WWC: Male & Female

It is Tuesday and that means Weekly Word Challenge time! As you all know Tink from Pickled Beef is our hostess for this little bit of fun we have, but some of you may regret her timing for the words MALE and FEMALE. You see, I just took a little road trip up to see my sister (the Bag Lady) and ...well, see for yourself: (click to enlarge if you dare!)

We stopped at Rochfort Bridge for a break - good thing I had the camera.


We also met this very friendly, obviously male dog while there. (My female friend petting him)

My sister's dog, is also quite obviously female..... yeah, it gets worse.

My sis lives on a cattle ranch...this is a female.

The one in the foreground is quite certainly a male!

Female outlet.

Male bike, although it is ridden by a female (me).

Trying to get a photo of the power cord, I guess Sibu decided he had to show that he could be included too under the "no longer" male category.

Here is the cord, one end male, one end female.

The female socket of a lamp. (converted from an old oil lamp)

Light bulbs have male ends.

Thus ends the torture. Hope you all enjoyed! Odin, I am sick aren't I?

If you want to join the fun go see Tink at the link above.

Have a good day all.


Jay said...

When I saw your video yesterday I thought you would probably get pics of the cattle for WWC. I went out today to do the same thing, but couldn't find any to get a good pic of.

Great job on the words! We had the same idea on a couple of them.

the Bag Lady said...

Good job, sis! Thanks for the shout-out (again)! (love the Jacks and Jenny's)
(The Princess certainly likes to show off her belly, doesn't she?!)

Reb said...

Jay how could I resist! Actually we were surrounded by the herd! Thanks!

Sis, anytime. I thought the Jacks & Jenny's were cute too.

Fortune Cookies said...

brilliantly played WWC! I love how you used the male and female ends of the power chord! and the cattle...well, lets just leave that alone :) I love how cats always have to make their way into photos, they're so vain

Anonymous said...

LOL, Reb! You posted a wonderful WWC this week. I'm smiling over here. :)
I got the outlet and plug, but that's all. With limited time, I'd rather comment on others' pics than try to post more of my own. It's a BUSY week for me.

Leah J. Utas said...

I love your choices. Nice work with the Jacks and Jennys and it's always a treat to see Sibu. I really like the converted oil lamp.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Great job! The Jacks and Jennys rocked!

gary rith said...

hey, you have a classic Raleigh too!
as for the cat, it cab hard to see what's under all that fur, huh?

Reb said...

FC, thanks. Yes, I think the cattle are best left alone. My cat thinks anything I put on the floor is for him.

Thanks Kcinnova, glad I made you smile!

Leah, thanks. Those bathroom signs were so well done, I just had to.

Thanks RLL, I like those too.

Gary, I even try to ride it! Yes, I wasn't going to include him, but he insisted.

Janet said...

it's like a birds and bees lesson!!!

Karen said...

Jacks and Jennys totally my favorite! Who thinks of such things?

Reb said...

Janet, it sure is ;)

Karen, I don't know, but I like them too.

Tink said...

My favorites are still the bathroom doors. I commented on the Jenny picture on your Flickr account. Well done! :)

Knight said...

Whoa, you covered all the male female bases. Excellent job.

Knight said...

And I'll never think of a light bulb the same way again.

Aunt Jackie said...

Well what could ya do? The Male/Female thing leaves us with the choices of stuff like that. :)

Well played... all the animals are cute though... :)

Reb said...

Thanks Tink, I like those too.

Knight, wasn't until we got home that I realized we missed the horses ;)

AJ, that is so true, thanks.

pabees said...

Have seen lots of bathroom door signs, but Jacks and Jennys is a new one! Nice job.

Reb said...

PABees, thanks, I thought they were cute.

Hilary said...

Well done, as always. You always have a very creative way of interpreting these.

Reb said...

Thanks Hilary, I couldn't resist.