WWC: Moody & Bright

I can't imagine being evacuated from my home for any reason and then returning to face damage and insurance headaches. I would therefore like to take a moment to wish all the displaced bloggers from the Gulf States a speedy return to undamaged homes! Have my fingers crossed that the next that are coming are going to be babies.

Weekly Word Challenge, is brought to us by Tink of Pickled Beef, whom we all hope is high and dry as well. The words this week are Moody & Bright. If you would like to play along, drop by and see her and she will fill you in on all the details.


It may not appear so here, but this clock is bright enough to read by as it rotates through all these pretty colours.

I use eco-sensible light bulbs and they are very bright.

The moon was very bright a couple of weeks ago when it was full.

This is one of the bright yellow Marigolds from my yard this summer.


These silly fridge magnets are moody.

Moody clouds have been hanging around lately.

This nail polish changes colours with your mood.

You knew I had to have one...my mood ring.

If you would like to see more photos we have a group site at Flickr, as well I have my own site here.

Have a good day all.


Hilary said...

Wonderful creative choices as always, Reb. I love that clock and I'm not the least bit surprised that you have a mood ring. :)

I echo your well-wishes to those in the south.

Leah J. Utas said...

Excellent moon shot and I love the clock. Love the mood ring, but mood nail polish? Wonders never cease!

gary rith said...

hey, what a nice set of pics!!!!
And I know, running away from your home because of a disaster? Horrible.

Reb said...

Hilary, thanks. That clock is rather neat.

Leah, thanks! Yeah, it only has two colours, pink and dark pink. Like those shirts that were so popular years ago.

Gary, thanks. I really can't imagine having to do that.

Anonymous said...

You have a mood ring!!
My favorite is the moon picture. Wow, that is bright! (And you must have a great zoom on your camera!)
Wait, maybe I really like the clock one best...
I can't decide.

Nor can I fathom the awful waiting and possible heartbreak for those affected by hurricanes.

Emily said...

oh wow, someone else still has a mood ring!! Cool : )

I really liked your pictures this week...any flower pictures make me happy!

Tink said...

I love the magnets and the mood nail polish! I had a mood t-shirt once. But since I lived in Florida, the sun heated it up and it got stuck on one color.

David Cranmer said...

From one displaced blogger thanks for the kind words. I've been working in Louisiana for about a year and I'm worried about my friends and their homes. I'm heading back in the next couple of days and I'm hoping there's not too much damage.

Sam said...

What great photos!!
I love that mood ring - very modern, after the funny looking ones I used to have as a teen.
And nail polish?? No way!
I remember reading the funniest mood ring color indicator once. I wish I could find it again. It ended with 'The ring is lavender. You are a bathroom rug.'

Reb said...

Thanks Kcinnova. I couldn't resist picking up the mood ring, it is so much prettier than they were when I was a teen! Yes, it is 18x.

Thanks Emily. I like flowers too.

Tink, thanks. I had one of the shirts too, but after being dried in a dryer for so many times, it kind of died too.

David, I just hope everything is alright there.

Thanks Sam. I remember those, they were rather ugly. The polish is a few years old, I tried to paint my nails to show the change, but it was not very pronounced. Thanks for stopping by.

g-man said...

Well done. I like the lightbulp and moon shots especially. I thought there was a mood ring in the house somewhere but couldn't find it. :/

g-man said...

Bulb. (That's what I get for typing with my elbows ;)

Reb said...

Thanks, G-man. I did that bulb shot on manual setting and was quite pleased with the result.

Fortune Cookies said...

I love your magnets! and that mood nail polish! I love it. Your shots are stunning, as always.

Chatty said...

Ah HA! I KNEW somebody would have a mood ring - well done! I couldn't find mine...and the picture of yours with accompanying graphics are so well done I thought it was a professional advert for mood rings. Very cool!

Love the clock and the nail polish, too!

And, in reference to your more recent post - I hope the Epsom Salts kicked in and did the trick...

Janet said...

That nail polish is so cool!!!

Reb said...

FC, thanks so much! I laughed when I saw your Happy Faces!

Thanks Chatty! Epsom salts are great aren't they?

Thanks Janet, I've had fun with it.