Won't be home for Christmas

By the looks of things, cousin Leah (of the Goat's Lunch Pail), will still be hospital Christmas day. That sucks big time! The Doctors want an MRI before they let her leave but it can't be done until after the weekend for some reason. Sure, do it on Christmas instead of the weekend!

I visited today, but she had not yet had her procedure done, it had been rescheduled for 2.00 p.m., so it was a short visit. I filled her in on blog-land and all the kind thoughts and wishes coming her way. She is so happy to get them and misses blogging very much.

When I got back home later in the afternoon, her husband had called and left a message telling me that everything had gone well. He was on his way to their home to pick up a few necessities of life and will be back in the morning.

Of course my ever-so-important job is weekends, but, I will still try to stop by and she how she is doing. I will of course keep you all informed as to progress. They moved her from a private to a semi-private last night, so I have to be more careful using my phone to access the web.

Good Evening All!


Virginia Lee said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date, hon. Do keep giving Leah our best.

Now then, I know you were just in there, but go look at my blog again. I left you something.


Reb said...

VL, I'll give Leah your good wishes. Popping over now.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Thanks so much for keeping us posted. It's too bad about Christmas, but if that scary-sounding procedure went well? That's awesome news. Does that mean she's pumpin' on all four cylinders again?

Will be thinking of you all over the holidays.

Reb said...

Crabby, I think so, but I will find out more this afternoon.

Dawn said...

Gosh, Leah looks just so frail but feisty I want to swoop her up and feed her cream filled apple donuts till she's better!

Give her my love and thanks so much to you and Baggie for keeping us in the loop.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Reb,

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on Leah's health.

Please give her hugs and kisses from me.