No more film for me!

It is hell to get old! Gravity takes over, wrinkles set in, grey hair becomes harder to colour and your vision goes to shit! Um, I mean you wind up needing bifocals! I may have mentioned that I took photos of the first mattress with both the phone camera and the trusty old film camera? Well, it turns out that it is a good thing I have the phone camera!

I have not been taking a lot of pictures lately, so wasn't sure what else was on the roll of film in the camera and decided I would take the pictures and develop the roll whether I finished it or not. It seems the last time I had a roll of film developed was in 2004. I am thinking the first photos on the roll are from around that time. I know this, because the photo shop where I get them developed, well, when I was picking them up, the girl kept insisting that only one roll was back, that's because I only dropped one off - when was the other left here? Oh, 2004! So, she took that off the computer - I assume I did pick it up.

I have a half dozen good pictures and about 18 out of focus pictures of the bed with the dirt and the snags. Did, I mention you need bifocals when you get old? Did I mention that you also lose all common sense?

I couldn't look through the viewer through the bottom portion of my glasses, so I took them off! I do this quite regularly, sometimes I can just see better without the damned glasses. In doing this, it never occurred to me that if it is in focus through the viewer that the photo itself will be out of focus. I am so f*cking dumb sometimes! I guess my next purchase when I can afford it will be a digital camera. The quality on the phone camera is not that great, but it will do in the mean time. Oh and it's not as though I haven't been taking pictures, I have a Polaroid that I use to snap pics of the cat and other things. Frankly, I have taken more photos with the phone in the last few months than with either of the other cameras. I guess I am all about instant gratification.

How about you snappy people? I will need suggestions for a moderately priced camera in awhile, what do you use.

Good afternoon!


Leah J.Utas said...

Fuji Finepix A400/A500, 5.1 megapixels and 3x optical zoom. The 35mm zoom equivalent is Not Very Much. It's adequate for now, but I sure do miss my 200, 300, and 500 telephoto lenses, and all the other stuff I have for my film cameras.
There's way better stuff out now. Mine, and probably most, has a movie setting. I've hardly used it.
They're available for under $200 now, I think even under $150 some places.

I have the focus issue with film sometimes to. I have to rely on the lines in the lens matching up. Or just use the infinity setting.

Leah J.Utas said...

Sure, this comment appeared and it's the one with the missing "o."

I have the focus issue with film sometimes too.

the Bag Lady said...

The Bag Lady has a cheap little Kodak Easy Share that works quite well for most stuff. It isn't great for telephoto pictures, although it does have that feature.
Saw a Kodak in the Canadian Tire flyer a couple weeks ago for just under $100.00. Not sure what type it was (mine's a C300 - 3.2 megapixels) So if you look around you can probably find a reasonable little camera for a resonable price.

Reb said...

Leah, I can see where you would miss all the fine stuff that went with your film cameras. Thanks for the info on what you use.

Sis, I knew yours was a Kodak, but wasn't sure what model or whether you were happy with it. Thanks.

Emily said...

hello- I found you through the Bag Lady's Blather and thought I'd pipe in with my 2 cents. I am on my second Canon Powershot digital camera and I love it. I don't pretend to know how to use all the fancy settings but over the last 5 years I've taken tons of pictures 'blindly' and they've turned out great. Plus I don't think it's too expensive (I'll be honest, both were presents) but I think they run around $150. Not bad for something even an idiot can use : )

Hilary said...

Reb, I LOVE my camera. It's a Canon PowerShot S3 (there have already been one or two upgrades since then). It's 6.0 mega pixels and 12X optical zoom. It allows you to shoot like a dummy (auto mode) or to experiment with settings such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO. It cost about $450 about two years ago. You can get a better camera now for significantly less. The cost comes down all the time.

Reb said...

Well, Hello Emily! I have noticed your comments on some of the blogs I visit. Thanks for dropping by and throwing in your 2 cents. One more to research that's great.

Hilary, thanks, I know you get great shots with it.

I had a look on-line last night and the field is vast, thank you all for helping me narrow it.

Tink said...

Canon Powershot SD1000. You can get one for $167 on Amazon. Which is a really great price for a camera of that caliber. The one I use is a SD750 at it cost me $450 two years ago. :)


Dawn said...

Hi Reb

Long time no visit! But hey, I've turned up at just the right time. I am (still) thinking about a digital camera so am taking on board all these fine suggestions.

But what the heck is going on with the rest of your blog? I scrolled down to catch up on your news and found myself cornered by a rather nasty looking buffalo that had left snag marks - and worse! all over someone's mattress. I raced back up here to the safety of camera reviws!

Mamacita Chilena said...

I have a Canon Rebel XT, which isn't moderately priced at all (by my standards, but I'm poor). The only reason I have it is because it was a gift from my hubby!

But it's so worth it, I love my camera and wouldn't change it for the world (unless hubby upgrades me, then I'd change it :P )

Merry said...

FWIW, I can generally get an acceptable picture out of my Nikon Coolpix 5600. I love digital cameras since you can check the shot and try again if you've cut off Uncle Ted's head. (Um, I mean in the shot... sorry, that was a bad image to use...)

Reb said...

Tink, thanks, it looks like Cannon is leading the field right now. Thanks for the link too.

Dawn, nice to see you back! Help yourself to the information. I won't be getting one this month, just at the info gathering stage yet.

Mamacita, that sounds like a good hubby. Thanks, for the info.

Merry, good another name for comparison. Yes, I like that aspect of the digitals too. Cutting off Uncle Ted's head while maybe desirable, is not a good thing (the mess it makes)!

Jo said...

We just bought new cameras for Xmas, a Nikon Coolpix 7.2 mp & a Casio Exilim 8.1 mp--love them both, around $400. BestBuy had great cameras for around $150-$250...I don't know if you have BestBuys in Canada but if you go to their website, you can comparison shop all the features/brands within the same pricepoint. You'll need a memory card to go with the camera, so factor that into your budget.

The great thing is, they have auto-focus...when the little square turns green, you'll know the pic is ready to shoot, glasses or not.

I just call my grays "highlights" :P

Reb said...

Jo, thanks! Yes, we have Best Buys here and now that our dollars are closer to the same, the prices are pretty close too. Maybe I should see if I can get one that will uses the same cards as my phone.

I am pretty much past the "highlights" point, more like my natural colour is "lowlights" ;)

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Sorry, Reb, I don't own a camera. Terrie

Reb said...

Terrie, that's alright! If you were thinking of getting one, feel free to use all this good information to help you make a decision.