WWC - Sign & Graffiti - Part two

So, if last week was my 20th entry to the WWC and this week is a do-over, does that mean this is #20 eh? or do I still call it 21?

Our hostess with the mostess is back and due to the upheaval in her life we are revisiting Sign & Graffiti. I thought that I still had a few graffiti from last week left over that I hadn't shown, but apparently I have my trash set to dump when I turn off - oh well, I did find one or two and some new signs. If you missed last weeks, or want to have another look here is the link.

Without further ado I give you SIGN:

If you leave it up all year, do you really expect people to pay attention when it might save their lives?

This is where I got my wonderful bison burgers. It is too close to my place - fortunately they are also too expensive to have too often.

I thought this was amusing.


On the back door of a shop.

I think this is sanctioned - there is a tattoo parlour upstairs. (This is also in a back alley, so I didn't really want to wander too far away to get a shot without the pole - yes, in broad daylight)

You can see here where the school has done their best to remove the graffiti.

There will be a post tomorrow about the seagulls and the girls! In the meantime, if you would like to join the fun that is the WWC, drop by and see Tink at Pickled Beef and she will set you on the right path.

We have a group site at Flickr and here is my personal Flickr site.

Have a good Tuesday!


gary rith said...

seagulls and girls!?

Leah J. Utas said...

20 eh? Love it!
Good work again.

Hilary said...

Well done again, Reb. Looking forward to the upcoming post.

Tink said...

Great job... again! I think this would be considered #20 (2). ;)

Do you know, we drove around EVERYWHERE looking for graffiti and found none! We could see where it had been painted over though. I think we might have been two steps behind the touch-up crew. Hehe.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

I missed the last batch so I looked at that too. Great pics, Reb.

Congrats on the 20, 21 or 20 (20 whatever you decide to call it.


the Bag Lady said...

Good shots again, sis.
#20 (again)? Holy moly!

Knight said...

Are bison burgers a Canadian thing? I only ask because the only other person I have heard rave about bison was my ex from Canada and I assumed he did it because he grew up on a bison farm. I'm starting to think I'm missing out on something.

Reb said...

Gary, yep, you have to wait and see.

Leah, thanks. I knew you would get that.

Hilary, thanks.

Tink, yes, I had so much trouble too.

Terrie, thanks!

Thanks Sis.

Knight, Bison is very similar to beef, except it is much leaner meat. There are Bison herds in the states too, so you should see if you can find some and try it, that is if you are a carnivore.

Fortune Cookies said...

sublime body? lol that gives me the giggles

Jay said...

Didn't want to wader all the way through the back alley with the tattoo parlor and the graffiti on the walls? Yeah, I don't blame ya. LOL

Great job on Part 2!

Reb said...

FC, that's what I thought. Especially as the basket above looks like it has a really big bottom sticking out of it!

Jay,thanks. Yeah and there was a person hanging around off to the side I would have had to go to that looked a bit unsavoury!

Janet said...

lol it might change...but right now the buffalo meat sign is right next to your calf namesake LMAO!

Reb said...

Janet, thanks for pointing that out! Too bad it won't last.