WWC: Danger & Safe

Before we get to the WWC, my apologies to the MTM crowd for flaking out this week, I was pushing stones around and didn't have anytime to even read blogs, let alone do any kind of research.

As for the stone pushing, we did some more today (after two days off working my other job) and I feel like ....OLD! Tomorrow, we put in the last pretty stones, we will wet it all down to bring up the pretty colours and place the pots and I will post another couple of photos.

So, WWC, the words are danger and safe and my contribution is really pathetic.

Danger: The sign on the power box outside the apartment.

Danger: another sign on the box outside the apartment. (I said it was pathetic)

The sign in front of the school behind the apartment...they are pathetic, this was taken Friday night....School started Tuesday!

And my safe - sorry, it is not even in focus.

The weekly word challenge is hosted by the amusing Tink at Pickled Beef. If you would like to join, pop over to her site and she will let you in on the rules.

As I will be slave labour again tomorrow, I probably won't get a chance to check out all the contributors. I will also be heading up to visit the Bag Lady (my sister) on Wednesday, so I will just have to do my best to catch up later in the week and on the weekend.

Have a good day all.


Leah J. Utas said...

Good for you for getting all that work done.
And on the bright side you still found time to meet the WWC.

Hilary said...

Pathetic? Nonsense! Your ideas are always creative. I never would have thought about that kind of safe but now I'm wondering how many people will post photos of condoms. ;)

That's so cool that you and Baggie are getting together. Take lots of pics. I'm betting there'll be videos on her site. I can't wait!

gary rith said...

Ha! A safe!

Anonymous said...

I think there is some rule that if you post a WWC, then it isn't pathetic. And I agree, the school sign should have said Welcome Back! or something like that. I didn't take any pictures of danger signs (why didn't I think of that??). It is always interesting what other people come up with for the WWC.

Enjoy your time with your sister!

the Bag Lady said...

Hey sis, at least you posted some photos, and your interpretations are always good!

Now I must go and clean, clean, clean my house in preparation for your visit! (Damn, why didn't I keep up with the cleaning right from the start....?)

Jay said...

Oh man. I have a little safe too and I totally didn't think about it. I'm a moron! LOL

Great pics!

Fortune Cookies said...

take that negativity back and turn it around,your ideas are always fabulous! I have a danger sign too. :) Nice job.

Travis Erwin said...

I 'll have to check out that site when I get the chance.

Reb said...

Leah, thanks, it looks much better today!

Hilary thanks so much! I wonder about condoms too. We are going to be delayed a day, but I am sure Baggie will appreciate it.

You bet Gary!

Kcinnova, thanks! I agree about the school. The other interpretations are what make it interesting.

Thanks Sis. Relax, you have another day - trucks not ready.

Thanks Jay. I'm surprised you didn't think of it.

FC, thanks, I will do that.

Travis, you should!

Tink said...

You got stuff done AND did the WWC? For me it's an either or. ;)

Well done! I thought the first warning sign was kinda cute.

Reb said...

Thanks Tink. I liked that danger sign too.