When you eat your Smarties,

Do you eat the red ones Last?
Do you suck them very slowly ,
or crunch them very fast?

I can't remember the rest of the words, but I don't really need to now do I?

For our American friends, Smarties, in Canada (and the rest of the world actually) are a candy coated milk chocolate confection similar to m&m's made by Nestle's.

I am reminding everyone of the old jingle, simply because it was posted on (yes, you guessed it) Facebook. The discussion led to some interesting results.

Several people admitted to eating the red ones last, eating the colours in the order they are found in the rainbow, having to have even numbers within the colours, counting all of them and eating those colours with the most down to where they are all even then eating them in rainbow order or some other arbitrary order. I admit that I eat the red ones first, just to be contrary.

This package, by the way, seems to have been a little colour saturated, they look more burgundy than red. No, it is not just my crappy camera.

It was quite amusing to read the responses to what is essentially just a jingle. Did the obsession come from the jingle? Or did some advertising guru observe his kids saving the red ones for last?

They all taste exactly the same. Unless apparently you are in the UK, where the orange ones use orange flavoured chocolate. Of course I am referring to the original product not the revolting Sundae Flavoured type they came out with a few years ago.

The discussion also went on to describe some interesting methods of eating the candy. Most seem to suck it slowly, some to crunch, but a fair number indicated that they let them melt enough to soften the shell, then crack it in order to let the chocolate melt too.

So, did the jingle make you into a borderline OCD personality? Do you have to eat the colours in a certain order? Do you crunch?

Good evening all.


Hilary said...

Oh I love this post! Etch-A-Sketch.. jigsaw puzzles.. Smarties.. you're so much fun to regress with!

My sister and I used to lick our lips and run the red Smarties across them to make lipstick! When I got past that stage (a few months ago), I usually ate the red ones first because I found they had a slightly bitter taste to them compared to the rest of them. After that, I'd eat the rest of them in the order of my least favourite to most favourite colour. These days, I'd probably finish with purple. Or maybe the blue ones which are new-ish ;) But.. sloooowly!

"...Eat that candy coated chocolate, but tell me when I ask. When you eat your Smarties, do you eat the reds ones last?"

Geosomin said...

Beaten to the finish.

My brother and I used to each buy a box and then use them to make pictures and then eat from the other's picture to try and see if we could mess the other's up enough to be unrecognisable...now On my own I would (and still do *bluch*) find myself arranging them in spectral colour order (VIBGYOR...yup I'm still a geek) and eating them in a row...sucking them until the shel popped and then finishing them off. The orange ones are flavoured in the UK...and come in a tube. I brought back a bunch when we went on holiday. I had a whole bag full of them and worchestirshire potato crisps to declare at customs...
Hmmm....in reading all that, perhaps I need to get out more :)

Leah J.Utas said...

I crunched them as they came out of the box. As for the "red ones last" business I suspect the word red sounded best in the jingle.
Haven't had any in years. Seems to me there's a Smarties chocolate bar out. Abomination.

Reb said...

Hilary, glad you liked the post. I can't remember if sis & I tried the "lipstick" trick. I too ate them in the colours I least liked ending at the time with purple. The blue replace that light brown that looked like it came from a diaper.

Geosomin, we used to make pictures too, hard to do with those little boxes though. My order preference is red, brown, orange, yellow, green, pink, then I can never decide if I want the blue or the purple gone first, so I alternate.
But, worcestershire potato crisps? That kind of intrigues and revolts me at the same time.

the Bag Lady said...

Hey, we used to do the lipstick thing, too!! (you don't remember, Reb?!)
When the Bag Lady sent the CartSmart bags to Terrie Farley Moran, she included some boxes of Smarties (the little boxes for Halloween - some boxes were the original colours, and some had only brown and orange Smarties) because they can't get Smarties in the States. Apparently, her grandkids loved them.
When the Bag Lady eats them, she eats the blue ones last, now. But she has to sort them according to colour, and eat the yucky colours first. And make sure that there are an even number representing each colour, then eat one of each...OMG, does this mean she has OCDD?
Sheesh, too bad Terrie is in Florida and won't see this post! She probably has no idea how important it is to eat Smarties properly!!

Reb said...

Leah, that is the correct word for the bar. They are also trying to follow m&m's footsteps, by making peanut smarties and peanut butter smarties, haven't tried those, but, don't really want to either.

Reb said...

Sis, we posted at the same time, sorry I didn't see it earlier. You forgot to send eating instructions with the smarties? You should be ashamed of yourself! I vaguely recall the lipstick trick, but, I don't think we did it that often.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I've tried smarties, and somehow I don't like them quite as much as M&M's--which is silly, they're probably the same or better. American chocolate generally sucks, so I suspect it has something to do with familiarity and nostalgia.

I'm let-melt-slightly and then crunch person.

Great post topic!

Reb said...

Thanks Crabby. I find the plain m&m's a bit bitter or something. I do like the peanut m&m's though - too much!