We had pouring rain all day Thursday. Does that mean we have to change the rhyme from April Showers brings May Flowers? Around here btw, that is April snow showers usually.

How about: January rain makes you want to take the train.

It was a nice warm rain, not a freezing rain, of course as soon as the sun disappeared it started to get slippery. I spent my shift at work putting signs on the doors, because people don't remember that January rain means it will be slippery. Then I went around all the bldgs and scattered gravel and ice melter...for all the good it will do. Within a couple of hours, the ice melter will be frozen up and the gravel will be covered with new ice. Today is supposed to be sunny and warm, then we are going to drop below freezing again, but not by much and only for a few days. Weird weather this year.

You may have figured out by now, that I have nothing to post about. I just thought I should let you all know I am still around and doing alright. I have been practising with Gimp (like Adobe photo shop) to see if I can do anything with my photos. I like Adobe, but can't afford it right now and Gimp is a free download. So, I am learning how it is set-up and what the new names are for the things I did in Adobe. I haven't used it enough yet to decide if I hate it, or just need more time to play with it. For the next little while I suspect you will be getting straight photos, little cropping and adjusting will be done.

Well, that is about it - have a good day all.


Barbara Martin said...

Everywhere on the planet there is weird weather! Toronto was mild a couple of days ago after frigid weather, then a big dump of snow with cold; now a warmer day to make slush, and the next couple of days frigid again (though not like what you had, Reb).

Question: Is the Alberta Game Farm still open?

Anonymous said...

So you are gimping along with Gimp? (And are you saying that I'm supposed to be cropping and editing my photos?!)
I managed to shovel quite a bit of the driveway yesterday, but the part that never sees sunlight remains 1" thick with compact snow & ice (now pretty much just ice). The cleared places were of course WET and by 5pm frozen over with "black ice." It will be "fun" waiting for the school bus this morning in the pre-dawn hour.

the Bag Lady said...

I can totally relate to the weather complaints! We had pouring rain here yesterday, too. Haven't dared venture out on the highway yet, but may do so soon.
Take care on those icy sidewalks, sis!

Jay said...

The ice melt stuff only really works during the day and then only if the sun comes out and temps rise.

I downloaded the Gimp too. I haven't done much with it yet, but would like to. I'm starting from scratch so I'm a bit lost.

I would really like to figure out how to leave one part of a photo color and the rest turn black and white. And how to do decent head swaps. If you know how to do those some basic instructions would be greatly appreciated. ;-)

Reb said...

Barbara, if I'm right and you mean Al Oaming's (sp?), then no, it has been closed for a number of years.

Kcinnova, not at all, I just like to play. Yes, it is the areas cleared of snow that are the worst for footing.

Sis, it is supposed to be warm again, so it shouldn't be too bad. You take care on the devil's hwy though.

Jay, our temps were above freezing all night, but yes, it works best if you can get out there and move off the accumulated slush. I was able to do it in Adobe, I haven't had much luck yet in Gimp. I'll e-mail you some instructions though.

Hilary said...

I love Photshop (CS2) but would never be able to afford it if I didn't have it for work purposes. I've been lucky that way with the full Creative Suite. Not as lucky with weather. Ditto Barbara's weather report.

Frank Baron said...

We've been having weird weather, as in -- too frickin' cold. You westerners are supposed to be hogging all the cold! You're falling down on the job and we're a pretty disappointed lot here in Ontario.

Smarten up.


Reb said...

Hilary, Gimp does a few things differently than Elements did and I am just a bit frustrated, but, I'll get there.

Frank, we've had our share of cold...it someone else's turn now ;)