I feel good...na na na na na na na

The bed arrived yesterday! The guys set it up and then, well, pulled a two inch pin out of the side of the mattress! Then I noticed that it was dirty, right where the handle is. Well, it was obvious that the dirt was not new, it just came out of the plastic! The delivery guys, while not immaculate didn't appear to have dirty hands. I signed off after he wrote down that there was dirt there and they left.

I let the cat out of the bathroom, he is very afraid of everything and his hiding place is under the bed. Then I went and laid on the bed, just to reassure myself that I was right in that it was comfortable. It is - sigh! I rolled onto my side to see the cat and noticed that there was something fuzzy on the side of the bed. I tugged but it was attached, the fabric on the side of the bed has been horribly snagged. So, I start examining, there are two or three spots where it is pulled, another nasty snag and both of the handles on the other side of the bed are filthy. This is not acceptable, so off the bed, into my office (ooh, that makes my apartment sounds so big - it isn't) and I phone the store. My salesman isn't there, he is by the way the area manager, but will be in on Saturday. I explain to the fellow on the phone what is wrong and that I want a new mattress delivered post-haste! He checked to see that they had one at the warehouse and they did, and they could deliver Sunday or next Wednesday. Well, I work Sunday and need the money, so I opted for Wednesday. I also told him I wanted it examined at the warehouse before delivery and it should be immaculate. For the amount of money I'm paying - damned right it should be!

This has to have come from the manufacturer this way, so I looked at their website and they go on about how quality is their first concern and all this shite. Um, hello? How then did this mattress make it out of your facility? I of course can't examine the box spring, for one thing, I have a sleigh bed, so most of the box is hidden. Secondly, the two guys that moved it had trouble lifting them into place, there is no way, that I will be able to lift the mattress on my own to examine the box. I could barely shift it to dress the bed!

My old bed was high, regular mattress set, but the frame made it quite high, this set makes it a lot higher - 30 inches from floor to top of mattress! Good thing I am tall! The other new thing in mattress these days - they have found a way to eliminate the hard edges so you can "utilize the whole mattress area" - yeah, I can see me falling off the bed, something I have only done once in my life.

The bed is fantastic though! It is infused with the scent of green tea to help you relax. So, far I don't seem to be allergic to it so that is good. I had the door closed while the bed was unmade in order to keep the cat off and every time I opened it, wow, it smelled so good! It is not overpowering either, just a gentle smell.

I had the best nights sleep last night - hence the James Brown title. I will admit that I was very tired though, so we will see how tonight goes. I didn't wake up with pins and needles in my hands and arms or across my back and my neck feels really good too. I will be so much happier when the clean mattress arrives though. And I am the kind of person that will make them exchange it until it meets my satisfaction, I don't care what their policy says - a dirty mattress is not acceptable.

So, how about the rest of you, do you make a noise until it meets your satisfaction?

Good Afternoon All.


the Bag Lady said...

Glad you got the bed - glad you got a great sleep. Sorry the bed is not in perfect shape - for the price you paid, it should be, so you are well within your rights to complain and get one that IS in perfect shape. When you buy something new, it should actually look new...
Happy sleeping!

Crabby McSlacker said...

You'll be really glad you complained once the new bed is delivered and all is well again.

I tend to gripe about products that don't meet my expectations, but when it actually comes to making calls and taking things back I'm kind of lazy about it. I feel like I shouldn't have to--which is not a really helpful attitude for problem solving. Good for you for taking care of things.

Leah J.Utas said...

Glad the bed is good for you. It's a shame in came in such awful shape.
It was probaby a return that was simply re-plasticked. (I made the word up just now, aren't your proud?)
By all means complain loud and long until you get something clean and acceptable.
If you have to, check out the online version of the Canadian Consumer Handbook for where exactly to complain to if need be. I'm sure the store will take care of it, but it's best to know the next step.
Meanwhile, enjoy.

Reb said...

Sis, thanks, I had another good sleep last night too.

Crabby, I will let small stuff slide too, but for that amount of money, I just can't.

Leah, thanks for the info. I am sure it will be taken care of. They have only had the beds for two weeks so supposedly no, this couldn't be a return. I asked when I called to complain.

Hilary said...

That's pretty poor quality for such an expensive purchase. I'd bark a bit too.

I'll let the smaller things slide but tend to speak up for the bigger deals such as this one.

Hilary said...

Oh and I'm very glad you're getting a comfy sleep now. I might have to consider a new mattress myself.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Reb,

Congrats on the new mattress. When I finally broke down and got a new mattress in 2006, I saw a change in my sleeping habits--I slept better and with fewer interruptions.

As to your question, I try to complain (in writing when appropriate) because if no one complains, companies do not have any incentive to shape up.

What shocks me is how many companies never even respond. Those that do respond, no matter what they say, gain my loyalty due to their courtesy.


Reb said...

Hilary, yes, you can imagine my shock when I saw that! A new bed is so nice and I am sure that pretty soon, the "Canadian" prices will be a bit better.

Terrie, yes the change is good and I am sure it will get better, I just have a couple of bad habits to break.

I have photos that I am going to enclose in a letter to the manufacturer. Even though the local store is doing their part, I want to make sure the source also knows.

Jo said...

Your mattress sounds dreamy, at least the new one will be! I usually insist on satisfaction with purchases...especially with major purchases. Sometimes I'll let mail-order mistakes slide b/c the return is such a hassle.

Geosomin said...

The squeaky cheese gets the muffin I always say.
I'm not belligerent, but I do make sure I get what I pay for...

Reb said...

Jo, the mattress is divine! I will let small things go because it is such a hassle as well, but big ticket items like this, I took lots of photos and will be sending letters to head offices.

Geosomin, yep, if you are polite but firm, usually they will do their best to rectify the situation.