Decorating - the post I meant to write

Decorating at our house has never occurred before the 15th of December. That is my Sister's birthday and being so close to Christmas it wasn't right to be decorated for the holidays while celebrating her birthday.

My urban family also doesn't decorate early, the Sunday before Christmas, or as in this year, the Sunday before that. EJ, would have a decorating party, inviting Aunts, friends and family to come and decorate and have supper and it was a lot of fun. Over the years, however, the parties have shrunk, through deaths and disagreements. These things happen.

This year so much has changed in everyones lives and the tree we picked out was not what we usually get, we decided to change things up a bit as far as decorating too.

This was the first year that we had picked up a tree that was wrapped, very nervous we were, as sometimes the trees don't look very good once they are unwrapped. (Sorry stuck a little Yoda in there!) The University of Alberta Forestry Programme has a tree lot, which is where we got the tree, the Forestry student told us it was a Douglas Fir. Douglas Firs have short needles and widely spaced branches for good ornament placement. When the tree arrived at EJ's house and the wrapping was cut off, they discovered it was in fact a Balsam Fir (the tag said so), it has short needles, but it is so full of branches that they are not really good for ornaments. And they are very pitchy trees - I don't think that is a word, but, I have never been so covered in pitch from putting up tree lights. (new LED lights this year)

So, this beautiful tree, is much fuller than normal meaning we need to find a new placement for it. Much discussion later, we rearrange furniture and place the tree, have supper, get the lights on and the Angel and by this time it is time for me to go home. I went back on Monday and we put on a few decorations and started the tinsel/icicle stuff and I will be going back today to finish the tinsel/icicle stuff.

This will be a very different tree from what normally gets done at her house, in fact it will be down right minimalistic. I will post a photo later if I am able and maybe some from years past for comparison.

So, do you decorate in the same manner year after year, adding new ornaments as you get them, but never changing the basic placement? Or do you mix it up every year? Do you have a theme tree that you change every few years? Real or artificial trees?


the Bag Lady said...

Change is good. The Bag Lady has had all kinds of trees, and changes things according to how she feels at the particular time she puts it up. She hasn't even decided yet what to do this year...

Geosomin said...

I'd liove a real tree...I had one in university and as a kid, but the last time I did I had needles of painful surprise in my rug for a few months after.
Luckily we inherited my husband's Nana's old white plastic cedar christmas tree and put it up every year...IT is so pretty. We have slowly been buying up LED lights over the years...and have replace all of them. I like knowing they're energy efficient and if I forget to turn them off it isn't the end of the world (and the fake tree doesn't smell all warmy plasticy). My husband isn't much for decorations, but I"d coat th ehouse given the chance...so we end up somewhere in the middle.

Frank Baron said...

I always get a real tree that's about a foot too tall for the house. You'd think I'd be a better judge after all these years. Guess part of me figures bigger is better.

Probably a guy thing. :)

Reb said...

Well, Sis, you had better get to it! It is this weekend you know (says she who hasn't even wrapped your gift, let alone mailed it).

Geosomin, my apartment only allows fakes, I had a very nice one once upon a time, but then it started to get ratty and I haven't replaced it yet, so I just put garland around and call it good. I spend most of my time at my friends anyway.

Frank, somewhere in the back of your mind, you think you have to cut more off the bottom - yeah, that's it.

Dawn said...

Tree! Decorate the house!

I knew there was something I'd forgotten to do. You've got me inspired now. I'm off to the find the old box of tinsel and stuff!

Hilary said...

From my past experience, tinsel and cats don't mix.. or rather they do mix, but with disastrous results and expensive emergency vet bills.

I've gone to the dark side and put up a fake tree each year. It gets decorated with pretty much the same ornaments... plus one.

I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of that tree when it's ready.

Reb said...

Gee Dawn, I glad I reminded you! I'd hate to think you missed Christmas.

Hilary, I know what you mean about tinsel, I stopped when I got pets, but they and EJ's never bothered the tinsel on her tree, so maybe I could do it again - if I put up a tree at my place that is.

Virginia Lee said...

When we were in Oxford, Mississippi, all we ever did was hang my handmade ornaments from a hanger and then affix it to the top of Mama's bedroom door. We did have a wreath a few of those years. I'd gotten a plain artificial one from Wal-Mart and decorated it with red velvet ribbon bows and shiny red artificial apples.

Here? Well, nothing last year. This year, however, we've hung the wreath I got on sale after the holiday last year that has artificial varicolored ivy and clusters of artificial red berries to decorate the pseudo-evergreen base. It also has a large red velvet bow at the top.

We will have a tree this year after all. My bff who saved my life by getting me where I could get medical care is coming to visit in the next day or so and we must decorate for him. He loves Christmas better than anything save theatre and books. Our tree is an artificial tabletop tree with tiny multicolored lights. It will be decorated with my handmade ornaments and the ones my bff in Minnesota sent us in the last week or so.

Hugs to you, dear Reb. And hugs to your dear sister and cousin as well. XOXO

Reb said...

Virginia Lee, once upon a time, I taped coat hangers together in a tree shape and covered them with garland and hung it on the wall! Hand made ornaments are the best type. I imagine that you are very talented at it too.