Camping with Cats!

My very good friends love to go camping in the summer with their tent trailer. Growing up, our family also camped with a trailer and I quite enjoy the whole camping experience. Now, I can't keep calling them "my friends" so I will call them Tom & Sally and their son Pete (lets hope I don't get confused!). Sally reminded me over Easter, after I told her I had blogged about the "Unfortunate Incident", about the first time Sibu had experienced camping and I thought I should share the story with all of you.

He was not quite one year old when Tom & Sally invited me to go camping with them & Pete to Jasper National Park. Now Sibu is a scaredy cat as I have mentioned before, but he has met Tom & Sally & Pete several times and we have stayed together in Motels and at their house and they at my house etc. Sibu was also quite adjusted to walking on leash and liked to be outside. I traveled to Jasper in my vehicle (from different cities) and met them at the park entrance and we headed off to the camp ground.

Sibu was not about to stay in the car until things were set up, after all Kalon was out and around, he should be too! Fine, so I put him on leash and tied him to a tree that I thought was far enough away from the bustle of setting up camp. Kalon was tied to the tree next to him, but being an old hand at this, he was ignoring the people & trying to catch sight of his first bird or squirrel or elk.

This was later in the evening, but the same tree.

Not my Sibu, he wanted to be wherever I was. Well, I was running back and forth from the truck to the trailer, helping to set things up. We were just about done, the trailer was up and we were looking forward to sitting down & having a drink before starting to make dinner. Pete discovered that Sibu had wound himself up around the tires of the truck and in trying to free him (by coaxing him to reverse his path) bumped the truck. The truck has an alarm on it. My cat was right under the truck. Pete's keys were on the table 20 feet away.

My poor little cat almost hung himself trying to get away from the noise. Once the alarm was stopped and he was untangled he was so scared he was shaking and just couldn't calm down at all. We wound up putting him in the trailer alone for awhile so he could collect himself.

This is after the alarming incident.

Once he showed his face at the door and started to take an interest in things outside, we decided that maybe he should come out and check things out properly. Within about an hour he was as far as his leash would let him go and we had to keep pulling him back to where we could see him. He was chasing night bugs and stalking things in the long grass, listening to the elk calling and then looking for them. He did not want to go to bed when it was time!

Kalon, helping to wash the scare off.

He shied away from Pete the rest of the trip and gave him dirty looks if he came too close, but he didn't object to riding in the offending truck, or getting out and walking the trails with us. Of course, the hair between the pads of his feet collected all the pitch and needles they could and I had to clean them out every time we went into the trailer, or whenever he started to shake his feet as he walked. Which by the way is one of the funniest things to see a cat do!

Since that first time, we have been camping again, but we always keep an eye out for where Sibu is in relation to the truck. He still dashes under vehicles if he is startled, you would think that would be the last place he would dash. Maybe it is just a good thing they have short memories.

I know I shouldn't laugh at the misfortunes of my cat, but sometimes, you just can't help it!

Good Evening all.


Hilary said...

Sibu is such a.. cat! Felines are such an incredible source of amusement, aren't they? How could we not love them? :) Great story, Reb.

Leah J.Utas said...

Great cat camping story, Cousin.
Sibu is quite a character.

Reb said...

Hilary, so true. I don't understand how some people can't like cats.

Leah, he is at that.

the Bag Lady said...

Poor scaredy cat. Sibu definitely has personality.

DH Wall said...

I think camping with cats in Jasper National Park could be the next big thing.

Did you know there's another cat who visited the park? See here:

Reb said...

Sis, he sure does!

DH Wall, thanks for stopping by. Yes, we see cats there all the time.

kcinnova said...

FOTCL* that is a hilarious story! I wish Sibu could meet Cleopatra; they would have quite the discussion. :)
I should probably blog about my cat someday; she despises her leash & harness. It is beneath her queenliness to put up with such things...or so I have been led to believe. But I have never been brave enough to take her camping! It might be worth doing so, just for the fodder we will gain for the annual Christmas letter.

kcinnova said...

*Fall Off The Chair Laughing

Reb said...

Kcinnova, he is so funny sometimes, it is all I can do not to laugh.