Christmas Trees Past & Present

This first tree is what we did this year at my friends house. Minimal decorations, coloured lights, of course the angel and lots of tinsel!

This is what the trees at her house usually look like. Minimal tinsel, coloured lights, lots of decorations, garland and of course and angel (this is from a few years ago).

This was my house about '96 I think, artificial tree, I always have a Star and it looks like this year I did a white theme.

This was my favorite tree, probably '97, I changed all the bulbs to red (what a pain) and made angels out of mom's old hankies, ribbon and small styrofoam balls. Filled in with a few other white decorations and beads and then used tons of baby's breath instead of tinsel.

Sorry for the quality of photos, I have never had anything but point & shoot cameras. You should be able to click and see them better than against this background though.

Well, I am off to visit Leah, I ran out of time yesterday, so I will post again tonight on how she is doing.

Merry Holidays to all.


Virginia Lee said...

What wonderful trees! Thanks so much for sharing those, Reb. :)

It is probably too late, but give Leah our best.


Hilary said...

I love white lights on a tree.. and I really love tinsel, but so do my cats. :/

My ongoing best wishes to Leah, please. :)

the Bag Lady said...

Really pretty trees, Reb.
Waiting to hear about Leah...