WWC # 27

Weekly Word Challenge is hosted by the very funny Tink over at Pickled Beef - check out her site for photos and details on how to join in the fun. This weeks challenge words are Domestic & Foreign, I had loads of fun gathering these photos.

My Mom was a rather talented artist and so, I chose one of her paintings for domestic. Sadly she was called away to paint sunsets in 1993.

My parents were fortunate enough to be able to do a fair amount of traveling in their lives. This next piece is artwork from Russia from before the Iron Curtain rusted. The photo following is the back label of this work. Too bad it didn't come out very well, it is inlaid woods and really very intricate.

This covers both categories, it is my domestic (at least I think so) table, sporting a runner that the folks picked up in Sweden. As a bonus, it shows my lack of domestic skills!



These next shots, I, um, ahem... "borrowed".


We can't give her away!

Foreign & Domestic

I think I might be getting better with this camera phone! I think my next challenge is to see if I can't get them into a slide show like some of the other bloggers use. I will update later on next weeks words.


P.S. Just had a look and I think I spoke to soon, they are still kind of blurry. More practice I guess.


Leah J.Utas said...

Interesting pics again, Reb. I was very taken with the Russian work.

Reb said...

Thanks Leah. I really like that piece.

Hilary said...

Those are well-chosen pics, Reb. I like the way these WWCs sort of take on different dimensions. It's not only about the photo, but how it's interpreted - a kind of photo pun. I'm really going to have to try my hand at them sometime.

Your mother's painting is lovely, as how you expressed "called away to paint sunsets." Beautiful.

Tink said...

The artwork is awesome! Well played. I think you're getting better with that camera phone. :)

the Bag Lady said...

You are certainly better with your camera phone than the Bag Lady is with hers!!
Great photos, Reb. It's nice to see these things again.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Fun photos and love the juxtapositions!

I still can't even figure out how to ANSWER my cell phone (it's borrowed from my mother-in-law for emergencies) let alone take pictures with it. Good thing no one ever calls me!

Terrie Farley Moran said...


I don't own a camera and my cell phone doesn't take pictures but I am really enjoying yours.


Reb said...

Hilary, thank you. I think that is half the fun, you really should give it a try.

Tink, thanks, I don't have enough walls for all mom's art, so I have to rotate them.

Thanks Sis. You need to join in the fun once you get high speed.

Crabby, I started with mine for emergencies. It sucks you to using it.

Terrie, thank you so much.

moo said...

LOVE the Russian piece ... I would love to own something like that.

I'm so sorry about your mother, but what a beautiful way to describe her passing.

g-man said...

Not bad considering you were using a camera phone :) Try to use more light and see if that helps. Totally cool subjects!!!

Reb said...

Moo, thanks I really enjoy that and the other pieces I have around.

G-man, thanks and thanks for the tip, I will try that.

Chatty said...

Hey! I did car logos too. And I love Nelly Furtado "we can't give her away" tee hee! And if you figure out how to do a slideshow, I hope you'll fill us all in - although with my lame free godaddy account, I'm betting I can't do one *sigh*

Reb said...

Chatty, thanks for dropping by. If I figure it out, I will let you know.

Jo said...

Great pics again, Reb! What a lovely painting by your mom...and like Hilary, I love "called away to paint sunsets".

You gave me a giggle over Celine Dion :)

Jay said...

Great job saying the words.

You're mother was a very talented artist!

And that Russian work is so very cool.

Sorry you can't give Celine away. Maybe an East European emerging democracy where few people have ever heard of her will take her. hahaa

Great pics Reb!

Newt said...

I love the stories that go with your photographs. Most excellent!

Reb said...

Jo, thank you so much. I must admit, I stole the line about Dion.

Jay, thanks, we all thought so. I wish I had more wall space. Ha ha - Eastern Europe - we wish!

Newt, thanks, I feel they need a bit of explanation sometimes.

gr said...

oh yes, your mother painted beautifully, and maybe you can show us more of hr work?

Reb said...

Gr, thank you. Yes, I will probably do a whole post one day on her and her many talents. I'll see if I can get good enough photos of her paintings to add to it.