The things you can learn!

The "spider" from yesterday's post, isn't even a spider at all! Not that that makes any difference to my phobia, or yours. They are in fact called Harvestmen, what we commonly know as "daddy long legs" around here are in fact "Cellar Spiders".

From Wikipedia:

Although they belong to the class of arachnids, harvestmen are not counted as spiders, which are of the order araneae rather than the order opiliones.

In some places, harvestmen are known by the name "daddy longlegs" or "granddaddy longlegs", but this name is also used for two other unrelated arthropods: the crane fly (Tipulidae) and the cellar spider (Pholcidae).[citation needed]

While I knew it wasn't what I was accustomed to seeing as a daddy long legs, I couldn't in yesterdays searching find what it was. Does that ever happen to you? You search in one direction and none of the links are quite what you want?


Another example:
Amaranthus, the very pretty flower that the not-spider was on - is pig weed! My neighbour just asked what it was and when I said amaranthus she said oh, that is pig weed. Yesterday when I searched I used "love lies bleeding" (I couldn't remember the correct name) and it says nothing about it being pig weed. If you search amaranthus, it says - right in the first line - pig weed! It is also edible, which I forgot to mention yesterday. Almost makes me want to just let the pig weed that I've been pulling up grow!


So, at least my day wasn't a complete waste! I learned a couple of new things, which is always good. Got some laundry done, figured out which bills I can pay and still eat. Now, I am going to go read, or something exciting like that.

Have a good day all.


the Bag Lady said...

Well, your pigweed doesn't look anything like the pigweed I pull out of my garden on a regular basis! The stuff around here doesn't get that pretty purple flower!
And the spider still gives me the willies, I don't care whether he's a real spider or a harvestman! Actually, daddy longlegs are the least offensive - I still don't want one crawling on me, though. :)

Reb said...

Yeah, I'm with you on that. I don't care if they are on the plants, until it comes time to remove them in the fall.

Leah J. Utas said...

Learning is good. I agree with your sister. That didn't look a bit like the pig weed I saw when growing up.
Mike has drummed into me over they years that many plants share a common name while being wholly unrelated. Please make sure said amaranthus is edible before you get the pot boiling.
Not lecturing, merely pointing out the sharing of common names is common.

Terrie Farley Moran said...


What's the old saying? The more I learn, the less I know.

Leah, great point!


gary rith said...

oh ho! mystery solved, eh?

Reb said...

Leah, I am not adventurous enough to try to eat anything like that. Apparently my canary bird vine is edible too, it is a nasturtium. I am just happy looking at them.

Oh Terrie, that is so true.

Gary, yes it is.

Jay said...

We get some of those daddy long legs around here too. Sometimes they get into the apartment. They're harmless, but they're so freaking creepy that I just have to kill them.

I've never heard of Pig Weed!

Reb said...

Jay, yeah, I kill anything that invades my space as far as creepy crawlies.

Pigweed is a noxious and invasive weed that causes reductions in crops.

Hilary said...

I'm still creeped out ;)

Reb said...

Hilary, yeah, I know!

Dianne said...

"Does that ever happen to you? You search in one direction and none of the links are quite what you want"

that happens to me ALL the time! and I don't even need Google to get lost ;)

I love all the pretty plants! and I love Daddy Long Legs. I rescue insects and set them free in the yard. What can I say. It is my karma :)

hebba said...

I have about 50 daddy long legs in my apartment. Now I find out that technically they're not even spiders? Jeez!

Reb said...

Dianne, maybe if I set them free, I wouldn't get lost so much!

Hebba, I know, it's awful!

MizFit said...

you know how the more you say a word the sillier it sounds? now I thinking how FUNNY DADDY LONGLEGS even is.

Im switching to Harvestmen :)


Crabby McSlacker said...

Thanks to MizFit, I now can't hear "Daddy Long Legs" anymore without suddenly realizing how ridiculous the name is. Suppose it was "Mommy Long Arms?"

"Oh, don't kill that, it's just a harmless Mommy Long Arms!" Too weird.

Reb said...

Mizfit, you are right, it is funny! Of course, it will still creep me out to see one.

Crabby, don't all mommies have long arms though? and hearing like a bat and eyes in the back of their heads?

Oh, I just gave myself the worst visual ... ;)

gary rith said...

(re: your comment. The only thing better than a unicorn is a FLYING unicorn! And, well, the rider adds something too....)

debra said...

My daughter has also been Googling Daddy Long Legs.The question is: if they aren't spiders, and they don't spin webs, where do they live and why are there so many in our house???

Reb said...

Debra, you may have cellar spiders, which are daddy long legs and spiders, the picture from my previous post was of a harvestmen. Looks very similar. Check the wiki links on the post.