Reflective (& a bit of a rant)

Thematic Photographic 43 - Reflective
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Marquis Hair Salon
Whitemud Crossing

Unfortunately in order to have gotten a really good photo of the mirrors, I should have had my tripod and set the camera from a different angle, the mirrors are very long, but I am in the bottom, so I had to crop severely. This is the best of the few I took and I ain't going back.

I took this at the hair salon from hell. I should have know better when I walked in the door and saw who would be cutting my hair as I have never, ever gotten a good cut for my curls from a person whose race is admired for their perfectly straight black hair.

This woman gave me split ends for Odin's sake! She asked me what I wanted, I showed her a photo in the book she handed me and then she proceeded to do an entirely different cut. Fine, whatever, it grows fast and I have had it shorter, so that didn't bother me. It felt after the first few minutes like she was going to give me the world's worst mullet, but then once she had shaped the edges and the top, she cut the length from the back with electric clippers - I am saying she took off two to four inches of growth with the clippers, not cleaning up the bottom edges. She missed a couple of spots completely and left my bangs ragged and my sideburns at two different lengths.

When I went back, the manager cleaned up the bangs and the strays, tried to texture the top properly then tried to even out the sideburns. They were still off when I got home and the texturing is less than good. The manager didn't even offer a portion of my money back or a discount on my next cut or an apology for her mistakes. "Well you got a second cut for free." Um, I shouldn't have needed a second cut! I evened out my side burns myself as there was no way I was going back there!

Have a good day all.


Dianne said...

I love the photo - it has a wonderful sense of depth

I'd like to slap the manager for you. In this economy it amazes me that customer service still sucks

sorry about the cut - it's so hard to find a good place

Reb said...

Thanks Dianne. I guess they figure they have enough customers. It isn't the worst cut I've had, but I sure miss my brother.

Leah J. Utas said...

Firstly that is one hell of a damn fine photo. Well done.

As to the haircut, well, if it's not to late to make a fuss I strongly recommend you make one. Point out to the manager that you remain unsatisfied.
Or, I could come up and do it for you. You know I like that sort of thing.

Reb said...

Thanks Leah, that means a lot coming from you. I did call her back the same afternoon (the manager) and she wasn't having any of it, she offered to fix it again, but I figured there is no way any one from there is touching my hair again! I trimmed my burns and bangs myself and did a much better job - which is very scary in itself!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Reb said...

Thanks Gary ;)

kcinnova said...

I love that photo -- it looks like I'm entering a tunnel.
However, I'm sorry that for you, it was a tunnel of DOOM. Good grief!! It's bad enough to get a terrible cut, but that is some BAD customer service.
I guess I'll keep cutting my own hair (22 months and counting... so far I'm still satisfied).

When I did pay for haircuts, I preferred a cheap place like Great Clips. I make sure I get someone with long hair - and preferably with natural curls, too. As you already know, it takes someone who has it to cut it well.

the Bag Lady said...

Love the photo!

Sorry about the bad haircut, and the worse customer service though. It was one of those bad haircuts that got me started down the road of cutting my own hair! I went to Great Clips and she did such a nasty job that I had to fix it. Then I just kept fixing.... Not sure if what I'm doing now could be called fixing, though! :)

Hilary said...

Mistakes happen but when they're not acknowledged, or amended, or you're made to feel like a thorn in their side because of their mistake.. that's just not good. Sorry for the bad haircut but I'm sure glad you got the great photo in.

Reb said...

Kcinnova, thanks. The gene for cutting hair missed me in our family, there have been some funny disasters as a result. I am just glad my hair is getting back to growing fast again.

Thanks Sis. I think I will just have to go every two months and have Brian do it...he does an exceptional cut, but I can't afford to go every month.

Hilary I am glad I got the photo too. I don't mind the bad cut, I've had plenty of those, it's the bad customer service that irks.

Jay said...

I keep hearing about haircuts gone wrong lately.
A woman cut a piece of my friend's ear off, and he still tipped her!!!

Reb said...
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Reb said...

Jay, that is just awful. Thanks for stopping by.

g said...

I love the photo, too, although it is a little like going down an endless roller coaster - I feel vertigo!

What a horrendous hair salon!

bobbie said...

It's really a great photo, despite your problems with it.
Don't you hate it when someone ignores all reasonable response to something they have done to you? I had a similar situation years ago when my young daughter saved her money and went to the hair dresser - and got the opposite of what she had asked for. She was in tears. The salon would do nothing for her.

Reb said...

G, thank you, it is a bit, the curve helps with that. Nice of you to drop by.

Bobbie, thanks. Well at least they fixed mine, sort of. I feel bad for your daughter, that's awful. Thanks for dropping by.

PastorMac's Ann said...

Sorry you got a bad cut. That stinks.

At least you got a cool photo. Nice choice for Thematic Photographic!

I played along too albeit a bit too late. I like my photo so I decided to post it anyway.

And if you have a chance could you please stop by Sweetanlo's Reflective Post

She has an amazing reflective photo posted and is afraid that no one will see it since she posted so late.

It really is a great photo and ok I'm biased but it really is. ;-)

Reb said...

PastorMac's Ann, thanks, thanks for stopping by and the link.

Sweetanlo said...

I really love the picture, it feels like it just goes on forever. Bummer about the hair cut though.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Reb said...

Sweetanlo, thanks, glad you like it. Thanks for dropping by.

Pouty Lips said...

Nightmare. Bad customer service in today's economy amazes me too.

I came from Hilary's and wanted to congratulate you on your new CD.

I enjoyed the WWC post.

Reb said...

Pouty Lips, thanks! Nice of you to drop by!

Barbara Martin said...

Great photo with depth.

As for hair salons, not all created equal. You should find another place.

Reb said...

Definitely looking for somewhere else!