Round up

I think I mentioned earlier that I was cat sitting for my friends while they are in Jamaica. Well, these are their two kitties. One male - named Blueberry; one female - named Zoey.

I think this is Blueberry, the photo really doesn't do justice to his beautiful coat.

This is Zoey, she is much bolder than Blueberry and has been letting me touch her since day one.

One of them has been throwing immense hairballs up since day one. I think it is Blueberry, he isn't sure that I will come and feed them everyday and is worried that mommy won't come back. He is cleaning Zoey all the time and then gorging on the food when I put it down. Yesterday was the first day I didn't have to clean up after him, so maybe he is a little more relaxed and they get back Sunday night.


You asked for a grin about my hair, well, here it is!

My eyes disappear these days in fat and general old age puffiness when I smile, so that is all you're getting! I am going to have to cobble together a photo one day from all the good bits from several photos!


I hate it when I dial a wrong number and will usually realize it before the call goes through. If it has already rung on the other end, I will stay on the line and apologize. Seldom am I paying so little attention that I don't realize I have made an error. I have been given plenty of wrong numbers and I will usually take the time to verify that the number I have is the one I dialed and then apologize.

This has a point. I received a call this afternoon and the conversation went something like this:

me: Hello?

caller: Hello -um - who my talkin' too? (very demanding)

me: Who are you looking for?

caller: This isn't (company name)?

me: No, you've dialed CLICK incorrectly....

Which was much more polite than the call I very kindly made last weekend. I had a message on my machine for a wrong number. Now I mostly ignore these, but this was for a person who had just purchased a property and the keys were wrong. It went like this:

me: Hi, someone there (they didn't leave a name) called about keys but they...(interrupted)

him: yes, (and started in to explain)

me: excuse me, I was just calling to let you know that you left the message at the wrong number.

him: oh - CLICK!

What ever happened to telephone manners? Even in calling a business these days you are treated to poor grammar, bad enunciation and appalling manners. I get teased by the people I work with that I sound different when I am on the phone, yes, that is my professional voice, I don't have any idea who is on the other end (well, a better idea these days with caller ID) and it could as well be head office as a wrong number.

Well, before this turns into a really long pointless rant I will sign off. I hope you all have a good weekend.


Leah J. Utas said...

Blueberry hair balls? Not sounding enticing.

Good kitty pics and I like your grin photo.

As for the rudeness, well, it's plain sad, that's what.

Jay said...

The worst things about cats are those hair balls. They do that just to annoy people too.

the Bag Lady said...

Ah, telephone etiquette - went out the window with the advent of those automated machines. "Press one to speak to a person..."

Too bad about the hairball situation - I know how much you love cleaning up stuff like that!
Pretty cats, though.
And nice grin.

Reb said...

Leah, fortunately it has only been hairballs! Thanks and yes, it is.

Jay that they do!

Sis, and you press one and get "we are sorry there are no people to whom you may speak"

I'll try to get better shots of them.

Mamacita Chilena said...

I like you even more now that I know you don't hang up just because you realize that you're dialing a wrong number. It's my pet peeve when people do that. Like they really don't have two seconds to say, oh sorry, I dialed the wrong number...and yes, then I say, oh sorry, ok, goodbye, have a nice night.

End of story. phone etiquette isn't that hard, but some people just fail to realize that.

Reb said...

Gee, thanks! It is so easy, to just stay on the line a few seconds more.

Hilary said...

Life's little annoyances. At least you've go the "grin" part down pat. Bearing it is another story. :)

Reb said...

Hilary, well I can't bare all! That wouldn't be decent!

Dianne said...

they're beautiful cats!! Blueberry does look a bit shy.
Mia has been tossing hairballs left and right and in my skippers!!
She is the first longhair I've ever had and wow, I think she eats more hair than she grows.

Age and fat!!? LOL - you're terrible to yourself. I think you look wonderful.

Anonymous said...
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Reb said...

Gee, thanks Dianne. Yes, hairballs are a treat aren't they. I brush Sibu and bathe him on a regular basis which seems to help.

gary rith said...

oh those CATS!!!!

Reb said...

Gary, yes, aren't they cute!