girls nearby.

Of course I couldn't stop laughing - unfit, I know -

they make me nervous when they don't move in the parking lot. I just know the idiot behind me is going to hit me while I'm watching out for the birds.

Reb said...

Dianne, that is so mean, laughing at your son...of course I would have too! ;)

I suspect that is what happened to the injured bird, someone hit him, maybe while avoiding a car pulling out.