Weekly Word Challenge #25

I thought it only fitting, after my last post, to try my hand at the WWC that Tink at Pickled Beef hosts. After all, if I intend someday to fork over money for a digital camera, I had better get back into the practice of taking pictures. So with out further ado, I give you this weeks photos. The words were Stone & Glass.


Sorry, colour needs work as does getting close ups. The top right is a Tanzenite and the bottom right is a Sapphire, can't remember the other two, I think they are both Pink Tourmaline.

Jade, Labradorite and Fire Opals


This is a very cool glass paperweight that was gifted to me by one of my brothers. It is Kosta Boda and has the artists name etched on the bottom.

These too are Kosta Boda, hand made glass eggs that Mom & Dad picked up in Sweden.

These are three of the remaining seven (Sis at Bag Lady's Blather has the other four) salt bowls that belonged to our paternal grandmother. It is a mystery what happened to the eighth. I didn't put the other spoons in as they are silver and very tarnished.

This last is '70's (maybe '60's) and looks like carnival glass, but I am not sure. I don't know enough about glass to say and there are no markings on the bottom.
I really like the way the light and shadows picked up on this shot though. I had to smudge out the base of my monitor though.

So, there you have it, my very first entry into WWC. I hope they shots are not too disappointing.


Crabby McSlacker said...


We've got a perfectly nice digital camera, and it might make my blog more interesting if I'd ever use it, but somehow I never get around to it.

Perhaps this post will inspire me to get off my butt and take some shots... ah heck, probably not. But I'm glad you're doing it!

Leah J.Utas said...

Reb - I love the stone pics. I'm especially fond of amethyst and have several pieces of it. I love Tanzanite,too, but have yet to pick up any.

Wonderful paperweight, and I have no clue what salt bowls are, but you did a good job posing them.

Good work arranging the photos and their contents.

the Bag Lady said...

Reb - good shots. The Bag Lady hasn't seen some of those things for a long time!
dfLeah - salt cellars came before salt shakers. Everyone had their own salt cellar (with a tiny spoon) by their place setting, and could add salt to their meal. Have no clue why Grandma had them, and no clue why she would leave them in the old house...

Hilary said...

Very cool! I love that each of these items have a history. You own some lovely pieces, Reb.

Reb said...

Crabby, thanks, I've been looking at Tinks WWC for some time now and just thought, what the heck.

Leah, thanks. I just wish I could afford to have that Tanzanite set into something. Eventually!

Sis, thanks. It is time to dig out different stuff and put some of these things away.

Hilary, thanks. I like that they have history too.

Jo said...

Glad you joined in the fun, Reb, the WWC really inspired me to start using my camera more. And you're off to a great start!--such interesting photos...the glass eggs are really pretty, and I am so fond of salt bowls, it's so cool that yours are heirlooms. The stones are fascinating.

Dawn said...

Cameras and blogs are a match made in heaven. I've got to go digital.

Tink said...

Too cool! I really like the eggs. So I take it you're a collector? :)

moo said...

My favorite is the paperweight. Glad to see someone else cave into the WWC ... it's so much fun!

Reb said...

Thanks Jo, I just decided last night, so used stuff around the house. The salt cellars are cool, we spent years collecting the tiny spoons to go with them. One day I will clean the silver and show them too.

Dawn, they certainly seem to be.

Tink, Mom was the egg collector and I seem to be the one that inherited the most of them. I have so much stuff crammed into this little apartment though that I can only show so much at a time.

Moo, thanks, I love that paperweight too. Thanks for dropping by.

Newt said...

Those are very cool. I almost did the same thing with a piece of amathyst we found up in Canada.

Reb said...

Hi Newt, thanks for dropping by. I just love amethyst, I think this piece came from one of my parents trips.

Amy said...

Oh! I love the first glass one. Great pictures!

~ Amy @ Silver Skies

Reb said...

Thanks Amy. I liked the way that one turned out. Thanks for dropping by.

kcinnova said...

Reb, welcome to WWC!
I love your personal interpretations this week. I didn't think of gemstones at all! And I love that you have history in there as well with the salt cellars. (I just learned what those were about 2 years ago!)
I look forward to your future submissions. :)

Ritamae said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am not such a gifted writer as my daughter but have been wanting for some time now to capture some of the memories of her and her brother's childhood in writing (more for them eventually, than for me)because I never really kept a baby book. And then it's fun just to post random ramblings about things that happen to me that I find amusing and hope it will put a smile on other people's faces too.

I especially love your last picture. Did you notice it is an optical illusion. I didn't recognize right off hand that it was a bowl, at first when I looke at it it looked like a light fixture; you know convex instead of concave or something light that. And I love the way the shadows and light play of it in the pic.

Reb said...

kcinnova, thanks for that warm welcome. I had fun, so I think I just might do some more. Thanks for dropping by.

Ritamae, thanks for dropping by here. I think that is a good idea, putting the stories down for your children and your future grandchildren ;)

I took that last shot just to see if the opalescence would pick up and was so taken by the shadows I decided to use it even though it isn't exactly clean :o!

g-man said...

Welcome to the WWC. The paperweight is way cool. :) Nice job.

Reb said...

g-man, thanks, I had fun.

Aunt Jackie said...

OMG!! I love your stones, I am such a sucker for Amethyst or any sort of crystals or other stones... Way cool.

The glass is very pretty too.

Great entries!

Thanks for stopping by too.

Reb said...

Aunt Jackie, thanks for stopping by. I really like crystals and gems too.

dave said...

Wonderful photographs. You have captured the glass reflections in some of the photos. They are awesome. Thanks for sharing them. It was a pleasure seeing them. I think I should take pictures of my Carnival Glass collection at home.