WWC: Me & Them

Wow, here we are again and this week Tink was diabolical! ME & THEM! Trying to find photos for them was hard, trying to caption them is going to be even harder - if I want to keep my English clean ;) Well, here goes nothing!

Yes, this is ME, from about 100 years ago. (because I have no idea when it was taken, or how old I might have been - 12?)

The gulls gather in the field behind the apartment - just look at THEM all! (yes, I had to dig in the archive)

This is not ME! But holy decorations Batman! Look at THEM all!

There is only one in the tree but I did startle a bunch of THEM into flight.

Train cars, just look at THEM all! Yeah, getting repetitive, sorry!

ME again! I took a new picture of my hair colour & cut, I didn't like either, so I am thinking I will just let it grow again for as long as I can stand and go back to colouring myself. (Which prompted the playing in Adobe.)

So, that's it. Hope you enjoyed. If you would like to join our band of merry photogs, drop by and see Tink @ Pickled Beef, she is usually not this diabolical.

Have a good day all.


Hilary said...

I love the YOU pics - always fun to see childhood photos, and Photoshop can provide such amusing surprises.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

whoa, esp. liked the pics of you when you were young and then PSYCHEDELIC YOU!

MizFit said...

I love the YOU pics as well...and wish I had photoshop as THEN I might post my photo.

you? photogenic.
me? notsomuch.

Leah J. Utas said...

Very taken with the You pic when you were young.
Get quite a kick out of the Adobe one as well.
Another good job, Reb.

the Bag Lady said...

Garsh, I remember when YOU looked like that!!
Great post, sis - liked the photo-shopped YOU, too!

Tink said...

Yeah, I just felt like being tricky this week. :)

I love the picture of a younger you. Did you always have short hair then?

Anonymous said...

My sister had a hairdo just like that! With my curly hair, it didn't work so well...
You were much more creative than I was.

g-man said...

Indeed Tink was playing rough.

I really liked your interpretations!! I really liked the two of you.

P.s. Congrats on going pink and especially for being a survivor!!!

Reb said...

Hilary, thanks so much. You can do some cool things with photoshop.

Gary, thanks! Groovy, isn't it?

Thanks Mizfit. Photoshop is so much fun and I think you are photogenic.

Thanks Leah. I look a little stunned in the young one, but Adobe is so much fun to play with.

Sis, I almost posted one with the two of us from the same era. You had your eyes crossed and you tongue out though. ;)

Tink, you are very tricky! Yes, mom talked us into pixie cuts when I was about 6 and I have kept it short ever since. (well occasionally shoulder length)

Kcinnova, I had the straightest hair of the family! It gets curly when it gets longer though. Thanks.

Thanks G-man, she was indeed! And Thanks again, it is good to go Pink.

Dawn said...

Love seeing photos of YOU. Always nice to have a face behind the words.

Janet said...

LOL you do look about 12 :-) That pumpkin bike is so cool and I love the coloring on your picture!

Reb said...

Thanks Dawn, I know the feeling.

Janet, thanks. I almost missed getting the shot of the bike.

Chatty said...

Good stuff - and I LOVE the last shot - I don't know what you did in photo-shop, but it came out very cool! From what I can tell, though - I like the haircut!
I also love the 12-year-old "me" shot - so quizzical, yet poised.

Reb said...

Thanks Chatty. I have to pay more attention when I am playing in photoshop, I have no idea how I got that lol.

David Cranmer said...

Isn't old photos fun? Everytime I go home I dig through my mom's old album books and get lost for hours. Thanks for sharing yours.

Reb said...

David they are a lot of fun! Mom made each of us albums, trying to get photos distributed somewhat evenly amongst the four of us. When our folks died, I think my sister wound up keeper of those that hadn't been portioned out when we were teens.