WWC #26

Finally, I am getting around to putting up my poor examples of Paper and Ceramic for this weeks WWC. This is hosted by Tink of Pickled Beef, so you should drop by and have a look at much better photos than I can get. Next weeks words are Domestic & Foreign, so that could prove interesting.

Here we have two papier-mache Christmas ornaments (no, I didn't make them - no talent that way)

A paper angel (again, no)

My baby book from the Uni Hospital. Sister just sent it to me & now I finally know what time of day I was born!

Very old papers - Dad's service papers from WWII

Ceramic statue made in Dartmouth, N.S. to commemorate the Volunteers that served in Canada's Navy during WW's I & II

Ceramic Jewelery

That is it. Whew, I didn't think I would make it this week, it has been a bit hectic, what with falling and filling in for the boss.


kcinnova said...

Wow, you had your dad's service papers but not your own baby book? [wondering what time of day you were born]

Thanks for dropping by and commenting! :)

Tink said...

Oh shut up. I think your pictures are great use of the words! I really like the baby book and your Dad's service papers. Too cool. What great treasures to have.

Tink said...
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Leah J.Utas said...

Good work, Reb. Very cool about your dad's service papers. I have my dad's service papers even though he asked me to throw them out. I did, then retrieved them when he wasn't looking.

Newt said...

Those are wonderful. I love the WWC pictures that have stories behind them. Nicely done!

Reb said...

kcinnova, yeah, I don't know how my sister wound up with my baby book (12.42)

Tink, thanks, now I need to find a way to preserve them & stop them falling apart even more.

Leah, good for you for retrieving them.

Newt, thanks so much.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Awesome pictures!

But I'm TRYING to sort through basement boxes before a big move, and the last thing I need is a reminder that I might regret tossing stuff out.

Actually... you just gave me an excuse to avoid a lot of work, thanks!

Reb said...

Oh Crabby, I know the feeling! When I was looking for Ceramic, I know I used to have some really cool things...I hope they are in the box I didn't look in!

g-man said...

Excellent job!! The angel and baby book were really good. Canada has a navy? Never thought of that before.

Well done.

Reb said...

G-man, thank you. You gave me a laugh this morning! Canada's Navy was the third largest in the world at the end of WWII and was mostly volunteer.

the Bag Lady said...

The Bag Lady had your baby book because it was in mom's old trunk. The Bag Lady is still trying to wade through all kinds of papers and photos and "stuff". How did you end up with dad's service papers? Weird, how things get spread around.
(Oh, and, the Bag Lady doesn't even have her own baby book....mom wrote a few things about the Bag Lady in the margin of our brother's book.)

Reb said...

I am sure I wouldn't have one either if the Hospital hadn't given it to them. I have no idea how I got Dad's service records!

Jo said...

I forgot to comment on your WWC when I was last here! They're great pics, Reb...I love the story-telling nature of them.

The babybook is my favorite, so classic...also the service papers. And the lighting on the navy figurine is great. Do we get to see a photo of Baby Reb?

Reb said...

Why thanks Jo! As for a baby picture? Well, maybe I can find one or two someday.