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On Monday, I described the test that was done on my left breast, if you are interested in more information, I found this link on my local health region's website. There is from that page a link to what calcifications in the breast can be. No, I have not got the results yet, probably by Friday - hopefully.

I do have the results of the bone density test. I have lost some density since the last exam (which was about 2002) but I am not osteoporotic yet. That is the word the Dr used, I am taking a guess at the spelling. He told me this when I went in to see him on Tuesday because I had not yet stopped bleeding from Monday's test.

Yes, you read that correctly. On Monday afternoon, I noticed that the little waterproof bandage they had put on at the clinic was saturated, so, as I happened to have some of the same type of bandage, I changed it. The first was dripping wet, by 20.00 (8.00 p.m.) the second bandage was half soaked, but when I went to change it, it didn't seem to be bleeding anymore, so I put a fresh one on and didn't worry about it. When I got up in the morning, you could tell that I had been bleeding still through the night, so I sauntered off to the Dr. I figured by this time a Steri-Stitch would not be a bad idea. The incision was only about a quarter inch long, but with all the digging they had had to do, it had been stretched a bit.

My Dr. kindly put three Steri-Stitches on and sent me on my way. I had to pick up a few things on the way home and ride the bus, so as I was walking up to my apartment, I thought, gee, I wondered if I started it bleeding again! I had, so I stuck another bandage over the stitches. This morning after my shower I changed that bandage and so far, it appears to still be clean. Lets hope it stays that way!


Boy-Toy Needed

While I was at the Dr, I forgot to ask him about something else, so I looked it up on the web and I think I have found out why I think I keep getting yeast infections. They are not yeast infections, but I have something called "Use it or lose it" or Medically known as Atrophic Vaginitis. This occurs when you have your estrogen killed off, either through natural or forced menopause and the cure is sex. Well, that and lubrication. What I don't understand is why no-one told me to get a boy toy or at the very least a vibrator! After all, the Dr's prescribed the Tamoxifen to kill the estrogen, the least they could have done is suggested daily lubrication.

Gives new meaning to the phrase "dry spell".


How stupid is she?

My boss is not computer literate at all! Well, she is just not very literate anyway, but that is not what I am here to bitch about today. Neither is her husband and he supposedly works with computers and is all technical and stuff. Yeah right! They brought his old computer to the office and I think I posted previously about refreshing my memory and setting up a data base? Well, the desk they found to house the computer is not a good desk and the bottom of the monitor, when it is on the shelf for the monitor, is about two inches lower than where the top of the monitor should be. Clear as mud right? My solution, in order to not break my neck, is to put the monitor on the flat of the desk and ignore the shelf, it has a cordless keyboard and mouse, so you can put them anywhere, it doesn't interfere. Well, hubby insists that the monitor must be on the shelf! So, I printed off a sheet that shows how to set up a computer station ergonomically. Now this computer when they brought it over still had family pictures and hubby's crap on it. Eventually he came and removed it, but added a bunch of other software that didn't need to be there, because he knows best.

So, finally the boss decides to get (and talks the owner into paying for) internet service. Well, this shows how slow the computer is running. By the way, it is 1.7 GHz, not really slow, it needs to be re-formatted to get the crap off and it will be fine. I offered to do this, if hubby would bring me the O/S disks. Hubby goes out and buys himself a new laptop and gives the office his newer computer, which he has loaded Vista onto. I haven't checked but aside from having more RAM and hard drive space, I think it is only 1.8 GHz, but, he hasn't had it long enough to fuck it up, so it works just fine for now.

He loaded Limewire onto it, now granted my only experience with limewire was a couple of years ago and it has probably changed, but, I got nothing but spam and it made my computer vulnerable to hackers, so I don't think it is a good idea to have this on something that is supposed to be a business computer. And no, I am not going to put a link to it from here, I had to re-format my computer from the last time I had it on. If it has changed and improved, feel free to let me know. He put it on, because he purchased an i-pod for his 36 year old daughter for her birthday - the 80 Gig one. She is also computer illiterate. She didn't want the first computer that was in the office because it was too slow. Well it is faster than what you have now, which is nothing honey! Anyway, she has access to the office and can use that computer whenever she wants to.

Oh, I digress. The boss told me to "download the work stuff" and her hubby would clean up the computer and bring over the next one and set it up. To me "Clean up the old one" (oh, they sold it to someone in the complex) especially as you have sold it, means re-formatting it to get rid of all traces of anything you had put on there. Any idiot with the right software can pull up anything you have deleted. All deleting does is scramble the data and cut off the links to it, it is still there until it is written over. (In case you didn't know that goes for your cell phones & blackberry's too.)

Well, I get a phone call from the boss on Monday after my procedure while I am trying to nap and she asks me why I didn't delete the stuff from the office! Well, honey because no-one in their right mind gives away or sells a computer without re-formatting the drives! I didn't say that, but I did ask her why hubby hadn't cleaned it like she said he was going to.

So, I went in today and explained in words of two syllables or less what needs to be done to a computer before it leaves your possession. I don't know if she will pass it on to hubby, or if she does, what it will come out sounding like. Yes, the woman they sold it to is only learning computers now, but what about the next person to own the computer? I am glad that it is not my data floating around. It is an IBM, which means it didn't come with O/S disks (never buy IBM - for just that reason) which means at the very least he has to buy a program like Clean Sweep to scrub the data off.

As for the database I was working on? I have it on my computer here at home and will work on it to refresh my memory. If they want to buy it from me when I am done, I will sell it to them at a good price, otherwise they can purchase one that is commercially available.

The new monitor is up on the shelf and although it is a widescreen and not as tall as the old one, I still cannot work on it there with out having to tip my head back and getting a crick in my neck. Until I know that Limewire is safe, I am not putting any data on that computer that could be hacked. We do have laws that require us to protect the data of our tenants and I for one do not want to have it come back and bite me in the ass.


Bag Lady's Blather

As some of you know the Bag Lady is my sister. The Cowboy's uncle is visiting indefinitely and he is a pain in the ass. He will curtail the Bag Lady's ability to respond in her usual witty fashion by reading over her shoulder as she types and reads. He will do this while talking a mile a minute and smoking non-stop. So, if her responses are not what you have come to expect, please do not be offended. She will try to get her blogging done while the old fart is sleeping.

And that is all I have to impart tonight - Good night all.


Leah J.Utas said...

Hell of as round-up, Reb. As soon as more of it sinks though I'll have something quasi-intelligent, or quasi-literate, to offer. For now, "use it or lose it, huh? Good to know.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, what a post! Fingers crossed on the results from Friday's test.

And I, like leah, somehow found myself focusing on the use it or lose it! You tried to slip it in the middle there, but nothin' gets past us.

And poor bag lady!

the Bag Lady said...

Poor, poor Bag Lady...sigh.
She may have some good news later today, though.
In the meantime, the use-it-or-lose-it thing seems to be what stuck with all of us!!

Reb said...

Thanks all, I was quite surprised when I read that, then was laughing my ass off! Gee, if I had only known, maybe I would have lowered my expectations! Uh, NO.

Leah J.Utas said...

I promised I'd come back. I also promised something quasi-intelligent or quasi-literate. We'll have to make do with the come back part as I am still stuck on use it or lose it.

I'm very proud of you and your Golden Spork Award.

Reb said...

Thank you Leah, it was quite unexpected! I am still laughing about the use it or lose it myself!