Friday Fog

Fog in my brain, none outside. They are testing the fire alarms in the building this morning.

We have had an interesting weather week here, rain, hot temperatures, high humidity a couple of storms. It was actually nice and cool the last couple of days, but the humidity is in the 60's yuck!

This storm was Tuesday evening, the thunder was great, the sky was so dark, but the sun was shining away.

We even had a double rainbow, but there was operator trouble with the camera so I only have a picture of one of them.

The sidewalk here shows how much rain we got, but my friend was having coffee about 4 or 5 blocks north and east of my place (where the dark clouds are) and it came down in buckets with hail. They got to see the rainbow too though.


Wednesday, the couple that does maintenance and cleaning left for holiday and I am looking after their cats and doing a bit of the cleaning while they are gone. I will get photos of the cats and post them later as they are very pretty.


It was discovered on Monday that some guests of one of our tenants are a bit of a con couple. They have been asking other tenants for money with various excuses and so far have probably gotten about $100.00 - that we know of. I happened to be on the same bus as they were (and right across the aisle), so got out my phone (amazed that I had it with me) and snapped a pretty good photo. The manager had called the police and there is nothing they can do with that paltry sum, but if she could get photo &/or names, they would check them out. I emailed the photo and the names she got, but I doubt that anything will happen.


I had a mammogram on Tuesday - 6 month check for the calcification they found last time. The woman on the phone when they called to make the appointment was very funny, although I don't think she meant to be. She said "we will only be doing the left breast" in a manner that left me thinking "Great, I can leave the right one at home then." All is good, nothing changed, back in 6 months again, next time for both.


We have an amazingly clean city here. The words for next weeks WWC are signs and graffiti and I'll be damned if I can find any graffiti. I guess I will have to wander into the less desirable neighbourhoods - or at least take the bus through them. *shudder*

Well, that is about it, the fog is lifting, so I should go and get some cleaning done and then go change the tubes on my tires so I can ride my bike again.

Have a good weekend all.


gary rith said...

hey, its just a little bunny!

the Bag Lady said...

Good photos, Reb. And perhaps the 'con' couple will have a history with the police and your photo will help.
As to the graffiti - get out your spray paint.... :)

Jay said...

The bag lady beat me to it. I was going to tell you to just get out the spray paint and make your own graffiti.

Double rainbows are awesome!

Reb said...

Gary he was slightly damp too.

Thanks Sis, yes actually one of them does I found out today. I thought of that!

Jay, I would probably get caught! Yes & I love seeing them.

Missicat said...

awww, cute little bun!

Reb said...

Thanks Missicat, we have them all over the place too.

Janet said...

"Fog in my brain, none outside"; that totally should've been the title of the entry!!!

Reb said...

Janet, but isn't it obvious why it wasn't? ;)

Leah J. Utas said...

Love the storm shot. Rather a wary looking hare, I thought.

Reb said...

Leah thanks. Yeah, I was inside and had seen him running and said "run, run rabbit", I think I startled him, because he heard me, but couldn't see me.

Hilary said...

Pretty rainbow and cute bunny. I feel like I just stepped into the Disney channel!

Thrilled to hear you have a clean bill of health, and snorted at leaving the right one at home. :)

Reb said...

Hilary, I was so tempted to ask her if I should! Thanks, I'm glad you like my Dizzney!

WomensDaily said...

Awww a bunny!I wish I had some in my area.

Dianne said...

the storm picture is awesome!

glad your 6 month mammo was clear, I have to do them ever 6 mos as well but I never get to leave one home

have a great Sunday

Reb said...

Womensdaily, they are all over the city, we have quite the population here at my complex.

Dianne, thanks, I like that shot too. I was quite surprised they didn't do both.