WWC: Time & Place

Before we get to the WWC, I have a story! I may have told you and shown the bruises from the last couple of times I tripped over the speed bumps in the driveways of the complex. Each time was just after I had received my new sleeve for my lymphatic arm. Well, I am a couple of months into my third sleeve and I have been being really careful - obviously not careful enough though. Last Wednesday I hit the pavement knees first for the third time on dry pavement. This time, I fell off of the curb. I had glanced over my shoulder and when I turned to see if I had actually seen what I thought I had seen, I knew better than to continue walking, so stopped. I even looked at the ground to see where I had stopped, safely back from the curb. Then I took a step forward and my heel caught in the broken curb just as my dicey hip gave out and next thing - I was on my face on the pavement. I went to the Dr. today, because I think this time my knees had had enough and I did some damage. Yes, he said, go get an x-ray, you may have cracked the top of the tibia, where it joins the patella (shin bone, kneecap). He didn't seem concerned enough though to recommend I keep weight off of it or go get a brace or rush right back here with the x-rays. I went this evening and had the pictures taken and the tech said it will take 3-5 days to get them to my Dr. It hurts when I walk, sends me through the roof if I brush against it and by days end, it just hurts. The best case is that I have just bruised the tendons that hold the kneecap to the shin bone, either way, shouldn't I be wrapping it or something? I sometimes really hate my Dr.


So, on to the WWC. This weeks words are Time and Place and are brought to us by the lovely & chivalrous Tink of Pickled Beef.

Still on daylight savings time

Time to do dishes

Time to do laundry too

Not quite time to turn white though

The best time of the evening

Place across the street

Place for my wireless

Place for my files

Place for my keyboard

Place for my ancestors (photo courtesy of the Bag Lady)

Have a good day all.


Hilary said...

Ack.. you should probably follow your instincts and wrap it if you think it would help.. or just call your doctor and ask him what's best while you wait for results. I hope it heals quickly.

Great shots as always.. you're good at those surprise endings!

Barbara Martin said...

Poor you. And 3-5 days for the film, gads! I had a full set of x-rays done on my spine three weeks ago and my doctor had them that afternoon; all by computer imaging.

But the photos are great and I love your header for the blog. Celestial objects are wonderful, sets the mood.

Barbara Martin said...

I just re-read your specifics on the injury. Next time go the hospital emergency if continues to give you a great deal of pain. And take a photo of the broken curb. If you want to know why, send me an email.

Leah J. Utas said...

Reb, get your leg looked after. And I can guess why Barbara Martin wants you to take a pic and she's right.
Nice touch with the ancestors.

the Bag Lady said...

Great photos, sis!

If your knee is still extremely painful, call your doctor's office and ask if there's any way he can see your Xrays sooner.
And email Barbara.

M said...

Great photos! Take it easy on the leg.

g-man said...

Bummer on the crash. (can we call you crash from now on? :) I do hope that you did nothing more than bruise, and that you recover quickly.

Very nice submissions this week. I had to chuckle at the hanging of the wireless, interesting use of the candleholder (?).

debra said...

So sorry about your injury, Reb. I just took #2 daughter to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday. She has a fracture of her tibia, a cast and crutches. I hope whatever it is heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

Reb, your photos and captions are wonderful!
Now please call your doctor and get seen sooner. No one should have to live in pain like that!

Missicat said...

Ow! I also think you should wrap it. Try icing it too if it's swollen.
Great pics!

Jay said...

Yeah, I think I would definitely wrap that knee up and try to stay off of it as much as possible.

Great pics! Lots and lots of great ways to say the words!

Reb said...

Hilary, I've been walking on it now for almost a week and it really isn't that bad, it is just frustrating. Thanks, glad you like the surprise endings.

Barbara, our population has boomed so much that our services can't possibly keep up, having said that, he could have asked for a rush. ER around here is swamped and I would have had a wait of at least four hours. I work at the complex and truly think it was my own fault so, don't think there is much I can do. Glad you like the new header and the photos and thanks for your concern.

Leah, I can guess why too, but I work here so I don't think there is much that I can do. I thought you would get a kick out of that last shot.

Thanks Sis, it'll be fine.

M, thanks I'll do that. Thanks for dropping by.

Dawn said...

Youch!! I winced just reading about it. I'm with Hilary - phone your doctor and ask what to do while waiting.

Reb said...

G-man, thanks,go ahead call me crash! Yes, that is a candle holder, formerly an electrical transformer from the top of power poles.

Debra, thanks. I hope #2, is up and running around again in no time.

Kcinnova, thanks. It is livable, just frustrating.

Missicat, thanks. No ice on these old joints thanks!

Jay, I am staying off of it and I will wrap it if it gets worse. Thanks.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OH MY GOODNESS how did you survive these falls and that pain? My thoughts are with you.
And thanks for these pics!

Anonymous said...

Great pics.. Great blog..

Take care of yourself and that leg..

Janet said...

those graves look disturbingly like fluffy feather beds!

Hope your knee is ok!

Chatty said...

So sorry to hear about the latest troubles. I think you should brace it as best you can - if only because I think that would take pressure off of it, and make you feel safter. Btw, I'm starting to hate your doctor, too!
Your photos are wonderful - the bunny is so sweet, and "place for my ancestors" conjures up excellent use of both time AND place.
Hey - place for my wireless - that glass thing - isn't it a cover for terminals (or something) on electrical lines from way back when? If so, tell me what it is, exactly, because I have one - also blue - and I love your idea of hanging it that way. Do you use it as a votive holder? Very cool.

Reb said...

Dawn, nice to see you again! If I don't hear from him by tomorrow, I will start a daily phone call to see whats up.

Gary, I must have a high pain tolerance I guess. Glad you liked the pics.

Queen, thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the blog and the pics.

Janet, LOL, feather beds! Thanks, it will be fine.

pabees said...

I always blame by tri-focals! I just fell at our kid's house when I forgot there was a three inch drop to grandson's room. Nasty rug burn, guess it could have been worse like yours. Hope you feel better.
Loved the cemetery shot! There's a time and place we can not escape!

Reb said...

Chatty, yes, that is a transformer from the top of power poles, there are three hanging in a row there. We just used picture wire around them and through the chain to hold them in place. You can use any candle that will fit inside, right now I have tea lights in there.

Tink said...

I would definitely baby that leg until you know for sure what's up with it. I can't believe your doctor didn't act more worried! Great use of the words this week. I like the "not time to turn white" shot. Although that rabbit's eyes are still creepy. ;)

hebba said...

OOOF! Ever hear of the bear-proof suit? I bestowed a "sweetie" on ya! Check it!

Reb said...

PABees, I'd blame my bifocals, but I just wasn't paying attention. I'll be avoiding a cemetery though, anyone who sticks me in the ground will be haunted!

Thanks Tink. I will be babying it for sure. Goats eyes are worse to me.

Hebba, ooof is right. What is a bear-proof suit? I'll drop by.

Aunt Jackie said...

Oh I love sun rises and sunsets...

The Bunny is so sweet!!! Great shots :)

Reb said...

AJ, thanks, I think the bunnies are cute too.