Time speeds up

Or at least it seems to. We have all at some point in our lives noticed the phenomenon of this. After all, wasn't it just last month we were celebrating spring, how can it be New Years already? Well, maybe not spring, but you get the picture.

Remember as children, the year seemed to stretch forever, summer especially? You could hardly remember everything you did in the past year, you were able to do so much more than you can now.

You managed to get in skating and making snow forts having snow ball fights, making snow angels, then before you were tired of that, you got to see the snow melt away. Then you were anxiously awaiting clear roads so you could get your bike out and the freedom that gave you. You explored the trees across the road, down by the reservoir where you waited for the pussy willows to show up and looked for wild crocuses in the field.

Then there came summer! Wow, you could spend hours in the cool shade of the trees by the water, finding driftwood and the odd bottle or bottle cap. You could walk over to the swimming pool, the reservoir was dangerous, you didn't swim there because a neighbourhood child drowned there. If you didn't feel like either of those, the schoolyard was a couple blocks away and they had jungle gyms and monkey bars! The real ones, not these mamby pamby things kids play on nowadays! Nothing but good hard packed dirt if you fell! And boy was it hard!

If you had a quarter, you could walk to the corner store which was on the other side of the school yards and get a pop, then take the bottle back and with the refund and the change left over from the pop, you could buy candy.

At some point over the summer, the Wally Byam Caravan would pull into town and take over the two schoolyards! I don't know if I spelled the name correctly, I think so. It was a group of campers that traveled together and they would set up for a few days each summer and then be gone! They were mostly from the U.S. but I think there were a few from Canada as well. My Sister and I (as shy as we were) would go and look at all the different trailers and license plates from all the different states. We would marvel over the Airstreams, they were so shiny and pretty and we would even meet some people.

There was so much to do in summer, you looked for garter snakes in the field, we even found one once and where one had shed it's skin. You had to look for those stink bombs too! Sing silly songs and learn to call seagulls, make squeaky noises with the long grass and try to learn to whistle with your fingers.

Then the days would get shorter and colder and mom would take us shopping for school clothes and we would start school. You would help make your costume for hallow e'en and run around getting candy, quite often in snow, certainly in the cold. Then you would start in on making snow angles and forts and having snow ball fights. Help with decorating the house for Christmas and shopping and baking and getting out of the way for Mom and Dads big party! The party was held between Christmas and New Years and involved all the musicians Mom & Dad knew. My sister covered the party in more detail in her blog over at Bag Lady's Blather.

That was what a year used to be like, now it is more like:

Winter, grumble, grumble, hate cold.
Spring finally! Damn more snow! Start seeds, plant seeds.
Water plants, deadhead flowers, wish you had a house again.
Oh, was that summer, put away the outdoor furniture.
Winter, ugg Christmas crowds! I'm not ready! It is New Years!

So, how fast does the year change for you?

Happy New Year everyone, I hope it is all you want it to be and more.

Good Morning.


the Bag Lady said...

What a great post, kid! You captured the essence of childhood very well.
Don't know if you spelled Wally Byam right or not, it's been such a long time since I thought of them! Those Airstreams were the cat's meow, though, weren't they? We were totally in awe of them. They would roll in, all shiny and modern-looking, stopping on their way to Alaska. Wonder where all those people are now... Have you Googled?
Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.
And yes, time does seem to speed up.

the Bag Lady said...

Okay, couldn't resist - you did spell it right. Wally Byam was the inventor of the Airstream Travel Trailer, and the Wally Byam Caravan still exists to this day. There's lots of information about it on the 'net.

Hilary said...

Great post Reb. It had me feeling quite nostalgic.. and I didn't even share your childhood. I like your New Year's skin too. Hope yours is a great one!

Reb said...

Well thanks Sis! I will now have to Google them myself, I didn't know he was the inventor. It is kind of cool to know it still exists - the caravan.

Hilary, I am glad you enjoyed. I might be coming down with whatever sis has though!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I agree, great post.

And I'm glad it's not just me who finds that time is speeding up faster every year!

Leah J.Utas said...

Excellent feeling post, Reb. I could see the reservoir as I read it. Cool about the caravan, too.
Oh, yeah, time speeds up. Even as I get up early I get less done. The days seemed to stretch out forever when I was young. Now the day's over before I've noticed it's started.

Reb said...

Crabby, glad you liked it. I wonder if physicists have ever tried to study this phenomenon?

Leah, thanks! I am familiar with that concept too. As well as - more hurry less speed.