WWC: Then & Now

WWC again! I thought this was going to be very difficult, but then at the last minute, I had some inspiration. The words this week are THEN & NOW. The Weekly Word Challenge is brought to us by the cold suffering, soon to be married, Tink of Pickled Beef. How do people in Florida get a cold anyway? the air conditioning too high? On to the words, remember to click to enlarge:

When I was but a mere child, mom would let us play with her old make up. This is what it looked like THEN.

This is what makeup looks like NOW. The biggest difference is in the mascara, they are both Maybelline btw.

Back THEN if you wanted ice cream, you had to make it yourself and it took quite a bit of effort.

I had to get this photo on-line because I don't own one of these new-fangled machines. If I want ice cream NOW, I just go to the store.

If you were inclined to eat back THEN, you also had a fair amount of work cut out for you.

Unlike NOW, when I just have to go to the freezer. (yes that is ice cream in the tub in back)

Of course, back THEN, if you were lucky enough to go to school, all the grades were taught in one room.

Unlike NOW, where there are many rooms, the grades are divided amongst several buildings and kids no longer consider themselves lucky to get an education.

This is how you went about building camp back THEN.

NOW, of course, there isn't as much work involved and you can take it with you.

Yes, these people are my relatives and as some of them are blog shy, I blurred their faces.

That's all folks, hope you have a good day, drop by and see Tink if you would like to join our band of shutterbugs.


Hilary said...

As always your ideas are inspired but Reb, I do believe you're a bigger hoarder than your sis. How on earth do you manage to hang on to old mascara and other cosmetics? You're a gem!

Leah J. Utas said...

Love the old pics, Reb. Good to see the Klondyke School again. Meanwhile, isn't that Oscar with the knife?

the Bag Lady said...

Hahaha, sis - I was just contemplating posting some of those old photos! Glad you beat me to it - this was a terrific post!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

your freezer is quite tidy compared to mine!

the Bag Lady said...

Leah - I think that's Johnny with the knife.... maybe.

the Bag Lady said...

Then again, it might be Oscar......

kcinnova said...

Reb, those are some wonderful comparisons - and an amazingly clean freezer!
I almost expected a pic of Sarah Palin with a moose for the "now" photo! *grin*

Reb said...

Hilary, we are cut from the same cloth. I actually have less, but only because I have gotten rid of the common things.

Leah glad you enjoyed. It might even be Gil, but I just typed out the names that were written on the photo.
Funny how we can all recognize the other three with no question.

Sis, I didn't have a photo of a log truck so I couldn't use the other photo from around then. You are going to have to do the challenge today.

Gary, that's 'cause there is so little food in it.

Sis, Johnny is on the left.

Kcinnova, thanks. It only looks clean 'cause it is so empty.

Aunt Jackie said...

Oh I love it!! You did a great job of taking us back in the day and then the now. My Mom had make up just like that. I especially remember the mascara!

Great job!

Jay said...

Those are great! I had such a hard time with those words, but you didn't! You rocked the WWC this week Reb!

Chatty said...

Oh, those are wonderful, positively inspired! And, I SO remember my mother's Maybelline Cake Mascara - I kept it for YEARS in case of emergency - and it worked just as well 15 years later as it did when she bought it. Just not waterproof. Definitely not waterproof!

Terrie Farley Moran said...


We are all impressed that you have the old cake mascara!


Reb said...

AJ, thanks. That mascara kind of scared me as a child ;)

Thanks Jay, I'm just lucky to have that pack rat gene and lots of old photos.

Thanks Chatty, I am not sure what they used to put in mascara, but there is not mold or anything gross like that. I wouldn't use it, but boy it is preserved!

LOL Terrie, thanks. It's what happens when you are a pack rat!

Janet said...

Great ideas! I especially liked the makeup then and now!

Reb said...

Thanks Janet!

Fortune Cookies said...

Where did you have to dig to find that old make up?
I love your Then and Now's! Well played, as usual.

Reb said...

FC, sadly, I have it in with all of my other old makeup ;) Thanks.

MizFit said...

very interesting...and I think I should be more of a hoarder in a way.

I dont throw out but am too quick to pass on.

Reb said...

Mizfit, you have to be very selective about what you keep! Otherwise you get overrun, I've done a lot of forced paring down over the last few years.

Dianne said...

Clever!! I especially relate to the make-up. So much easier now and so many choices.

All great shots!! The school is cool.

And your family all look alike!!

Reb said...

Dianne, thanks! Yes, amazingly we all do look alike! I don't actually remember mom ever using that mascara, but the compact and the concealer - were staples when she went out.

Tink said...

How did I miss this?! It must have been the stupid cold. I don't mind saying, the make-up pictures are my FAVORITE "then" and "now" set yet. Great job! You should model how that mascara works for us, because I'm so confused! ;)

Reb said...

Thanks Tink! I would do a demo on the mascara, but I think it is older than I am! It scares me that it looks fine!