Monday already!

So, after last weekend, this weekend was quiet! Didn't do much of anything except work. I did play around with the tripod that my friend is lending me, so I have some photos to share from Friday.

From the garden, this is the the mystery plant that survived from last year. Cousin Leah's Hubby ID'd it as rock wort (I think). Pretty blossoms and it is doing really well.

Click to enlarge
These are the yellow marigolds. Such a great yellow.

These are the vines I am growing this year, the yellow flowering one is Canary Bird Vine and the other is Creeping Charlie. (with more yellow marigolds)

This is the Love Lies Bleeding that I had to move after I read the card. I started them in pots and they are about 3 feet high now.

This is the sky looking east as the sun is setting - 21.21 hrs according to the camera.

This is looking east at 21.24. By the look of the clouds I thought that would be it.

Then just before 22.00 my friend called and said to go look at the sunset. This is 21.58 by the camera.

This just a minute later.

There were many more, but none as good as these and still the colour is not great, it was much redder and more intense. I did try adjusting it in photoshop but couldn't get it right.

Tomorrow's WWC will be Sign & Graffiti, I have photos I didn't use the first time, so will post those.

Have a great Monday all.


the Bag Lady said...

Very pretty sunset photos, Reb, and your flowers look wonderful. Much better than last year, eh?

Crabby McSlacker said...

I agree with the Bag Lady, very pretty photos!

(And thanks for the smile picture in the post below!)

Leah J. Utas said...

Lovely pics of the sunset, Reb. Very pleasing flower pics, too.

Hilary said...

Ooooh pretty colours! Beautiful photos, Reb. Your sky sure stays light longer than ours.

Jay said...

Beautiful sky pictures. Lots of great colors!

Reb said...

Sis, it isn't hard to be better than last year ;) Thanks.

Crabby, thanks, glad you liked it!

Leah, thanks.

Hilary, thanks. That it does - even though it is already noticeably earlier.

Thanks Jay.

Missicat said...

Beautiful! I love sunsets. Amazing how many different colors you can see.

Reb said...

Missicat, me too. Every minute you get a change too.

Emily said...

what a beautiful sunset! and your flowers are pretty too- I love the way the rock wart's leaves are shaped.